Dark Horizon: Escape

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Dark Horizon: Escape is a board game that was published by APE Games in 1996.


Dark Horizon: Escape, designed by Kevin Brusky and Tim Zinsky,[1] is a near-future tactical combat simulation for two players or teams.[2] The components consist of:

  • 10 metal miniatures
  • 5 full-colour floor tile sheets
  • 12 door pieces and stands
  • 24 Close Combat cards
  • a 32-page illustrated rulebook, including 5 starter scenarios
  • 10 erasable status logs and an erasable felt-tipped pen
  • 120 die-cut counters
  • 4 dice[3]

In the game, scientists of Talobar Technologies have developed an Armegeddon Device. One player or team controls agents of the People for a UNified Tomorrow (PUNT), who try to break into the Talobar lab, destroy the device, and successfully escape; the other player or team controls the Talobar security forces defending the building.[3]


Rick Swan reviewed Dark Horizon: Escape for Dragon #239 (September 1997), calling it a "clever science-fiction board game" and comments that "Though the game utilizes deceptively sophisticated tactics, what makes it a pleasure to the play are the components: five sheets of thick cardboard room tiles, ten status logs that can be used with an erasable felt tip pen (included), ten metal miniatures."[1]