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Françoise Doherty
Born Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation film director, photographer, songwriter, activist, artist

Françoise Doherty is a Canadian filmmaker, songwriter and media artist. Noted for being a trailblazer in queer activism with a stop-motion animated series for children.[1] She garnered Audience Choice Awards at Cineffable in Paris France[2] and Festival Image + Nation in Montreal.[3] To date The Girl Bunnies series has screened in 21 countries.[4]

The fourth musical short in The Girl Bunnies installments (The Girl Bunnies. ROCKETSHIP.) was premiered on June 25, 2015 at Frameline, The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.[5] The third musical short in the Girl Bunnies series (The Girl Bunnies. BIG TREE.) was released June 23, 2011, the second short in the series (The Girl Bunnies. Hockey.) was released October 25, 2009 and Les Lapines (The Girl Bunnies) was released in 2008. Musically, she composes, plays multiple instruments and sings. As a filmmaker she composes the music first and then, creates the animated story and develops the characters.[4]

As media artist and filmmaker, Doherty’s international portfolio spans live-action filmmaking, 2D animation, stop-motion animation, photography, media installation and performance. With the exception of her photographic exhibitions, she composes/produces the soundscapes and songs for her work. She has exhibited widely within Canada, The United States, Europe and Asia.[1][6] She works in a genre she coined “Critical Fiction’.


Year Original title Positions held by Francoise Doherty
2015 The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship. Françoise Doherty: Animator, editor, writer, songwriter, camera, singer, instrumentalist. Cast: Françoise Doherty, Pascale Doherty-Haigh, Octavie Doherty-Haigh[4]
2011 The Girl Bunnies. Big Tree. Françoise Doherty: Animator, editor, writer, songwriter, camera, singer, instrumentalist. Cast: Françoise Doherty, Caroline Trépannier, Pascale Doherty-Haigh, Octavie Doherty-Haigh[4]
2009 The Girl Bunnies. Hockey Françoise Doherty: Animator, editor, writer, songwriter, camera, singer, instrumentalist. Cast: Françoise Doherty, Caroline Trépannier, Pascale Doherty-Haigh, Octavie Doherty-Haigh[8]
2008 Les Lapines (The Girl Bunnies) Françoise Doherty: Producer, editor, writer, songwriter, actor, singer, instrumentalist, (co-camera, co-design Françoise Doherty, Mél Hogan)[9]
2008 Two[10] F.Doherty: Director, co-writer, editor, sound, co-camera, co-songs[9]
2007 Change in 6 Parts 3 co-creators (Mél Hogan, Lindsey Shane, Françoise Doherty), Composer/Soundtrack
2006 Breakfast with my Girl F.Doherty: Composer,performance,producer
2004 PINK F.Doherty: Photographer, designer, installation.
2004 A TOMATO’S DISCRETION F.Doherty: Animator, Writer, Director, Editor, Composer
2003 Instinctive Actions F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Camera, Composer
2003 of Marshall F.Doherty: Photographer, designer
2003 SHOOT F.Doherty: Photographer
2002 Ground Zero Currency F.Doherty: Writer, co-Director, co-Producer (Doherty, Haigh)
2002 ATM F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Engineer[11]
2000 The Window F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Composer, installation.
1998 The French Philosopher's Dinner Performance Collaboration. Directed by Eddo Stern
1997 Windowsill F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, installation.
1995 OLFACTUS F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Composer
1995 BY MY TROTH F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Composer
1994 SMELLFEST F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Camera, Editor
1994 WHAMO! F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Editor, Installation.
1993 Tunnel of Love F.Doherty: Photographer, Director, Sculptor, installation.
1993 Big Trucks Don't Get Stuck F.Doherty: Writer, Director, Camera, Editor, Composer


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