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The element14 community is an online community for engineers and was launched in June 2009. It is owned by Premier Farnell.[1]

The element14 community has a presence in 231 countries, has over 330,000 members and supports 10 languages – English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Thai, Chinese (Taiwan), Portuguese.[2]

The site's main content includes:[3]

Groups – Members can join groups, which include several technical topic areas, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and single-board computers. These are run by industry experts.

Ask an Expert – Members can pose questions to industry experts.

Road Test - Members can test and keep the latest products on the market in return for their feedback and product ratings.

Discussions - Members can start a conversation or ask a question.

Design Center – An area that enables members to quickly research, design, develop and prototype

Events – Members can sign up for free webinars and keep informed about other types of events.

Community Competitions

Frequently, the element14 Community runs competitions for its members, within different technical areas. Recent competitions include; the "Get Closer" Wearables Challenge, which invited engineers to design a wearable project using the Adafruit FLORA platform[4] and the "Smarter Life Challenge" whereby participants have to design futuristic home appliances using the Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit.[5]


In 2012, the element14 Community was recognised by Forrester Research Inc.’s Forrester Groundswell Awards in the category of "Business-to-Business Supporting" at the eBusiness Forum in Chicago.[6] Also, in 2012, the element14 Community received the 2012 Jive Award in the "Engage Customers" at the JiveWorld ’12 conference in Las Vegas.[7]

element14's The Ben Heck Show

The element14 Community is home to The Ben Heck Show, a popular online TV program featuring Internet celebrity modder Benjamin Heckendorn. As of April 2015, the show has recorded more than 23 million views on YouTube.


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