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Deadly Impact (akd To Live and Die) is a 2009 American crime thriller film written by Alexander Vesha and directed by Robert Kurtzman.[1] The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Joe Pantoliano, Carmen Serano, and Greg Serano.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


Template:Plot Tom Armstrong (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a Detective in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his best friend and partner Ryan Alba (Greg Serano). Tom and Ryan have spent the last three years trying to locate an international hitman known as the Lion (portrayed by Joe Pantoliano), however, the assassin has always been one step ahead.

One night, the police receive a tip from a man claiming that he suspects the Lion is his son, and he provides the police with a location. Tom, Ryan and other law enforcement arrive at the suspect's house, only to discover that the suspect is gone and they find Tom’s wife Kelly (Michelle Greathouse) tied up in the basement with explosives on the walls, and Kelly surrounded by a black outline. Tom receives a phone call from the Lion, telling Tom that the bombs will explode in two minutes, and that if he enters that outline, they will be remotely detonated.

The Lion, angry at Tom for messing up his network in the Southwest USA, gives Tom a choice—there is a glass switch that can stop the bombs from detonating, but it's taped in front of Kelly's heart and that the exact location is marked with a red, heart-shaped sticker on Kelly's blouse.

The Lion tells Tom that he can shoot the switch, and therefore kill Kelly, in order to stop the bombs from detonating, or Tom can let the bombs detonate and kill everyone in the house. Tom is also told that if he and his colleagues attempt to evacuate, the explosives will be remotely detonated. The Lion informs Tom that either way, saving Kelly's life is out of the question. Tom, devastated by the choice, pleads with the Lion to allow one of Tom's colleagues to shoot him in the head instead, but the Lion refuses, stating that Kelly's death will be completely painless to her, and that Tom can turn the lights off if he wishes. Tom, knowing that there is no other way, tells Kelly that he has to turn the lights out, and will then untie her and take her home. He then tells Kelly that he loves her, and signals Ryan to turn the lights off. Tom then shoots and kills Kelly.

Eight years later, Tom, still grieving over Kelly's death, has retired and is living in Mexico. FBI agent Isabel Ordonez (Carmen Serano) tracks Tom down, and tells Tom that the Lion has returned to Albuquerque, and Tom's help is needed as he is an expert on the Lion. Tom initially refuses, but secretly writes down the address at which the Lion will be meeting one of his associates, which he had heard on the tape that Isabel played for him in order to identify the Lion's voice. Tom then returns to Albuquerque, intending to exact revenge on the Lion for Kelly's death.

Tom arrives at the address, a nightclub, hoping to find the Lion. Isabel and other FBI agents are also at the location, attempting to identify and arrest the Lion. Tom, not knowing what the Lion looks like, unwittingly allows the Lion to walk directly past him in order to meet with his associate. The Lion accuses his associate of being an informant, or simply stupid, due to the FBI presence in the nightclub. The associate provides the Lion with materials that he had requested, and is then killed by the Lion through the use of a remote-controlled mounted sniper rifle. The Lion then detonates a bomb that he had planted inside the nightclub in order to cover his escape through the rear exit. The associate's bodyguard chases after the Lion, and Tom follows both of them into the outside alley.

Tom discovers the bodyguard lying dead with his throat slit, and then begins to slowly search the alleyway. During this time, a SWAT team is searching the building that the Lion's associate was shot from, but accidentally walk past motion detector, causing an explosion in which the team is killed. Tom, still searching the alley, notices a truck, and cautiously begins to approach it. The Lion, preparing to escape via a motorbike in the back of the truck, sees Tom approaching through the driver's side mirror, and begins firing at Tom through the side of the truck. Tom returns fire, but both men empty their magazines, forcing them to reload. Tom then approaches the driver's side door and begins firing into the back of the truck, but notices that the Lion is no longer there. The Lion then attacks Tom from behind, his face covered by the motorbike helmet, and the two men get into an intense brawl. The Lion gets the upper hand and prepares to cut Tom's throat, however, an unmarked police car enters the alley, forcing the Lion to abandon Tom and make his escape. The FBI agent, Special Agent William "Hops" Hopter (David House) mistakes Tom for one of the Lion's associates, and arrests him.

Tom is later identified as a (former) Detective and is asked by Hops to assist the FBI's task force. Tom's old partner Ryan is now a Special Agent with the FBI, and is also a part of the case. It seems that the Lion might be targeting Senator Cordero (Fredrick Lopez), who used to be a DEA agent.

Tom wants to find the Lion, for the safety of the people of Albuquerque, and he wants to bring the Lion down for what happened to Kelly. Terror erupts in the city as people are taken hostage and bombs explode. And what no one knows is that the Lion is a man named David Kaplow. Kaplow kidnaps Ryan's daughter & Kaplow forces Ryan to kill Cordero. Ryan reluctantly kills Cordero before Cordero's bodyguard kills Ryan. Tom was unable to help Ryan.

The FBI and several other agencies are gathering to stop Kaplow once and for all. They have him in the city and they don’t intend on letting him get away but he always manages to stay one step ahead of them. At the climax, Kaplow makes his big plan by bombing the FBI headquarters and kidnapping Ordonez in order to make Tom follow him. After Tom helps the wounded Hops and his crew from the exploding building, he comes to Ordonez house and finds that Kaplow has tied her up with a bomb. Tom and Kaplow have a combat where Kaplow takes the advantage before threatening Ordonez causing Tom to handcuff himself. An innocent policeman shows up. Kaplow pretends to be an officer. Unfortunately, the Policeman lowers his gun & Kaplow shoots the policeman. The policeman also injured Kaplow. Kaplow kills the policeman. It's sad because that policeman's dead. Since Kaplow killed too many innocent people, it means that Kaplow's getting on everyone's nerves. When the house explodes, Kaplow thinks that Tom & Ordonez are dead. However, Kaplow receives a Call from Tom who reveals that Kaplow's bullet-proof vest's rigged to bombs. Finally, Tom detonates the bomb & Kaplow explodes inside the police car.

Principal cast


  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Tom Armstrong
  • Joe Pantoliano as David Kaplow
  • Carmen Serano as Isabel Ordonez
  • Greg Serano as Ryan Alba
  • David House as Special Agent William Hopter
  • Amanda Wyss as Julie Mulligan
  • Robert Kurtzman as Homeowner
  • Julianne Flores as Amy
  • Mike Miller as Hollis
  • Fredrick Lopez as Senator Cordero
  • Kevin Wiggins as Captain Duvall
  • Michelle Greathouse as Kelly Armstrong
  • James Tarwater as Skittles
  • Luce Rains as Red Tie
  • Mike Seal as Associate
  • Kieran Sequoia as Aide
  • Joel Bryant as FBI Agent
  • John Koyama as X-Ray Agent

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The director said that Metro Goldwyn Mayer let him make the film right away after seeing the script. The film was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Parts of the film was shot in an abandoned police station, which was made to look more modern. The rest of the film was shot within a ten block radius of that area. The opening scene took around half of a day to shoot, and the entire shoot lasted from August 21, 2007 to September 20, 2007. The film completed on July 21, 2008.


The film had wide theatrical release on December 31 2009,[9] and had its DVD premiere in the United States on April 20 2010, followed by releases in Netherlands on July 6 2010, Hungary on July 21 2010, Germany on August 6 2010, United Kingdom on September 27 2010, and in Russia on September 30 2010. Produced under working titles of Angelmaker and To Live and Die, the film was released in the US as Deadly Impact, in Spain as Impacto mortal, in Greece as Thanasimi sygrousi, in Hungary as Dühöngő halál, in Portugal as Impacto Mortal, and on French television as Impact mortel.



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