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Centre for Social Action
Logo of Centre for Social Action
"Every student is aware, sensitive, empathetic and contributing to sustainable changes in the society"
“CSA is a centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives”
Year of inception 1999
Directors Phinu Jose & Dr Victor Paul

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a non-governmental organisation part of Christ University. It was started in 1999 with the intention to sensitise students about the issues in society and help marginalised communities develop using various methods of education and awareness as well as helping communities be self-sustainable over a period of time. The organisation is primarily managed by students, staff and development professionals. CSA's primary focus areas are child development, women empowerment, community mobilisation and environmental issues.[1][2]

As part of Christ University, the centre concentrates on student communities and instilling empathy towards the poor and marginalised sections of the society. CSA was founded with the intention of empowering and facilitating the student community to imbibe the values of social responsibility, as envisaged in the Core Values, Vision and the Mission of Christ University.[3][4]

The organisation believes delivering optimism to the and encouraging the student community to be change-makers and bring about positive changes in the society. This is one of the motives for establishment of Centre for Social Action, and will be the driving force for initiating various developmental projects and social sensitisation programmes. The centre envisions a community of students who are empathetic and can selflessly work for the community without expecting anything in return.[5] The centre collaborates with other organisations to solve social issues and bring about awareness as well.[6][7]

With the multiple socio-economic and environmental issues that the nation faces today, the centre believes that the strength of the student community in bringing about a positive change. Through such processes of involvement, CSA aims to enable the students to be aware of the social realities around them as well as impart them with ideas of how they can contribute towards the upliftment of unheeded sections.[8][9]

Wings of CSA

Activity Centre

This wing of CSA works towards a better tomorrow by helping children from marginalised sections of society in urban slums and rural areas to study by teaching them and mentoring them for a holistic approach towards education and child development. The volunteers provide brotherly/sisterly support to these children by being around for them. The wing holds many events for these children such as Talent's day, health Camps, excursions and among other events. Many children have gone on to study in universities after being encouraged by the volunteers.[10][11]


Drishti means 'vision' in a few Indic languages. This wing performs street plays which is one of the most common visual forms of media in India to sensitise communities and bring awareness about many social issues affecting a community. They have performed at many towns and villages across Karnataka and some other parts of South India. The motto of this wing is 'Act to Impact'. Presently the wing is expanding into other forms of street art such as graffiti and mimes.[12]

Media and Communications

Media and Communications or M&C as it is commonly known is a wing that documents various events conducted by CSA and sensitises students by making short films, documentaries and blog posts about social issues plaguing society around them. They also publish a yearly magazine called 'We Care' that is a condensed interpretation of all the events of the year as well as coverage of social issues.[13]


This is the newest wing in CSA that is environmentally focused and was conducts tree plantation drives, clean up drives[14], waste segregation drives and other activities that try to prevent environmental degradation over time and to sensitise the student community about the causes behind environmental problems and how students can make a difference to the situation.[15][16] Parivathana, a unit of CSA recycles waste in the campus of Christ University and helps keep the campus waste-free and eliminate waste altogether.[17]

Student Oriented Programs

Child Sponsorship Programme

Under this programme, students of Christ University sponsor children from the urban slums for their overall and holistic development and to provide instruments for students that they can use in school such as books and bags. Started in 1999, through sponsoring 50 children annually now sponsors over 800 children per year.[18]

Service Learning

It is an initiative that by CSA with some departments of the university to integrate academic learning with community service for students to learn, practice and reflect. This initiative guides students to undertake sustainable development activities that are in line with their academic orientations and are beneficial to both the community and the students.[19][20]

Social Responsibility Week

Social Responsibility Week is observed in every semester when the students take up a particular social cause and sensitise the student community about it. During this week, all students and the faculty members organise various activities, competitions, presentations, screening of documentaries, role plays, to achieve the objective of sensitisation and awareness.[21][22]

Rural Exposure

Student volunteers as well as students of the university are taken to rural project areas adopted by CSA to expose them to the realities of rural life in India and in turn facilitate realisation that they live a privileged life and that they can serve the society better. The centre conducts 60 rural exposure visits for students from the university every year. About 3500 students are exposed to village life in India and to the problems faced by rural society mainly women and children. [23][24]

International Exchange Programme

To promote international unity, support and comparative understanding of the socio- economic and political situations between India and other countries, CSA collaborated with Sund Folk College, Diakonhjemmet University College, Bodo University, Hist University (Norway), Lund University (Sweden) and HAN University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) for developmental exchange programmes. Students visit India from these Universities every year and work with the centre. It also facilitates and organises internships for students from various countries like France, Canada and USA.[25][26]


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