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Divertimento is a 2020 French thriller film written and directed by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi. It tells the story of a chess player haunted by a tragic past who has the opportunity to play in a mysterious game, Divertimento.[1] It's the first movie described as an independent blockbuster putting together characteristics of Hollywoodien blockbusters and independent movies.


Jonas Olsen, a chess player haunted by a tragic past, is given an opportunity to participate in a mysterious game, Divertimento.


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Divertimento was written by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi when he was 19 and filmed in 2019 when he was 21. It's his third movie after Vesper with Götz Otto released in 2017 and Nox with Matt Passmore released in 2019.

Sheikhalishahi putted together eclectic diverse Hollywoodien actors, Kellan Lutz, Torrey DeVitto and Brittany Gonzales are American, Ola Rapace and Christian Hillborg are Sweden, Götz Otto and Leni Speidel are German, Ellie Heydon is English and Agnès Godey is French.

Ola Rapace and Christian Hillborg previously worked together on The Last Kingdom. Otto and Rapace each worked on Bond, respectively Tomorrow Never Dies and Skyfall. They both featured as villains. Brigitte Millar from Nox directed by Sheikhalishahi is also a Bond vilain in Spectre (2015 film).

This movie is the third time Keyvan Sheikhalishahi has worked with Agnès Godey after Vesper and Nox and the second time he has worked with Götz Otto after Vesper. Götz Otto and Agnès Godey already worked previously on Vesper.

It's also the first time Kellan Lutz plays with his wife Brittany Gonzales.

The movie is entirely shot in the Castle of Champlâtreux in Épinay-Champlâtreux, Paris area.


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