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Template:Infobox campground Camp Lambec is a Christian camp located on Lake Erie in East Springfield, Pennsylvania. It is a 92 acre camp operated by the Camping Association of the Presbyteries of Northwestern Pennsylvania (CAPNWP), a 501c3 charitable non-profit based in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.[1][2][3] Camp Lambec was founded in 1952. Westminster Highlands, a larger sized camp also operated by CAPNWP, was founded later.[4]


Founded in 1947 by six presbyteries[5] of the Presbyterian Church as outreach an mission serving people in the northwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northwestern New York region.[6] 'Lambec' is an acronym of the presbyteries' first initials.[7] Camp Lambec offers summer camp programs from late June through early August. The camp is open three seasons of the year from March 1 through early November. One week each summer the camp offers a music camp.[8] Lake Lambec was a small stream that flowed to Lake Erie, but when the camp water from Lake Erie was not suitable, the small stream was dammed up and a pond was created. The pond is suitable for fishing, boating and nature walks. There is a wetland on the camp property.[9]


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