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The Cult Awareness and Information Centre is an anti-cult organization based in Brisbane, Australia that provides resources and information on groups they identify as cults. The organization was founded by Jan Groenveld, a former LDS Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses member.


Located in Brisbane, Australia, the Cult Awareness and Information Centre was founded in 1990,[1][2] and their website was launched in 1991.[3]

The organization was soon listed as a resource in secondary publications on the subject matter,[4] and in September 1993, the Centre organized a conference on "cult-busting" at Queensland University.[no citations needed here]

Listed in other works

The Cult Awareness and Information Centre continued to be listed as a resource by authors of associated works, including Evert's Answering Jehovah's Witnesses.[5] In November 2005, Australia's The Courier Mail cited the Cult Awareness and Information Centre on the subject of the group known as The Family, which was at the time under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.[6] The Cult Awareness and Information Centre was also listed as an internet address in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report: "Doomsday Religious Movements".[7]

Cease and desist from Landmark Education

In November 2006, the American company Landmark Education sent the Cult Awareness and Information Centre a Cease and desist letter, requesting that it immediately remove a copy of the French television programme entitled: Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus from the CAIC website.[8] Similar letters had been sent to Google Video, YouTube, and Internet Archive.[9][10] According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cult Awareness and Information Centre continued to host the documentary while Landmark's copyright campaign was ongoing in the United States.[11] Landmark Education later dropped its copyright subpoenas against Google and an anonymous poster of the video.[9] In 2007, the Cult Awareness and Information Centre posted a "Reply to Posting of France TV3 Program" from Landmark on their Web site, in a subsection of their page on the documentary, which included links to Landmark Education's Web site.[12]


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