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FirstCom Music is a leading provider of production music for film, broadcast, multimedia and corporate productions.


FirstCom Music began as a broadcast service company, offering services utilized by radio stations throughout the United States. Among these services were production music libraries, advertising sales libraries and ID packages designed to enhance station and advertiser image.

In 1985, FirstCom Music released the world’s first production music library on CD and introduced it to the radio market. Due to high demand, by 1986, FirstCom Music had expanded this library and began marketing it to the audio/visual market.

That’s when the momentum really began to take shape. By 1990, FirstCom Music was snapped up by Zomba Enterprises, the largest independent music publishing company in the world at that time. A Film/TV division, which positioned FirstCom Music to be placed in TV shows and feature length films, was quickly established by 1993 and the following year FirstCom Music purchased the Hollywood Music[1] library to support the Zomba Music Services efforts to provide music services to producers in the film and television industry, containing selections specifically designed to meet the unique needs of feature film producers.

FirstCom Music was the first in the industry to make it possible for clients to download music directly into their hard-drive via the Internet in 1995, providing producers greater flexibility and a crucial time saving tool. And the production music community responded with a flood of requests for FirstCom Music.

What followed was a series of acquisitions and ownership stakes by the company starting with the OneMusic[2] library providing productions with the first music library that producers could “remix” to their specific needs (1997); the purchase of Manny Kallins’ New York produced Gotham Music Library®[3] (1998); the first FirstCom-produced ‘boutique’ library, Access Music,[4] which was specifically designed to answer the growing demand for promo music (1998); and the distribution of the Thomas Dolby produced Headspace library (2000).

In 2003, FirstCom Music was acquired by Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) when they purchased Zomba Enterprises, LLC. In 2007, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) acquired BMG Music Publishing to create Universal Publishing Production Music[5] (UPPM).

Now part of one the world’s leading powerhouse production music umbrellas, FirstCom continued to grow their robust catalog with its 2010 acquisition of the popular MasterSource[6] library, founded by Marc Ferrari from Keel. In 2011, it welcomed the acclaimed BBC Production Music[7] library to its fold, combining new and original tracks by the BBC’s best artists, orchestras and composers with music from BBC dramas, documentaries, and shows. That same year, FirstCom Music inducted Build Destroy Music[8] (BDM) by one of the highest regarded producers/DJs in the world, DJ Skee, into its Chronicles of Hip-Hop[9] catalog.

Keeping a careful eye on production demands and trends, the company offered producers access to over 50,000 online sound effects with 2012’s addition of FirstCom SoundFX[10] – a user-friendly site with streamlined search, audition and download capability for the production community. To meet the growing demand for authentic Mexican and Latin music for use in Film, TV, Radio and Advertising, the company then released the Mexican Music Library[11] in 2013. The company fulfilled another demand in the marketplace in 2014, when it introduced the revolutionary BBC Production Music Orchestral Toolkit, which enabled editors to easily re-create the legendary BBC custom music scored from their own editing suites.

The company next concentrated on offering the production community a collection of classical music works from legends such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy compiled in an easy-to-license, media-friendly format as it welcomed Deutsche Grammophon Production Music[12] into its fold in 2015.

Since its incarnation over 35 years ago,[13] FirstCom music has continually pushed the envelope to identify emerging trends and provide premiere music solutions for editors.

Today, FirstCom Music produces and markets music services for television, radio, and multimedia uses in the U.S. and abroad. The company offers 30 music libraries with over 225,000[13] tracks and produces over 7,000 new tracks of music a year. FirstCom Music is known industry-wide as the strongest, easiest to use, highest quality, professional production music available. Composed and written by the best, performed by the best, mixed by the best, and serviced by the best.

FirstCom Music is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Los Angeles.


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