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Celebrities Anonymous is a 2009 American independent comedy film directed by Dennis Hemphill Jr., starring Lindsay Zir, Joey Kern, Dianna Agron and Jamie Anderson.

The film was produced by Lindsay Zir.


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  • Lindsay Zir as Chloe Hart
  • Joey Kern as Jake Williams
  • Dianna Agron as Sadie
  • Jamie Anderson as Melissa
  • Shane Elliott as Kevin
  • Kelly Frye as Sam
  • Beau Garrett as Taylor
  • Joy Gohring as Viola
  • Dennis Hemphill Jr. as Burglar Kid
  • Wendi Kenya as Jessica
  • David Money as Burglar Dad
  • Roberto Raad as Ben Scott
  • Jon Reep as Brett Bernard
  • Reid Scott as Johnny
  • Chris Titone as Chaz
  • Bree Turner as Amanda Stiles
  • Julie Warnock as Caitlin

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