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About GetFriday

GetFriday is a virtual assistant company provides both personal and business support services to busy individuals, small businesses & entrepreneurs across the globe. GetFriday is one the divisions in TTK Services which was a Subsidiary of TTK Group, along with other subsidiaries like TTK Healthcare Limited, TTK Protective Devices Limited, Cigna TTK Limited and Prestige Smart Kitchen. GetFriday was founded in 2005, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. GetFriday offering ordinary people the chance to outsource their daily chores, [1] from planning weddings to booking flight tickets to seamlessly handling personal schedules and other administrative tasks,[2] that have been Outsourced by clients. [3]


The name, ‘GetFriday’ was inspired by the character ‘Man Friday’ from the novel by Daniel Defoe, ‘Robinson Crusoe.’[4]

The company’s YourManInIndia service was the first to provide a range of concierge services that enabled Indians living overseas to get things done in India, virtually. In that they even handled parental care and other errands, back home on their behalf. One such Indian expat in NY, Mr Misha went onto share his experiences with his friend Mr AJ Jacobs (AJ), the editor-at-large of the popular men’s magazine ‘Esquire’.

AJ Jacobs, at that time inspired by Thomas Friedman’s ‘The World is Flat’ wondered why the benefits of outsourcing should be limited to only the Fortune 500s, why not to an individual like him[5]. So he set upon to experiment and approached YourManInIndia in May 2005 with a request to virtually handle his personal life. While the bizzare request did seem to sound like a joke, the company nevertheless went ahead with the experiment. He outsourced his personal life by sending across things he wanted done in NY to YourManInIndia. AJ went to write a humorous article My Outsourced Life[6] in the Esquire which captured people’s imagination and the attention of the international press.

The experiment gained popularity and was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NPR ,WSJ, NYT and other international media.

Sensing an opportunity, the company formed a separate division for virtual assistant services and christened it as ‘GetFriday’. The service was again featured as YourManInIndia (YMII) in Tim Ferriss’s New York Times best selling book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ published in 2007.

Today, GetFriday works round the clock (24/7) across multiple time zones, providing personal and business assistance services in English. For a brief period of 2 years, it also experimented with providing a German language virtual assistant [7] service which also turned out to be pretty successful. However, the company could not sustain it and voluntarily wound it down due to the scarce availability of German speaking people in India.


Personal Assistance: GetFriday one of the first, global virtual assistance companies that offers a wide range of personal assistance services to its clients. From handling clients’ emails to playing personal secretary, handling various personal tasks assigned. Apart from managing the emails of clients and scheduling their calendars, they also have had long-standing experiences in carrying out a host of other tasks like making reservations, booking train/flight tickets, carrying out online research, paying household bills, looking out for day care centers for children and playing the role of event planner/manager to name a few.

Business Assistance: After a successful run in the personal assistance domain for 9 years, they launched a parallel service known as GetFriday Ace[8] , designed to specifically handle business related tasks, while assisting SME’s, entrepreneurs and busy working professionals. The services provided by GetFriday Ace are business-related services including accounting/bookkeeping and specialized services concerning website/business content generation, content curation and SEO/SEM practices. The company also works with secondary data procured through online research and turns them into useful information for companies to use. It also helps clients with market-specific research reports and providing analytics advice. GetFriday Ace also offers business back-end support for multiple industries such as E-Commerce, Real Estate, Medical, Travel, IT, Education and Training with skill-specific teams and compliance to individual security and company-specific privacy policies.

In Popular Media

GetFriday was featured in the best-selling novel, ‘4 Hour Work Week’ [9] by Tim Ferriss.

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