Dragons of Camelot

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Dragons of Camelot is a 2014 action-fantasy film directed and produced by Mark L. Lester, starring Mark Griffin, Alex Evans, James Nitti, Selina Giles and Sandra Darnell.


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King Arthur (William Huw) has died and his sister, Morgan Le Fay (Sandra Darnell) begins her reign. She commands three dragons with her magic to try to find the remaining Knights of the Round Table so they cannot stop her. Galahad (James Nitti) realizes that he must find his father, Lancelot (Mark Griffin), who's been in exile for years. With the help of Percival (Craig Ryder), Dindrane (Alex Evans), and Bors (Tom Latimer), they attempt to return to Camelot to defeat Morgan and her dragons and rescue the captured Guinevere and Merlin.



Nav Qateel from Influx Magazine wrote that "Dragons of Camelot felt like a fan film more than anything else."[1]


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