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Helping Brainz is a non-profit organization that primarily aims in early childhood education, women's rights, child empowerment, community development, international peace, environmental awareness and the rights of the old age. The organization was started[1] in August 2012 as a social media page by Yedhukrishna Menon (an IT auditor working in Gurgaon,India) in Delhi, India.


Helping Brainz aims to help build democracy by creating self-reliant citizens, developing respect for the experience of others and encouraging dialogue


Helping Brainz focuses on :

  1. using one's skill set to help the needy
  2. connecting brains blessed with capabilities
  3. engineering and motivating the youth for enriching the societal standards
  4. 'rising by lifting others'
  5. encouraging communications, since communication can even cure cancer, so why can’t we use it to cure diseases like poverty, illiteracy, atrocities against women and child labour; teaching and educating through experiences
  6. giving a professional approach to the nation’s development
  7. empowering the ‘rural’ India, which is the treasury for the nation’s development
  8. educating the underprivileged about law and compliance, government’s policies from the grass-root levels
  9. giving an opportunity to corporate professionals and students for giving back to the community on their weekends

Key Areas of Work

  • Child Education and Empowerment
  • Women Safety and Empowerment
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Elderly Care : Supporting Old Age Homes
  • Rural and Community Development
  • International Peace


  • Helping Brainz have reached to 4000+ underpriviledged kids from Delhi (Madanpur Khadar JJ Colony, Pochanpur Village-Dwarka), Noida (Nithari Village, Hoshiarpur Village(Sector 51), Noida Sector 15 Slums, Slums of Noida Extension), Meerut (Partapur Village), Kochi (Kakkanad), Siwan (Chowki-Hassan) and Romania (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Helping Brainz reached to 400+ underpriviledged women from Delhi (Madanpur Khadar JJ Colony),Noida (Nithari Village, Hoshiarpur Village(Sector 51)), CRPF Women Battalion Dwarka, Delhi.
  • Helping Brainz cleaned a school in Nithari Noida
  • Helping Brainz works with 3 old age homes in Delhi

Partners at Community Service

  • AIESEC in Delhi University
  • Billion Hearts Beating
  • UnnatiKiRah
  • Saksham Vidhyalaya, Noida
  • Aster Public School, Noida Extenstion
  • Gram Panchayat, Nithari, Noida
  • Gram Panchayat, Shahpur, Noida

Events with Partners

  1. Helping Brainz in association with AIESEC in Delhi University conducted Udaan[2] for the underpriviledged children of Delhi and Nithari[3]
  2. Helping Brainz in association with AIESEC in Delhi University conducted "International Cultural Congress for Peace" at Aster Public School,[4] Noida Extension
  3. A health talk for the underpriviledged women of Nithari was conducted in collaboration with Billion Hearts Beating Team,[5] Apollo Hospital, the programmes were part of the ChaipeCharcha event, conducted at Nithari Village.
  4. Helping Brainz conducted it's first international event for the Migrant-Children[6] of Romania

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