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Freeze Frame is a 1979 animated cartoon which features Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. It was directed by Chuck Jones, who used a freeze frame to introduce the two visible characters along with their pseudo- Latin names Grotesques appetitius (Coyote) and Semper food-elis (Road Runner).

1. Wile E. reads a book about Road Runners and finds that the subject loves hot deserts, but hates the cold and snow. He then accidentally shuts the book right on his nose. Sheepishly, he searches the catalog book and orders a snow cloud seeder machine that makes instant snow. The coyote tests out the seeder and gets snowed in. He tries the device at a set distance, but was snowed again. He tries it once more inside a crevice in the cliff, with the same results. This makes Wile E. grumble with contempt, so he kicks the seeder and gets whited out again; with his leg sticking out. He then tosses the machine over the cliff, but after that he gets snowed in and the weight of the rocky foundation gives way and gravity resulted.

2. Plotting to get the Road Runner into the cold, Wile E. switches the signs that lead to the snow summit and desert crossing. The bird mistakenly took the snowy route and Wile E. is not far behind chasing it. As the Road Runner comes across a frozen lake, it slips and slides on the slick path. (It enjoys the environment, contrary to the book's information.) The coyote puts on the "Acme Speed Skates" and skillfully tries to cut the ice around the bird, but the ice where the former was standing breaks and he sinks into the icy depths. As the Road Runner escapes on a lone iceburg, the coyote (as a giant ice cube) gets out of the lake.

3. The coyote orders a pair of jet propelled skis (Solomon/Grundy Binding) and then pursues Road Runner with them. In the midst of their running, they submerged themselves in the deep snow and blindingly came across some trees. The latter went "around" the trees, but the former just crashes into one tree, leaving the skis to fizzle out.

4. Wile E. then orders a dog sled with 12 sled dogs which were never seen; He opens the box and tries to treat them with a bone, but was snatched and mauled by the dogs. He managed to escape and reseals the box, but not without its casualties. He faints and then reads the fine line saying that the "sled dogs love coyotes --especially for supper".

5. The coyote, this time, orders an "Acme Rocking Horse" and an "Acme Road-Runner Lasso". He rides downhill while swinging the lasso, but gets tangled in the process. The occupied rocking-horse falls from the snowy cliff and safely(?) lands on the railroad tracks. Just then, a train approaches; the rocking-horse runs away leaving the tied-up coyote holding a sign saying "Mommy". The train ran right over its victim.

6. Wile E. senses the Road-Runner's movements; he then tries to make a giant snowball, but was trapped and the heavy snowball rolled the hapless coyote over a cliff. He falls from the great height and landed on a small mesa; the snowball later falls off the cliff and (with a small umbrella) landed on the coyote; making it appear like an ice cream cone. He crawls out of the snow, looking like Santa Claus, rings a tiny bell and holding a sign saying Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

"That's All, Folks."


The book "Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About RoadRunners But Were Afraid To Ask" Wile E. was reading is a parody to Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask).


This cartoon is included as part of Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales, which is a special feature on Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5. It was supposed be included separately in the upcoming Supergenius Hijinks DVD, but was replaced.