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Friction, An American Action/adventure film. Directed by Keegan Burwell Starring: Tom Burwell, Keegan Burwell and Mark Hissong

Friction[1] is an upcoming movie starring Tom Burwell and Keegan Burwell. The movie is being filmed and it is planned to be released around late fall or early winter.


  • Tom Burwell as Lee Walker
  • Keegan Burwell as Ryan Walker
  • Mark Hissong as Louis
  • Ashton Nelson as Chloe Parsons (CIA)
  • McKenna Burwell as Selene Anderson (CIA)
  • Kendal Nelson as Bruce Smith
  • Jonathan Neill as Aaron Jones
  • Alex Daniels as Joshua
  • Braden Burwell as Kid and young Ryan
  • Ethan, Charles, Braden, Spencer, Jessica and Amanda as CIA workers
  • Spencer as CIA Worker
  • Dylan Morgan as CIA President
  • Cheryl Burwell as Lee's Mom
  • Thomas Burwell Sr. As hotel worker
  • Isaac Abkes as Soldier
  • Josh Jarnigan as tough soldier
  • Stephani Jarnigan as backflip soldier
  • And Dr. Abkes as Warden/Soldier


Lee Walker (Tom Burwell) was an agent for a hacking company owned by a dangerous hacker named Louis (Mark Hissong). Lee decided to quit because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Louis, worried that Lee will leak secrets, tries to capture Lee but he escapes. As a last resort, Louis holds Lee's father as a hostage, trying to bait Lee into attempting to save his father and getting captured.

To make things worse, the CIA is on Louis's trail and is trying to hunt down Lee, who is now an innocent man. Lee's son Ryan (Keegan Burwell) figures out that Louis owns a briefcase capable of controlling any countries' weapon systems. Lee Ryan try to get Lee's dad back, stop Louis and avoid the CIA. In this Action movie from Burwell Films


This movie produced by Burwell Films.

Directed, Produced and Written by Keegan Burwell.

Cinematographer: Karsten Friske

Assistant Cinematographer: Kendal Nelson

Editing, and Special Effects: Kendal Nelson


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