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Faith in London is a 2010 British silent short documentary film directed, written and produced by Tariq Chow. The film celebrates the common instruction towards compassion that exists in all religions and honours multi-faith coexistence London.


The message of Faith in London is presented by representatives of six worldwide religions, each displaying a written quote from their core beliefs,[1] highlighting the common thread that runs through all the main religions.[2]

The film was shot at a series of places of worship around London – a church, Hindu temple, synagogue, mosque, gurdwara and Buddhist temple. Outside each of them stands a worshipper, holding a board on which is written an extract from their scriptures, urging compassion and love.[2]


  • Graeme Innes
  • Harish Raval
  • Philip Rosenberg
  • Simone Nardella
  • Pertejbakhtawar Singjohal
  • Karma Namjal and Ani Samten


Template:Quote box Faith in London was written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by Tariq Chow (Chowdhury). It features the song "Live Forever" by Moby.[3] Filming took place in May 2010 at St Paul's Cathedral, Ilford Hindu Centre, United Synagogue Central, London Central Mosque, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha and Kagyu Samye Dzong London Tibetan Buddhist Centre.[4]

In July 2010, Chowdhury told The CNN Wire, "The journey of making the film was far more incredible than what the film would suggest, and it's sad that I am the only person who went through that." He added, "the instruction toward being kind and compassionate towards everyone, and this is found in the texts of all the six major religions that I featured in my film."[5]


Faith in London premiered at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) event in London on 22 July 2010,[3][6] where it was joint runner up in the 18-25 film-maker category[2] of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Faith Shorts.[5]

The film featured in The CNN Wire in July 2010,[5] The Guardian in August 2010,[2] and on a special edition of Songs of Praise on BBC One in September 2011.[7][8] The film was screened globally by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.[9]


Tony Blair wrote in The Guardian of Faith in London, "This highlights the common thread that runs through all the main religions."[2] The SIGNIS Jury said of the film, "Simplicity and artfulness make Faith in London special."[1]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Result
2010 Tony Blair Faith Foundation Faith Shorts 18-25 film-maker Template:Sort
2011 PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival SIGNIS Prize Template:Won[5]
BaKa Template:Won
COPEAM Template:Won
Project Mosaic Project Mosaic Film Competition Template:Won
Religion Today Peace & Dialogue Award Template:Won
Insight Film Festival Official Selection Template:Nom
2012 Vancouver International Film Festival Template:Nom

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