Fateful Findings

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Fateful Findings is a 2014 paranormal, science fiction, conspiracy film written, produced, and directed by Neil Breen.


The film opens with Dylan (Neil Breen), an author and vigilante-hacker, reminiscing about Leah (Jennifer Autry) who he has been in love with since he was seven. While walking in the woods Dylan and Leah find a secret stash which is hiding a magical black cube. In the present day, mystical powers are revealed to Dylan after he is hit by a car and survives the accident through a mysterious and miraculous speedy recovery. Dylan reveals to his wife, Emily (Klara Landrat) that he has not been writing a new novel but instead has been using his hacking skills to expose the most secret government and corporate secrets. His commitment to this mission is tested by his wife's downward spiral into alcohol and drugs ending in an overdose, the murder of his best friend framed as a suicide, and continual sexual seduction by his best friends underage step-daughter. Plagued by haunting dreams of a mystical book of secrets he begins seeing an additional psychotherapist and is encouraged by the discovery of his lost childhood girlfriend (revealed to be his nurse during his recovery from the accident). Despite his efforts he his continually harassed by unseen spirits. Dylan's life as an author slowly deteriorates and he confides in his new lover Leah that his work may be discovered. This culminates when Leah is kidnapped by an unknown assailant. Dylan manages to track the attacker and uses teleportation powers to rescue Leah from her kidnapper. Dylan, before releasing his findings to the world chooses to see his psychotherapist one last time only to find that she has been a ghost the entire time and he must now question the council of spirits that guard the mysterious book. In the end he releases the most secret government and corporate secrets to the world. During the speech an assassin attempts to thwart Dylan but is killed by Dylan's powers. Exposed, government officials and executives throughout the world take their own lives, in public exhibitions to applauding crowds. Dylan lets the world know that they have the power to fight the tyranny of corruption and work outside of government and corporate systems just as he has done.

Although not in the final cut of the film, the trailer implies that the government, men in black, or aliens may have been monitoring Dylan throughout his entire life, and possibly may have been the original source that granted him his powers.

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