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Shortland Street is a long-running New Zealand soap opera that has been broadcast on TVNZ 2 since May 25, 1992. The show centers on the title hospital and its staff and their families. The following is a list of characters and cast members who are currently appearing in the show or who are upcoming, returning and departing. Characters who have been portrayed by more than one actor, are listed, with the most recent actor at the top of the list.

Main characters

Character Actor(s) Duration
Chris Warner Michael Galvin 1992–1996, 2000—
TK Samuels Benjamin Mitchell 2006—
Nicole Miller Sally Martin 2009—
Leanne Black-Johnson Jennifer Ludlam 2010–2011, 2014—
Boyd Rolleston Sam Bunkall 2012—
Kylie Brown Kerry-Lee Dewing 2012—
Harper Whitley Ria Vandervis 2013—
Damo Johnson Grant Lobban 2015—
Drew McCaskill Ben Barrington 2015—
Esther Samuels Ngahuia Piripi 2015—
Dawn Robinson Rebekah Palmer 2017—
Desdemona Schmidt Kura Forrester 2019–
Prince Kimiora Jay Kiriona 2019—
Cecelia King Nicole Whippy 2019—
Ben King Jamie Irvine 2019—
Louis King Henry Rolleston 2019—
Sophia King Iana Grace 2019—
Angel Schmidt Ana Scotney 2019—
Shereez Baker Timmie Cameron 2019—
Marty Walker Scott Smart 2019—

Recurring characters

Character Actor(s) Duration
Frank Warner Luke Patrick 1993, 2016—
Phoenix Raynor Geordie Holibar 2010—2013, 2019—
Bella Cooper Amelia Reid-Meredith 2010–2016, 2019—
Tillie Samuels Tinihuia Lee-Lemon 2011–17, 2019–
Zara Mandal Nivi Summer 2019—
Rani Mandal Keisha Jayapuram 2019–
Eddie Adams Rawiri Jobe 2019—
Tess Hutchinson Becky McEwen 2019–
Amelie Warner Elenanor Tankard 2019–

Past characters

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