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Doug DeMuro

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Doug DeMuro is an American author, automotive blogger, journalist and most notably a YouTuber. He has worked as a writer for Jalopnik and AutoTrader Oversteer, and is the author of the books From My Perspective (2013),[1] Plays With Cars (2013)[2] and Bumper to Bumper (2016),[3] recounting his experiences as the youngest manager of Porsche Cars North America and an overall automotive enthusiast.

Early life

Doug was born in Denver, Colorado on May 22, 1988. He attended George Washington High School in Denver, and later received a BA in Economics from Emory University. He then worked as a technician specialist at Ferrari of Denver, and later as a sales manager at Saturn of Decatur. He then went on to work for Porsche cars of North America, where he quickly became the youngest manager to serve in this position. He has since left, and works as a writer for various automotive websites and as a YouTuber, comically reviewing cars that he both owns and borrows.[4]


Doug DeMuro began blogging at an early age, with his first blog playswithcars.com. He later became an editor on Jalopnik, and is now the editor-in-chief of AutoTrader Oversteer.[5] While DeMuro writes articles on a variety of subjects, he always writes a follow-up article on his media platform describing in-depth the making of his video and further details.[6] His videos with the highest number of views include Doug crushing a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a Hummer H1[7], Doug trying to determine if women are truly attracted to Ferraris,[8] and a review of the BMW i8 and Ford GT.


In 2017, DeMuro appeared on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage, on a segment known as "Stump a Car Nerd".[9] In this episode, he was blindfolded and taken for a ride in three cars by Jay Leno (that were randomly selected from his garage) and had to determine the model of car he was in.


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