Diabetes, sexuality and pregnancy

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Diabetes, sexuality and pregnancy

lack of or ineffectiveness of insulin diabetes It is a result of emerging diseases.the more common form of diabetes in the community type 2 diabetes and its effects are enough insulin Show results can not occur. type 1 diabetes is considered to be more rare Although it starts from an early age and It requires the use of insulin for life.

blood sugar as close to normal as possible Keeping the level of eye, nerve and kidney damage, problems such as heart attack and stroke Of a patient at risk of azaltır.diyabetl while family planning and normal social The survival is the most natural needs.

This booklet diabetic person's sexual life It can continue as normal and diabetic for women can have healthy babies with the purpose of informing prepared.

How diabetes affect my sexual life?

Diabetes many problems related to sexuality You may hear rumors that have caused. Diabetes everyone the same form does not affect, even No many people with well-controlled diabetes no problems. However, long-term diabetes For some men it is uncontrolled; diabetes causing damage to the nerves come from the brain signal to the sexual organs of men It can slow down the transmission. again erection which controls the blood flow required for It can impair the function of the nerves and blood vessels. what to do in such a case in this case the time of your doctor Is probably telling. the most accurate information and you Your doctor will give treatment.

What should I look for sex in my life to be normal?

To maintain your sexual life in a normal way Good for you to check your blood sugar is very important. In the short term to prevent hypo- and hyperglycemia, sexual It can heal your life indirectly.

In the long term good of controlling blood sugar, diabetes With the help prevent related complications Be able to provide the improvement of your sexual function. This is to keep your blood sugar in the normal range Do not take the proper dosage of insulin (or your medication doses and Set of variations) means. Long you can reduce hyperglycemia tired. Thus, erection You may experience problems. In addition, hyperglycemia and women men can lead to fungal infections in the genitals. Consequently pain and itching and may be decreased sexual desire. In such a case, consult your doctor. Diabetes and pregnancy

Our body carbohydrate we eat food "glucose" as we called It converts to sugar. Sugar, our body breathing, walking, running, reading, such as sleep, all comes to mind we need to do the activities It is a source of energy. Diabetes, your body glucose as energy use It is difficult. Diabetic people are always the same They are faced with the problem; blood sugar level is too high, but cells There is hunger in energy. Normally,sugar took our blood vessels pancreas to move our cells Produced in cloth "insulin" hormones It is needed. If you have diabetes enough insulin or the pancreas effect of insulin is not produced or manufactured It does not show. In the first condition "type 1diabetes ", the second condition" type 2 diabetes "It is possible.In either condition increases blood sugar.In this case "hyperglycemia" is called.Hyperglycemia great if treated well and small blood vessels, impairing eye,cause damage to kidney and nerve tissue May result; causing heart attack and strokeIt can give.Like any healthy women with diabetes the women "mother" rights to be has. However, well-planned pregnancy and that the diabetes during pregnancy This is possible provided that strict control. Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes When the "pregestastional diabetes"It is possible. Previously non-existing diabetes In some women at risk of pregnancy the second half of a temporary diabetes occurs. This is called "gestational diabetes"(Gestational diabetes) is called. If you plan to become pregnant:

In order to be healthy to have a baby, after all Yourself before your mind that you need to be healthy Do not remove. If you have diabetes, controlling blood sugar If you become pregnant you have hovered close to normal levels for there is no obstacle. However, well-planned pregnancy That is extremely important. > Long your blood sugar HbA1c shows the control (A1C) quite close to your normal test must be. A1C levels to normal If not, until normal (the With less than 2 months) in a safe birth Apply the control method. > During your pregnancy, your blood sugar control quite rigorously You need to keep under. > Gestational diabetes in mothers Some may aggravate existing problems.In addition, problems like this, mom the health of the unborn baby It may affect adversely. ItThus if you are planning pregnancy, pregnant Before it, the eye fundus with microalbuminuria in the urine and kidney, such as creatinine in the blood Please make your test; also necessary in terms of cardiovascular health You pass the examination is appropriate.

> Your thyroid tests before pregnancy

What are the advantages of tight blood sugar control during pregnancy?

rigorous your blood sugar during your pregnancy and to tightly control;

> Low to reduce your risk.

> At the same time obstetric Download at least to your risk.

> In addition, your baby's gestational accordingly the week healthy growth and development It provides.

Should I change my diyabettedavi during pregnancy?

significant physical and hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy It happens. Change in hormone levels on the one hand, on the other hand Your insulin needs will change due to the growth of your baby in your tummy and do not pay attention, it will be able to control blood sugar deteriorates.

> Before pregnancy, "type 1" (insulin-dependent) diabetes, insulin if you the intensification of treatment and frequent (basal-bolus) insulin Admission to see your doctor for treatment programs Is required.

> Today "Type 2" (non-insulin dependent) diabetes increasingly It occurs at a young age and in the meantime childbearing age It can also be seen in women. If you are Type 2 diabetes and baby If you plan to have, cut the pills you take insulin orally You should go to your doctor for your treatment. Because, oral glucose lowering drugs safely during pregnancy There is no sufficient evidence could be used.

> To maintain good blood sugar control during pregnancy You will need to adjust your insulin doses frequently.

> Especially seen in the first three months of pregnancy nausea and vomiting Will make it difficult to take the insulin-carbohydrate foods Your needs may be reduced during this period, sudden blood sugar do not take action low (hypoglycemia) can be subject to seizure.

> Your insulin needs to increase from the second trimester of pregnancy Starts and reached the highest level before birth.

during pregnancy controls often you must go

> And your diabetes during pregnancy your doctor as well as interested Do not see your gynecologist often Is required. to behave as such Yourself as well as your baby so to protect the health It is important.

> That may occur during pregnancy For complications eyes, kidneys and so on. your checks at intervals recommended by your doctor Repeat.

> Second half of pregnancy, thyroid functions as a possible Checked.

How Birth should I prepare?

Mothers of himself in his home blood glucose measurements due to pregnancy and minimize problems during birth It has been reduced.

> Seamlessly in today's conditions who had a pregnancy diabetes The birth of women's naturally and to normal time is recommended. The still birth about timing and shape following the decision of the team you You will not leave the spot.

> Your blood sugar during childbirth how to be monitored and insulin How to set your needs about, your gynecologist diabetes The information from your doctor Provide.

> Baby immediately after birth experienced in newborn checked by a pediatrician and not be placed under observation Is required.

After the birth How my insulin dose I set?

> With East, your insulin needs quickly Decreases and falls to the level of previous pregnancy.

> In your blood sugar frequently after birth frequent measurement and insulin dosing taking a measurement According to the results set.

> Breastfeeding, irregular sleep, fatigue and confinement due to hormonal changes Your blood sugar during "playful" (labile) a It gets state. You may experience frequent hypoglycemia, need against the risk of hypoglycaemia Take measures; with you that can be absorbed quickly carbohydrate foods and, when necessary to be submitted by your close "Glucagon bulb" take in.

> In addition, a few weeks after birth may develop thyroid problems (eg. silent thyroiditis), diabetes control It can be difficult. thyroid, if necessary To investigate the function Consult your doctor. When your blood pressure and your blood pressure yağlarınızık your blood fats Diabetes and birth control > Generally, birth control pills after the first birth Recommended. Apart from this method of birth control as Condom (condoms) can use. sexually The most effective method of preventing transmitted diseases and condom It is to use. > Diabetes to experience in every aspect of your life You must learn. > Do not open about your concerns, you might encounter It will help you solve problems.

> All sorts of your diabetes care team, your problem Please note that you will support. But you this If you can not tell the difference can not reach your problems. It so be open! my health as a person with diabetes Alarm gerekenlern do to protect?

Follow the diet program prepared by your dietitian. cracks in the feet, calluses, inflammation, wounds, swelling, check each day whether redness and ingrown nails. Brush your teeth and floss regularly. Keep under control. Measure your blood sugar every day. Save your measurement. Every day at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (eg Brisk walk). To learn exercises that suits you Consult your doctor. Your medication as recommended by your doctor received. Do not smoke.