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Musical artist

Goran Dime is Belgrade born, Toronto based tenor. He launched his career in 2004 when he also had his international debut. The specific color of his voice determined his path of a concert soloist. He broadened his repertoire of a classical opera singer in 2011 embarking on a new project Classic pop, the first of a kind in ex-Yugoslavia.


Born in Belgrade 1969. Despite completing his musical education early, Goran Dime had a long path of seeking for music ahead. After finishing high school, and two years of successful business studies, he found himself in the acting career. Finally, in 1993 Gaetano Bardini, a renowned Italian tenor, accepted Dime in his private singing school in Tuscany. Upon return to Serbia, Dime worked with highly recognized voice teachers such as soprano Radmila Smiljanić and mezzo-soprano Biserka Cvejić, but Professor Olivera Jovanovic set him as a singer in the professional scene. Even the beginning of his career was out of the ordinary; his debut concert in Belgrade had two reprises. After the concert in France and several concerts in Belgrade, from 2004 to 2006, Dime got a new chance to perform at the celebrated Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto in September 2006. He returned to Belgrade with a live recording. From 2007 to 2011 he performed in France, Switzerland, Croatia, Montenegro, and Canada.

In September 2011, Dime presented his new program Songs of Francesco Tosti to the audience in Toronto. With this program, he performed in front of the audience at the Ilija Kolarac Foundation Concert Hall in Belgrade in November 2011. The concert “Dream II” was held on November 3, 2012, at the Grand Hall of the Kolarac Foundation. Dime performed for the first time classic and pop program in the popular classic pop genre.

Goran Dime held his fourth concert in Toronto on November 29, 2014, continuing his parallel career in classical and pop music. After he moved to Canada, Dime made his first recordings in English, and then, under Akashic Rekords label, a CD "Dime in San Remo" in Italian. This CD will be published in 2020. The fifteen years of Goran`s professional career will be celebrated at the anniversary concert on October 5, 2019, at Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto, Canada.

First pop performance

Dime’s first pop appearance brought him a prize. It was before his career as a tenor. He performed the composition Why do you need me with the band Night Birds at the pop festival “Sunny staircases” in Herceg Novi, Montenegro and won the Prince prize for the best duet of the year (2003).

Classic Pop project

In 2011, Dime released his first pop single My Love; it was the beginning of the Classic Pop project. In 2012, he completed the recording of the song "The Good and the Bad" with rock star Zvonimir Djukić from the band Van Gogh and continued working on his first pop CD.

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