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Type of business Technology Company, PropTech, EdTech, Technology Startup, Startup
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Area served Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Pretoria, Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, East London and Durban
Founder(s) Alexandria Procter, Greg Keal, Brendan Ardagh.
CEO Alexandria Procter
Website www.digsconnect.com
Commercial No
Launched January 2018

DigsConnect.com is South Africa's largest student accommodation marketplace[1][2]. Based in Cape Town, the platform was founded in January 2018 by Alexandria Procter, Greg Keal, Brendan Ardagh. DigsConnect had over 3,000 unique users in their first month of launching and over 6,000 in their second month. Since then, it has grown into a fully-fledged business with more than 50,000 rooms listed on its platform[3][4].


DigsConnect was started as a project by Alexandria Procter while she was an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town. She was elected to the Student's Representative Council, and her portfolio covered off campus student housing[5]. She built DigsConnect as a solution to the perrenial student housing crises that occurs in South Africa, as a way for landlords to list their student accommodation and for students to find accommodation.

Growth and funding

DigsConnect grew from an excel spreadsheet in the UCT SRC offices, to a platform with over 30 000 visits each month and more than 50 000 beds listed to date. The company raised a total of R12 million in February 2019[6][7][8], which is one of the biggest startup fundraising seed rounds in South Africa to date.

Product and Services

Students go on DigsConnect.com to find student accommodation across South Africa. They can filter for location, price, room type, NSFAS accreditation. On DigsConnect.com, you can also view the location of your university campus on the DigsConnect.com map, and then find accommodation on the map in proximity to your campus[9].

DigsConnect.com has an internal messaging system, so landlords and students can contact each other directly on the website.

The third user type for DigsConnect.com is the Institution, which is any institution registered with the South African Department of HIgher Education and Training. These are public universities, public colleges, private colleges, TVETs and specialist schools (e.g. cooking schools). Upon request, an institution is given access to The Virtual Res on DigsConnect.com where their off-campus students can form communities in safe living and learning environments[10]


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