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Cheryl Williams is a fictional character in the popular horror movie The Evil Dead. She was created by Sam Raimi and is portrayed by Ellen Sandweiss. She was the sister of Ash Williams, the series hero, and is easily the one of the most memorable deadites (possessed person) in the film. She started out as the protagonist in the beginning, until she was possessed by the evil forces in the woods, then became one of the villains.


Cheryl Williams was assumedly the younger sister of Ashley J. Williams, and a close friend of Shelly, Linda, and Scotty. Before her brutal demise at the end of the first film, Cheryl was an art student at Michigan State University. She was an odd woman, believing in many weird and superstitious things. She was the only one to notice that something wasn't right at the cabin before any of the terror officially began.

During the ride to the cabin, Cheryl was seen in the back of the car with Ash and Linda, holding some art supplies. Throughout the film, she was seen as the final girl archetype, being very investigative and curious. She tried to notify the others about her unsafe feeling at the cabin, but nobody ever listened. After listening to the recording that unleashed the demons, Cheryl got more spooked then ever and went to bed for the night, until while she was painting by the window, she heard the evil saying "Join Us!", and went outside, thinking it was probably Scotty pranking her. Lured far from the cabin, the demons used possessed tree vines and branches to capture, attack, and rape her. She managed to escape, but was chased all the way back to the cabin. Cheryl told Ash her story and begged him to take her home. He decided that she was on his last nerve and attempted to drive her into town so she could spend the night in a motel, only to discover the bridge connecting the area of the cabin to the rest of the world was destroyed, so they went back to the cabin. Back at the cabin, while Shelly was testing Linda's psychic abilities with playing cards, Cheryl, facing the window, started naming the cards in Shelly's hand faster than she could keep up with her, right before she finally turned away from the window, possessed from the trees. She warned the group of their fates, right before fainting. When Ash and Linda came to check on her, Demon Cheryl regained consciousness and plunged a no. 2 pencil into Linda's ankle, smacked her so hard she flew across the room and into a lamp, and then went after the others. Scotty eventually tossed Demon Cheryl in the cellar and locked her inside. Cheryl spent nearly the rest of the film peeking from under the cellar door, watching the other's possessions, tormenting the remaining members of the group, and trying to break free. At one point about halfway into the film, Demon Cheryl, along with Demon Linda, tried to seduce Ash into believing they were both back to normal, but eventually revealed themselves and failed. Finally, during the film's climax, Demon Cheryl escaped from the cellar and her and Demon Scotty tried to kill Ash. After a brutal struggle, Ash threw the book of the dead into the lit fireplace. With the book destroyed, the terror ended and the demons left Cheryl and Scotty's bodies. However, the two people, badly wounded and deformed from when they were possessed, begin to decompose and rot, thus killing her and Scotty. Cheryl is either in hell after the demons took her soul, or is peacefully resting.

Cheryl made a voice cameo in the 2013 remake during the scene in which Mia becomes possessed and says the same demonic speech Cheryl said, in the exact same voice.

Similarities between Mia and Cheryl

Mia, the heroine in the remake, can be seen as the new Cheryl: both are an art student at their colleges, both are the leading male's sister, both are the odd girl of the group, both are the first to notice danger at the cabin, both get raped by trees, both are the first to become possessed, and both get locked in the cellar and spend the majority of their prospective films there. The only major difference is that Mia is unpossessed during the climax of her film and survives, while Cheryl is never officially unpossessed and is killed at the end of her film.