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Evangelos Mantoulidis
Born August 10, 1938
Alonia, Pieria, Greece
Died April 2007
Thessaloniki, Greece
Nationality Greek
Alma mater Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Department of Philosophy
Occupation Educator, Filologist, Founder of Mandoulides Schools, Thessaloniki, Greece
Children 3

Evangelos Mantoulidis, son of Dimitrios and Paraskevi, was born on August 10, 1938 in Alonia, Pieria. Having completed his secondary education at the 2nd and 5th High School of Thessaloniki, he entered the Department of Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he studied the Classics.

He worked extensively in the private education sector; specifically, he was employed at Langadikia and Delliou Private Schools, as well as at Anatolia College. During the same period, he established the Tutoring Schools “Paideia” and “Theoritiko."

In 1978 he founded the Kindergarten and Elementary School of Mandoulides Schools, the private institution that was the incarnation of his grand vision for education and became his life’s work. He devoted himself to education, having as his guiding principle a modern Greek education with a European dimension and global perspective.

In 1991 his vision expanded, and Mantoulidis sought to broaden his horizons by founding the Junior - Senior High School. The year 2002 was marked by the establishment of the 2nd Kindergarten - Elementary School, and soon after by the 2nd Junior - Senior High School. The Day Care Center has been in operation since 2007.

Over the years the school has gained an excellent academic reputation. The school's high-school graduates have received full tuition scholarships in top U.S. universities, like Harvard, MIT, Duke, Princeton Dartmouth and Stanford.

Mandoulides Schools' professors have received the Yale Educator award. The Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions has the distinct pleasure of recognizing educators worldwide as recipients of the Yale Educator Award. The Yale Educator Recognition Program recognizes outstanding educators from around the world who have supported and inspired their students to achieve at high levels.

During the last decade the school begun to expand into several new domains including a World Championship Basketball team of High School boys in Israel in 1999, a second place in 2005 in Poland and a 3rd place in 2009 in Istanbul.

Mantoulidis died in April 2007.

Literary work

His literary work is listed below:[1]

  • Etymological Dictionary of Ancient Greek (theory-dictionary) [2]
  • Dictionary of Irregular Verbs with Complete Grammatical Rules
  • Ancient Greek Literature
  • Topic based Latin Exercises
  • Rules and Observations of Latin Grammar
  • Elements of Latin Syntax and Latin Topics from De bello gallico - De Bello Civilis by G.I. Caesaris
  • G.I. Caesaris, De bello gallico, Words by paragraph
  • Latin Syntax, and 92 topics (2 volumes ) (in cooperation with Α. Karipidis)
  • Cornelius Nepos: Lives of Eminent Commanders: Texts-Translation, Vocabulary, grammatical and syntax observations (in cooperation with E. Mesdanitis and C. Mouratidis)
  • Latin Literature, volume 1 (in cooperation with S.Karagianni and A. Kremeti )
  • Ancient Greek Literature (in cooperation with E. Mesdanitis)






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