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Hamis Kiggundu

Born February 10, 1984
Bukerere, Kalungu, Uganda
Nationality Ugandan
Education Kabojja International School, Munyonyo
Alma mater School of Law, Makerere University, Kampala (Bachelor of Laws)
Occupation Businessman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Lawyer
Years active 2003 — Present
Net worth US$ 520,000,000 (Dec 2019 Estimate)-Assets, Income & Taxes[1]

Hamis Kiggundu (born on February 10, 1984), commonly known as Ham,[2][3][4][5] is a Ugandan businessman,[6][7] investor, real estate and property developer, country loyalist, philanthropist,[8] and book author.

Ham is the Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder of the Ham Group of Companies, a general conglomerate in Uganda and the author of Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality.


Kiggundu was born to an illiterate peasant farmer from Kalungu called Hajj Haruna Ssegawa. Ssegawa used to sell fish on a bicycle, started a small retail shop in Kalungu and later moved to Masaka town. After early struggles, his elder sister connected him to investors in Dubai who would give him merchandise on credit. He successfully sold them to get his own capital and established himself in Kampala. He built his first building called Sena Arcade in Kikubo,[9] started Ssuubi FM,[10] Hannah mixed School Secondary School,[11] sells women's handbags on Mukwano Arcade,[12] and owns cash cash jelly/Vaseline among other businesses.

Kiggundu is one of the country's best-known entrepreneurs and international business people.[13]

He has recently partnered with the government of Uganda to redevelop and modernize Nakivubo Stadium.[6]

In 2010, Kiggundu announced his entrepreneur venture, the Ham Towers and Ham shopping mall at Makerere.[14]

In March 2020, Kiggundu was featured prominently in Ugandan media for his court battle with Diamond Trust Bank.[4][15] He alleges the bank has defrauded him 30 million dollars over the course of 10 years.[16]

Family and Personal Life

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Haruna Segawa. His father was a very successful businessman, and his mother a peasant and house wife.

Kiggundu is one of the Country's best-known entrepreneurs. Ham also runs businesses in the international community[13] and leading revolutionist of life's importance, development and style in Uganda. He passionately talks about success but in a way curses failure by human beings.[17]

Kiggundu is a successful and prominent businessman[3] with his Ham Group of Companies currently operating in Uganda, United Kingdom (Manchester),[18] United States (California[19] and Dallas[20]) and South Africa (Skylight Investments Ltd).

Born and raised in Uganda, Ham's investments are mainly in real estate, manufacturing and agro-processing, education, logistics, public transportation, hospitality, and general merchandise.

Kiggundu has a home located on the shores of Lake Victoria. The house was described as "palatial" by the Uganda Times.[21]

Hamis also has a 2 kilometer road named after him[22] by the Kampala Capital City Authority after he tarmacked it, It connects his home to Bunga trading center, in Kampala Central region.

Early life

Born on February 10, 1984 in Kalungu Masaka District in the Central Region of Uganda, Hamis is the third born in a conventional family of six children.

At 17 in early 2000 his father Hajji Segawa gave Kiggundu capital and introduced him to the garments business while studying. Ham owned his first large shop in 2006 at Qualicel shopping center, dealing in modern women's clothes, importing and selling not only to Ugandans but also retailers in neighboring East African countries.

Through hard work as a young man,[23] Kiggundu kept his savings from the garments business and started importing furniture, bags and other apparel mostly from Asian countries selling them on wholesale and retail throughout East Africa and Congo.

He later started buying and selling land at a profit and built Ham Towers in Makerere, Kampala with aid of a loan[3] facility from Diamond Trust Bank pledging his father's building as security.[3]

Disappointed by the level of importation in Uganda, Kiggundu apprehended how it would be useful to start-up agro-processing industries[24] that would add value to local produce, create jobs and lessen on importation.

Kiggundu articulates that adding value to local agriculture produce will increase the local revenue base that would in turn help country developments socially and economically.


Kiggundu attended his elementary education in Masaka and later joined Kabojja International School[25] in Kampala District for his high school education.

He then joined Makerere University, studying law at the country’s oldest university. At Makerere School of Law, Kiggundu graduated with a Bachelors of Law. He joined the Law Development Center where he graduated with a diploma in legal practice.

Kiggundu has never practiced law as his profession; rather, he has kept himself in business, doing real estate and property development, agro-processing, manufacturing and general merchandise.

Nakivubo Stadium Re-development

[26] In 2015 President Museveni offered Nakivubo stadium to Kiggundu to re-develop[27] and upgrade Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium, into a modern sports facility a project which is currently on going[28] with ROKO Construction as the lead contractor since then.[29]

Book writing

Kiggundu solely wrote and published[30][31] Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality[32] in 2018, which was nominated and won book of the year award.[33] It summarizes the implications of the personal success journey giving a life's success[34] revolution and describes a future profoundly changed by the arrival of men and women, like minded as Hamis.[35]

In his book, Kiggundu tackles a lot but emphasizes risk-taking in life, responsibility, focus and vision, patience, plan and strategy, responsible parenting and children, and reason and reality as a global evidence for superhighway success for both individual and national levels.[17]

His book further discusses how business and life are integrated, and shows how success and failure are all human choice's facts.[36]

Kiggundu points out in his book that someone chooses either to succeed or fail depending on their personal edge on the competition and reasoning capacity.

It was also adopted[37][38] by the Uganda Ministry of Education[39] through the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC)[40] and recommended for use in secondary schools.[41]

Taxes and revenue insight

He is a proponent of revenue and taxes, and has written widely on how an able population in terms of paying taxes is an engine for development particularly for the rich. Kiggundu notes that any developing country should further develop if her citizens pay taxes promptly.[42]

“Everyone owes his country an obligation to work hard, create income, and pay taxes. A tax is an obligation every citizen owes his country if indeed such citizen wants to see their country develop,” Kiggundu quoted in his book Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality.

Religious views

Kiggundu is a Moslem whose religious views continue developing. As an adult, Kiggundu believes in Allah (God), and does not do anything without putting the almighty first.[43]

He was born and raised in a Moslem family and has grown knowing divine existence as a fact.[44]

In his book, success and failure based on reason and reality,[35] Kiggundu concluded that "man shall feed off his sweat." confirming God's pronouncements of hard work on man after the Garden of Eden[45]

He described his quote by noting that success never comes cheaply even Quran says. Kiggundu is attached to religion in many ways than one and he is the spiritually awakened wealthy person the country-Uganda has ever known.


Kiggundu has over the years helped different people[46] including the less-privileged and disadvantaged, disaster-stricken, orphans[47] and students in schools among others, providing aid, relief and championing positive change[48] in different communities across Uganda on personal level.[49]

In 2019 he established Ham Foundation,[50] a charity organization based in Kampala with a vision to Improve lives and create a positive and transformative change in the communities, on a strong belief that we as Ugandans can achieve a lot when we work together.

Hamis says that being rich as an individual when most of the nationals are very poor and suffering doesn't bring him any happiness hence it is his obligation to support and help others in his motherland thus his foundation aims at having improved livelihoods in society, with direct funding from Him. Through his foundation, he focuses on areas like health care, education, sports, wildlife and environment conservation, disaster relief and general welfare.

In March 2020, Kiggundu, through his Ham Foundation,[51] started a mass countrywide donation of bicycles, Qurans and prayer mats project.[52]

In April 2020 Kiggundu through his Ham Foundation donated food relief to Uganda's[53] COVID-19 task force at the office of the Prime Minister to help in feeding vulnerable Ugandans affected by the pandemic.

Kiggundu also donated food supplies to over 100 Ugandan journalists,[54] affected by the coronavirus pandemic through the Uganda Journalists Association.[55]


In 2018 Kiggundu was given an award as an acknowledgement for his book[2] titled Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality that emerged the best book of the year in the category of Business Motivation at the event held by Book forum of Uganda in Kampala.[33]

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