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Galvanize is an immersive coding bootcamp founded by Jim Deters, Lawrence Mandes, and Chris Onan in 2012.[1] Jim Deters was CEO for five years before transitioning to a role on the Board of Directors in mid-2017[2]. Galvanize is designed to give graduates the skills to be job-ready by the end of its courses. Galvanize's vision is to "build a community to provide entrepreneurs and learners with life-changing opportunities for growth."[1] Galvanize is headquartered in Denver with additional locations in SeattleNew York City, San Francisco, Phoenix, Boulder, Denver-Platte and Austin.[3] The company previously operated a campus in Ft. Collins, CO, but it has since closed due to area economic performance.[4]


Galvanize offers the following courses in multiple formats:

  • 24-week Web Development Immersive Program[5]
  • 12-week Data Science Immersive Program[6]
  • Part-time Flex Online HTML & CSS for Beginners[7]
  • Cognitive Builder Course with IBM Watson[8]
  • Program Info Sessions[9]

Mentor Program

Galvanize offers an on-campus mentorship program which aims "to provide aspiring and serial entrepreneurs alike with the opportunity to connect with industry experts."[10]


Galvanize hosts entrepreneurs and their companies on each campus by renting work space in the form of a membership. [11] Members gain access to campus resources such as conference rooms, meeting spaces, office supplies, craft services, and other perks as part of their membership.[11] Its Phoenix campus has been named as one of "the best co-working spaces in the U.S.," according to Inc. magazine.[12] Former Galvanize CEO Jim Deters[2] said the company had more than 700 companies working from its 8 campuses in 2016.[13]


Galvanize operates a recruiting portal within its website where connects students and graduates with companies who are hiring.[14] The talent portal also lists companies where graduating students have obtained jobs. [14]


Galvanize recently closed a round of Series B funding for $45M in August, 2016.[13]


After its founding in 2012, Galvanize was featured in The Denver PostFast CompanyBusiness InsiderUSA Today, Wired, TechCrunch,, New York Business Journal, and Inc. Magazine. According to the company in a 2017 report, 91% of the individuals who had graduated from Galvanize found jobs, with an average starting salary of more than $76,000.[15] The company employs a third-party auditor to evaluate results on an annual basis.[16] Galvanize is also highly rated on bootcamp course review sites like Course Report[17].


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