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Cheryl Williams (1961-1981) was a character in the popular horror film The Evil Dead. She was the sister of Ash Williams, the series hero. She started out as the film's main protagonist until she was possessed by the evil forces in the woods, and spent the rest of the film as the main antagonist. She is easily remembered as one of the most memorable deadites in The Evil Dead franchise.


Cheryl Williams was 20 years old when the events of the film happened. She joined her brother Ash Williams, his girlfriend Linda, and their friends Scotty and Shelly on a trip to their log cabin summer home in the Tennessee hills. She was the odd girl of the group, believing in many strange and superstitious things, and was shown to be interested in Art, having been seen painting and drawing throughout the film. When they got there, she was the very first person to notice something wrong with the cabin, but nobody ever listened to her. This all started when she had an encounter while painting a picture of the cabin's grandfather clock in her sketch pad and her hand was possessed by a mysterious entity, causing her to draw an evil face, and then failed to mention the incident to her friends. After the group accidentally unleashed the evil from the recording, she had a panic attack and went to her for the night early. A short time later, she heard the demons calling "Join Us!!" from her bedroom and went outside to investigate. Lured outside, the evil possessed the trees of the forest, which managed to capture, attack and rape her. She finally escaped, and rushed back to the cabin to to tell the others. When they didn't believe her, Ash had it with her and decided to drive her into town so she could spend the night at a hotel. When they found out the only bridge leading to town was destroyed, Cheryl panicked and Ash took her back to the cabin. While Linda and Shelly played an ESP test with playing cards, Cheryl, facing the window, began naming the cards in Shelly's hand one by one until she turned around, possessed from the trees, and began telling the group a demonic speech about their fates, right before fainting. When Linda came to check on her, Demon Cheryl regained consciousness and plunged a no.2 pencil into Linda's ankle. Scotty then tossed her into the cellar and locked her inside. Cheryl spent nearly the rest of the movie peaking through the cellar door, watching, tormenting the remaining members of the group, and trying to break free. At one point about halfway through the movie, Demon Cheryl, along with Demon Linda, tried to seduce Ash into believing they were back to normal, but failed. Finally, during the film's climax, Demon Cheryl broke free from the cellar and her and Demon Scotty tried to kill Ash. Ash threw the book of the dead in the fireplace, which ended the terror. The demons left Cheryl and Scotty's bodies, but the bodies began to decay and melt, thus killing both Cheryl and Scotty.

In the 2013 remake of the original film, Cheryl made a voice cameo during the scene where Mia has become possessed, and says the exact same demonic speech Cheryl said, in the exact same voice.

Similarities between Cheryl and Mia

Mia, the heroine in the 2013 remake, can easily be seen as the remake version of Cheryl.

Cheryl and Mia are both the leading male's sister, both are the first to notice something isn't right at the cabin, both get raped by trees, both become possessed from this (also both are the first to become possessed), and both get locked in the cellar and spend the majority of the film. The only major difference is that Mia becomes unpossessed and is the survivor of her film, whereas Cheryl is never officially unpossessed and is killed at the end.