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oooh, orphan Grayson Alexander Miller "Goes by Alex" (born January 19, 1993) is an American actor and writer. Born to Wayne Lee Miller and Jill Renee Mccall on a small island in the British Carribbean called Tortola. Both of his parents are American however. His parents decided they were going to raise Grayson on the Island of St. Thomas. A few years later his sister was born (Addison Marie Miller). His parents continued to raise them in St Thomas until a hurricane destroyed their home. His mother, sister and him moved to Miami Florida a couple months later while his father had to stay and finish completing his Base Transfer for the U.S Army. He has been living in the states ever since.

Early to mid-life (1993–2007)

Grayson was highly interested in sports, baseball specifically. Grayson played baseball all throughout his career as a student, until he started attending college. He didn't begin gaining interest in acting, until his parents enrolled him in the local drama camp. Initially, he refused to attend but ultimately gave in and began enjoying it. For every role he auditioned for, while in the drama camp, he received it. His instructor and director, Kate M. Powers, took note of his potential and talent and encouraged his parents to allow him to audition for television and film, but Grayson did not want to become a child star. After a few years of drama camp, Grayson lost motivation to continue with acting but continued with baseball instead, until he attended Park Vista High School and joined the Film Academy.

Mid-life to present (2007–2016)

While attending Park Vista he continued with baseball but began gaining interest in acting once again. He was interested, at this point, in the production side of the industry. During his time at Park Vista he wrote, directed, edited and stared in several short films presented at local film festivals. He and his production partners were nominated but did not win any awards. From here, he also began gaining interest in stand-up comedy. He attended the West Palm Beach Improv comedy school for a summer. The owner, Rene Hart and Improv coach Al S., recognized his talent as a comedian. He later performed his jokes on 3 separate occasions throughout south Florida. He hasn't performed since then, but continues to write jokes. He continued with the film program throughout his high school career and was fairly certain he was going to continue with acting when he started college. He was accepted to Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011. Once again, Grayson felt the calling to continue with something else. He changed his major from theater performance to behavioral psychology after a psychology professor told him that he was descend to become a psychologist. After 2 years of psychology, he felt the need to serve his country. He saw a recruiter during second semester Sophomore year. He qualified to become a Airborne Ranger. He signed the final paperwork and was shipped out to basic training a few months later. His career in the U.S Army was short lived. He became disqualified from any further training after an accident had warrant him to see a doctor. The Army doctors concluded that he had what is known as Kerataconus in his right eye. The doctors also concluded that he developed this condition prior to joining which disqualified him from further training and warranted a medical discharge. He returned to Florida Gulf Coast University to continue his education but as a business major. After another year of schooling, he flew to visit his father, who now lives in Pittsburgh PA. During that summer, he signed up to be a featured extra in the movie Southpaw(2015) for some extra cash. He was given the part and he immediately fell in love with acting once again. He decided from there that he wanted to become and actor and would not change his mind. He finished his last semester at FGCU, packed up all his things, sold his car and moved to Pittsburgh PA to pursue acting.


He began his career as an actor by working as an extra on several different productions including: The film, Let it Snow(2016), he appeared several times on the TV series Banshee(2013–present) and was featured several times on the TV series A Crime to Remember (2013–present). In a span of 8 months he launched himself into bigger roles and productions. He was given several supporting and lead roles in several different independent and student films and even worked on a pilot concept for a feature film. In March 2015, he was given the lead role of Cody (season 6 episode 2) of the TV reenactment series Monsters Inside Me (2009–present). Later landing a several supporting roles on other reenactment series such as: Derrick in the TV series I'd Kill For You (2013–present) and Heidi's brother on the TV series True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (2010–present).



Year Title Role Company
2014 Southpaw Press/Journalist WanDa/Riche/Escape Productions
2014 Let it Snow Bar Patron Blue Grass/ Universal Pictures


Year Title Role Company
2015 Monster Inside Me Cody Optomen Productions
2015 I'd Kill for You Derrick Peacock Productions
2015 True Crime with Aphrodite Jones Heidi's Brother Peacock Productions
2015 A Crime to Remember High School Jock Xcon Productions
2015 A Crime to Remember High School Student Xcon Productions
2015 Banshee High School Student Cinemax
2015 Banshee Amish Protestor Cinemax
2015 Banshee Driver Cinemax


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