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Catherine Ajike (Princess of Abia State, Duchess of Ohafia) ( (Kate) (Catherine Ugwunwa Patience Ajike, born 8 August 1985) is the Princess of Abia State in Nigeria and Duchess of Ohafia in Nigeria. (Ohafia is Igbo tribe known for great warriors and for the fact, that they have never been affected by black slavery.) Catherine came to succession of royal on her own right in November 2008, but she became public upon her royally to the world on the 30th October 2012. Catherine is also the chief Justice of Abia State.


She was born as Kate (Catherine) Ugwunwa Patience Ajike on August 8, 1985 in Kano, Nigeria, as the youngest child of the late Nigerian politician, military ruler/leader, ex-commissioner Mr. Kalu Kalu Ajike and Mrs. Lily Ajike.[1] The name Ugwunwa in Igbo Language means her majesty, his majesty or honorable child/person. Catherine came to resident in Great Britain in December when she was 3 months old.


Catherine began her career as a performer at the age of 3 starting from stage and venturing into film/ TV and modelling as she grew. Kate’s love for music started when she was 7, she began to develop her skills as a poet, experimenting with song writing and started to explore her ability of playing the piano and singing in her local Church of England choir. With regards to her current poetry book Appropriate, which is purchasable on Amazon and all major book retailers, Princess Catherine Ajike has a strong artistic strain and passion for the arts in general. At the age of 11 Kate began her venture in working with kids and at 15 got involved in children and young people charities and events, which prepared and inspired her to set up her own charity - performing arts school Kate Academy in 2007. She also runs Paradise—her royal charity.[2]

As an actress Kate gained her recognition in the 2006 British drama film Kidulthood about the life of several teenagers in London. Her career took another turn as she was chosen to travel to Libya and present United States of Africa headed by President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya in aid of a better Africa in 2008 for BEN Television. Kate's interest in fashion has led to her doing various fashion projects. She did some fashion and commercial modelling but her major fashion and cultural contribution was launching in 2009 her own annual fashion event -Global Fashion Week, showcasing Catherine Ajike Fashion Collection. The event is in aid of raising money for Paradise charity.[3]

Kate has succeeded in raising a platform for herself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry owning several companies, including:

  • Kate Academy
  • Kate Management Agency
  • Kate Angel Music
  • Kate Angel Productions
  • Global Fashion Week[4]


Catherine Ajike owns Kate Ajike Corporation including companies like: Catherine Ajike Hotels and Real Estates, Angel Media, Catherine De Travel, Royal Catherine Ajike Institution, Royal Patience Ajike Medical Hospital and others.[4] She is an owner of 18 companies in total, of which four are charity organisations.

Catherine's career as an entrepreneur started very early. She begin to work for herself at the age of 18, but she begun to develop her business plan long before her 18th birthday. Catherine admits with great pride that idea of having her own business was first originated as a childhood dream. At the age of 3 she enjoyed doing planes for her hotel by experimenting different designs with sands and toy pots. She was very bright an intelligent child. By the age of 7, her intelligent got sharper and her business plans more advanced and more exiting. Catherine explains that as a child, she loved her birthday for she alwayswanted to have fun on the day, so when the day finally came she used to wake up early in the morning to plan her future career. Today she is amazed that she went ahead to develop them as a real business. In 2015 Catherine took a brave choice to proceeded on the en devour with her property business: Catherine Ajike Hotels and Real Estates by starting with her hotel network in London, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and America, setting a target to have the project completed by 2016.[5]

This is what she said about her entrepreneur career for Bloomberg Business: As an entrepreneur, I still have areas of my business that I want to firmly venture into, but as an academic I aim to do so with a level of maturity and intelligence. On a working level, business can be hard work and competitive, but in my opinion that is a challenge and I enjoy that because I seem to have the ability to chase an outcome, and the accomplishments involved make sure that the successful elements necessary for progress, financial stability and the growth required in a business are obtained.[5]


Catherine is an academic driven person having various qualifications in many subjects. Catherine from the age of two was identified as having a high IQ. She attended an Anglican primary school in Nigeria and then continued her education in United Kingdom.

Catherine is a classical drama school trained actress. She trained as an young actress at Millfield Theatre School and after at Anna Scher. In the summer 2005, as she turned 20, Catherine travelled to Los Angeles, California to grasped some training at TVI Actors Studio.[6] She did her BA in acting at E15 Acting School University of Essex.

Currently Catherine is studying bachelor of science specializing in law, business and international banking at Buckingham University.


Catherine began her film career from an early age. Since starring in Kidulthood, Catherine had the opportunity to take part in street theatre productions and exhaled as a director. She has over 7 seven films which she wrote a script to and produced under her production company Kate Angel Productions established in 2005.


Catherine Ajike is a dance music artist. She has her own record label Kate Angel Music established in August 2006.[7] Currently she is tried to maintain the working relation with other major label such as Universal Music Group, Warner and Sony.


Catherine Ajike established her own fashion event called Global Fashion Week which showcase her clothing line Catherine Ajike International. During the fashion week money israised for her charity Paradise. Catherine chose for her clothing line to be made in France to demonstrate the her great culture taste.


2013 Appropriate[8]

Philanthropist and Charity

Catherine established her royal charity Paradise on 26 April 2013. The charity is focused on health education and providing help for widow, people who need organ transplants and hospitals. She admits she has made time to do some wonderful things with her charity. Catherine has also proceeded on building a school Royal Catherine Ajike Institution and Royal Patience Ajike Medical Hospital in her home town in Nigeria.

Titles and Styles

8 August 1985 -13 November 2008: Miss Catherine Ugwunwa Patience Ajike

13 November 2008: Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike of Abia State

14 November 2008: Her Royal Highness Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike Duches of Ohafia[1]

Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike's title and style in full: Her Royal Highness Catherine Ugwunwa Patience Ajike, Princess of Abia State, Duchess of Ohafia, Chief Justice of Abia State