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Template:Use mdy dates David Reddish (born August 19, 1980, Kankakee, Illinois) is an American novelist and screenwriter. Reddish is perhaps best known for writing the 2012 novel Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, the first mainstream novel about the geek subculture and the San Diego Comic-Con.

Early life and education

Reddish is the first born child of Dennis Reddish, a grocery & real estate business entrepreneur, and Cynthia Reddish (née Brown), a college professor of childhood development. As a child, he grew up in Momence, Illinois, a rural community where both of his parents also held political office: his father as an alderman, his mother as president of the local school board.[1] He attended Momence High School and graduated with honors in 1999. He attended the University of Central Florida film school, graduating in 2003. While attending college, he worked at Walt Disney World.[2]


Reddish began his career as a child actor in theatre as well as a classically trained vocalist. As he matured, he steered his interests toward film and writing, studying under Barry Sandler at the University of Central Florida. At Sandler's suggestion, Reddish moved to Los Angeles following his college graduation with the intent of working in the film industry.

After several years of pursuing a Hollywood screenwriting career with little success, Reddish emerged onto the literary scene with his first novel, Sex, Drugs & Superheroes: A Savage Journey Into a Wretched Hive of Scum & Supervillainy. Debuting in April 2012, the book met with positive reviews, and is noted for its accurate and humorous description of the San Diego Comic-Con.[3][4][5]

Following the release of Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, Reddish became a fixture of comic book and genre conventions, promoting the novel across the country.[3] In March 2013, he announced via Twitter he had completed his second novel, a historical epic titled The Passion of SS. Sergius & Bacchus,[6] set for release on 1 July, 2014. In November 2013, producer James Cawley announced that Reddish had written a script for the Star Trek: Phase II web series entitled "Ashes & Tears." A semi-sequel to David Gerrold's controversial "Blood and Fire", the series' most popular episode, Reddish's script is slated for production following the relocation of the Phase II sets to a new facility in New York.[7]

On April 15, 2013, Reddish announced that his first novel, Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, had been acquired by Digital Fabulists Publishing for further editions and wider release, as well as an audiobook version of the novel. Reddish has said he will record the reading himself.[6] In September 2013, Reddish announced via Twitter that the audiobook was in active production, though the release would be delayed from October 2013 at the New York Comic-Con to spring 2014.

Appearing at Bent-Con 2013, David Reddish and artist Jackson Eather together announced the graphic novel adaptation of Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, as well as presented artwork from the graphic incarnation and debuted a trailer featuring both finished and concept art for the comic book.[8] Reddish and Eather, while fielding questions from the audience, discussed their collaborative process and approach to the comic book version, scheduled for release in 2014. Reddish also mentioned in passing that a proposed film version had almost gone into production in early 2013, but stalled. Reddish continues to retain all rights for a film adaptation, and still hopes that one day the movie will see production. The author also revealed plans for two sequels to Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, though he confessed he shelved both for the time being, as he's "not ready" emotionally to write them because of darker plot elements in certain characters's storylines.[8]

Personal life

David Reddish has been candid in discussing his difficult upbringing, often feeling bullied and lonely as a child. He came out as gay in his teens, and has often vocally advocated LGBT Rights. He is also a registered Democrat, working for the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign as well as for marriage equality rights, participating in protests against California Proposition 8. He won awards for his activism from the Stonewall Young Democrats.[2]

Also noted for his eccentric persona, Reddish has publicly discussed his own diagnosis with unipolar disorder and has sought effective treatment through use of antidepressants.[9]

In addition to his writing career, Reddish is an accomplished fashion designer, designing most of his own clothes.[2] In 2013, Reddish endorsed SOLElites footwear, a line of hand-crafted LED illuminated shoes, appearing in an ad campaign for the product.[8][10]


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