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Cynthia Estephane Khalifeh, (February 16, 1992), is a Lebanese actress and TV personality.[1] She has started her acting career at age 11, appearing as a main guest role in two episodes of the then-famous comedy sitcom Abdo W Abdo on LBCI.

Early life

Cynthia was born and raised in the north of Lebanon, a town on the mediterranean Batroun.[2] Born to a family of art lovers, Cynthia grew up experimenting all kinds of art and self- expression, from acting, to singing to painting, piano and guitar playing. In school, she always participated in the theatre, art and singing clubs. She was an active Scout girl in Scout Du Liban, Ecole Saint Joseph Des Peres Capuchins- Batroun. Sports being her hidden passion, Cynthia was a champion in Track and Field games, High jump, Long jump, and a main defender in the Saint Joseph hand-ball girls team for.


She then took a long break off screen, until the last year of high school, at the age of 17, ( September 2009), where she had the chance to cast for a TV Anchor position and the now-leading Lebanese television MTV Lebanon.[3] Interested in her charisma and authentic talent, Murr TV had granted her directly after her first casting, two main anchor positions in two of their newest shows. One of them is Mesh Maaoul, a magic show, and the other is ATMTV,[4] a live show which she had presented for over five years ( 2009–2013), alongside Aimee Sayah, Stephy Saliba, Mohammed Kais and Philippe Yaacoub. After many successful appearances, she then hosted numerous shows including NRJ Spinmag and NRJ Music videos, the special TV shows of the famous NRJ Lebanese music radio station.[5] Her TV career-changing project, was the pan-arab Killer Karaoke Arabia, which she hosted in its two seasons 2014 and 2015, alongside the egyptian actor Ahmad Al Fishawi, son of Farouk Al Fishawi.,[6] aired on Alhayat Tv, Abu Dhabi TV and MTV Lebanon.[7]

Another TV career-changing project was the 3rd season of the arabic version of Coke Studio a show produced by Coca Cola, aired on MBC, joining, every episode, one international artist to produce a fusion track with one arab artist. In Coke Studio, Cynthia decently interviewed international and Arab artists, such as Jason Derulo,[8] Nile Rodgers,[9] Kool & the Gang, Balqees, Assala, Mashrou' Leila and Maya Diab.[10]


Cynthia's heart always leaned towards acting, nourishing her talent with a BA in Cinema ( 2010–2014) at the IESAV, University Saint Joseph de Beyrouth,[11] and an intensive Summer course at the Actors Space in Barcelona 2013. Following the long break after her debut project Abdo w Abdo, to finish her school studies, Cynthia appeared again at the age of 18, launching her acting career, in the famous pan-arab show Ruby.[12] Her role in Ruby was a great success regionally, which lead to an overflow of projects and offers on her doors. Having a very tight schedule between her films chool and her daily live Tv shows, Cynthia managed to be selective about the acting roles she had signed. She then appeared as a main role in Indama Yabki el Tourab aired on LBCI,[13] Duo El Gharam, and the famous Jouzour.[14]

Her drama acting career-changing hits were her lead role in the 200 episodes, two seasons of Khatarb El hay, which aired on MTV Lebanon ( 2013–2015).,[15] 10 Abid Sghar( 2013),[16] and her comedy role in Abtal w Haramiyye, alongside Patricia Nambour, Tony Issa and Issam Bredi, may his soul rest in peace.[17] Cynthia stated in many interviews that her favourite and most complexed role was Sana, the 60's hippie, in the Ramadan TV show "Ahmad W Christina", aired on Aljadid TV and MTV Lebanon in 2015.[18]

She currently has two TV series that are in production, one of them is a huge regional production named Small Sky or سماء صغيرة , including actors from Turkey, Iraq, Kwait, UAE, Syria, Jordan and produced by the famous GEM TV to be aired during the month of Ramadan 2017.


Cynthia currently has four feature films in her record. Paparazzi (2014) , Max W Antar (2016),[19] Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb,[20] and Zafafian to be aired in March 2017.


Cynthia was invited to be a star candidate in the TV show Celebrity duets, which invites known figures to participate in a charity singing competition. Cynthia has marked an impact with her english and french performances covering Alicia Keys and Edith Piaff[21]

Brand Ambassador and MC

Adidas Levant For Coca Cola at the launch for their 2015 campaign and for their CokeStudio season 3 Red bull flugtag in Dubai 2016 Makeup Forever UAE February 2017 L'areal Paris Miscelar Cleansing Water[22]


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