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Template:Dablinks Template:Infobox Government agency Hessen Trade & Invest (HTAI) is part of Hessen Agentur GmbH (HA), which is a subsidiary of the Hessen Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development. It is the lead agency for attracting new business investment and promoting the state’s knowledge-based industry clusters, encouraging the expansion of existing industry and small businesses, locating new markets for Hessen products, attracting tourists to Hessen, as well as implementing state resources for economic development.

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US office

In 2007, HTAI established its United States office in New York City, which offers cost-free and confidential support services to North American companies that are interested in establishing a subsidiary or a partnership in Hessen. Hessen’s United States Office works to raise the state’s profile as a leading business and high-tech center to C-level executives and decision-makers and influencers in North America. It has successfully assisted companies of all sizes with their efforts to broaden their markets in Europe - from initial consultation to site selection.[1]

Key services

  • Promoting the State of Hessen as a premium business location to U.S. and Canadian companies and investors
  • Highlighting Hessen’s advantages and the reasons Hessen is a leading business location in Germany and Europe to U.S. and Canadian executives, decision-makers, and consultants
  • Providing contacts to Hessen’s strong network of business, government, scientific, and social communities
  • Providing economic statistics and information on costs, labor laws, tax laws, incentives, key industries in Hessen* Promoting the state as a location for film, video, music and digital entertainment projects
  • Giving Site Selection Assistance: gather real estate offers based on specific requirements of U.S. and Canadian enterprises
  • Providing introductions to business and government contacts, leading research institutions, and the scientific community in Hessen
  • “Aftercare” – advisory services for U.S. and Canadian companies already established in Hessen and support for further expansion projects in Hessen

Agency organization

Hessen Trade & Invest is divided into three divisions: Business Location Marketing and Acquisitions, Foreign Trade, and Enterprise European Network Hessen (EEN).

Business Location Marketing and Acquisitions

HTAI markets Hessen as one of the strongest economic regions in Europe, on a national and international level. Its goal is to further increase the positive image of the location and to guide regional and international representatives from politics, economics, and research entities on Hessen. The Business Location Marketing and Acquisitions division organizes two flagship events that provide high visibility to the area, the annual corporate competition, Hessen Champions, as well as Hessen's Mobility Congress. Thereby contacts are established and good relations with external partners maintained, such as associations, networks and business development agencies.

The Business Location Marketing team also implements media project including image films, image brochures, industry profiles and reports to inform target groups about Hessen. They are designed to stimulate interest by domestic and foreign investors for economic and technology sites in Hessen, and are presented at international conventions, events, delegation trips and internet platforms.[2]

Foreign Trade

The Foreign Trade division supports companies in Hessen with their expansion into foreign markets by providing introductions to potential business partners and presenting companies and products at trade fairs across the globe. The Foreign Trade team also organizes numerous delegation trips under the leadership of Hessen government representatives to establish new contacts and to strengthen existing connections.[3]

Enterprise European Network Hessen (EEN)

The Enterprise Europe Network Hessen (EEN Hessen) assists small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen their international position and effectively increase their business opportunities in Europe and beyond by examining project proposals, recommending funding programs, giving advise on project implementation and in assisting with a European project consortium. The EEN stands in direct contact to the European Commission to provide information about legal ramifications and public tenders, and to advise on specific initiatives of the EU. The EEN takes part in topic and country-specific events and workshops as well as the regularly hosted “consultation days”, where clients can receive expert information.[4]

Key industries

Automotive, vehicle and automotive supply industry

Automotive, vehicle and automotive supply industry is the second strongest economic powerhouse in the state in terms of revenue. Renowned companies in Hessen include Daimler AG, Opel, VW; Bosch, Continental, Federal Mogul, Goodyear DunlopTires, Magna/Decoma, Honda, Hübner, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Pirelli, Automotive, Fritz Winter. Located in Hessen is furthermore one of the world's most modern automotive plant, operated by General Motors; proprietary development departments operated by Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Opel, Suzuki, as well as the central spare parts and logistics center of the Volkswagen Group.[5] Hessen is also home to several automotive trade fairs and events including the world´s largest trade show for the automotive industry IAA.


Hessen is Germany's largest biotechnology production site with a high amount of contract Research Organizations and Tech and Innovation Centers such as the Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center FIZ.[6] Renowned companies in Hessen include Aventis Pharma, Degussa, Fresenius, Merck, Biotest, B. Braun Biotech and Stada.

Chemical industry

The Chemical industry is one of the strongest business sectors in terms of employment, revenue generation and exports. Hessen is known as "Germany's pharmacy" thanks to the local, world-renowned pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Procter & Gamble, Evonik Degussa, K+S, Clariant, Fresenius, Abbott, CSL Behring, Caparol, Celanese, Merz, Lilly Pharma, AllessaChemie and B. Braun Melsungen.[7] The largest amount of the industry’s employees and companies is located in Frankfurt.

Environmental technology

Its superior growth and innovation potential have made environmental technology one of the primary pillars of Hessen’s economy in just a short space of time. Renowned companies include Passavant-Roediger, SMA Solar Technology AG and EnviroChemie.[7] With an export rate of 40% and an interdisciplinary approach the sector is one of the key technologies for solving central global challenges such as those related to climate change.[7]

Financial services

Hessen is Germany's premier financial center, international center of finance and is home to 223 bank headquarters. The German Stock Exchange Deutsche Börse is ranked No. 1 in Germany and 9th worldwide. The EUREX exchange generates more turnover than any other futures market in the world. Banks and companies include Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Bundesbank, Europäische Zentralbank, Allianz Group, BHF, Commerzbank/Eurohypo, Crédit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, DZ Bank, DekaBank, Frankfurter Volksbank, ING-DiBA, J.P. Morgan, KfW Bankengruppe, Merrill Lynch, Nassauische Sparkasse and SEB Bank. Furthermore, Germany’s only Center for Finance-Related Research & Education House of Finance is located at Goethe University Frankfurt.[8]

Information and communication technology

Hessen has the highest density of ICT companies in Germany and is an incubator for new developments in information and communication technology. The rapidly growing DE-CEX (German Commercial Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt in the Rhine-Main region has already become the world’s largest data exchange node. In May 2011 the House-of-IT, a Center of Excellence for ICT, was founded to foster and strengthen the ICT industry in the Rhine-Main region.[9] ICT companies in Hessen include Computer Associate, P & I Personal & Informatik, Software AG, CSC Ploenzke, Arcor, BT Ignite, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, Motorola and Notel.[7]


Logistics is a booming services segment that is witnessing enormous employment growth in Hessen. This is partly due to Germany’s largest international airport in Frankfurt, terminals for tri-modal cargo handling, and Europe‘s densest and most central autobahn and rail network. CargoCity at Frankfurt airport alone is home to 280 logistics providers and is Europe's largest cargo hub.[10]

Hessen offers logistics-related training and degrees at the Academy for Logistics Bad Hersfeld, University of Kassel, and University of Darmstadt. Additionally, the center of excellence, HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility), next to Frankfurt Airport, truly underlines the state's commitment to the industry. Renowned logistics companies in Hessen include Deutsche Post, DHL, FedEX, Geis SDV, Kühne + Nagel, Panalpina, Rudolph Logistik, Schenker, UPS.[11]

Aviation and space technology

The region around the city of Darmstadt is one of the primary centers of competence in the international aviation and space technology industry. Located in Hessen is the Satellite control center of the European Space Agency, ESA; the meteorological satellite operator EUMETSAT; and the German air traffic control. Other renowned companies include VSMPO-Avisma Corporation, Evonik Röhm, EDAG and Rolls-Royce. Medical technology companies in Hessen account for one third of the total revenues generated by the medical technology industry in Germany. Renowned companies include Merck, B. Braun, Fresenius, Biotest, Heraeus, Sirona or Almo Erzeugnisse Erwin Busch.[7]

Mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineering sector in Hessen generates 11.5 billion Euros in revenues and employs some 56,000 people. Renowned companies include ABB, AKG Gruppe, Bosch, GKN Driveline, Honeywell, MAN Roland, Karl Mayer, Carl Schenck, Schunk Gruppe, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Viessmann Werke

Medical technology

Medical technology companies in Hessen account for one third of the total revenues generated by the medical technology industry in Germany. Renowned companies include Merck, B. Braun, Fresenius, Biotest, Heraeus, Sirona or Almo Erzeugnisse Erwin Busch.[7]


Nanotechnology is a popular research discipline at Hessen’s universities. Renowned companies include Global players, such as Degussa, Heraeus, Merck, side by side with young companies and specialist firms, such as SusTech and Thomas Recording. 1/6 of all German and 10 percent of all European nanotechnology companies are located in Hessen.[7]


The Tourism Industry in Hessen, which offers the equivalent of more than 200,000 full-time jobs, contributes some 5 billion Euros to the state's gross domestic product each year. Visitors are attracted by the large density of woodland, 32 spa towns and resorts, four UNESCO world cultural heritage sites and numerous famous museums.[7]

U.S. networks in Hessen

  • 15,000 U.S. citizens (diplomatic and military staff excluded) live in Hessen – Germany’s largest U.S. community[12]
  • Outstanding flight connection from Frankfurt to the U.S.: 297 flights per week to 22 cities in the U.S[13]
  • 35 International schools teaching in more than 10 different languages, American school in Wiesbaden[12]
  • American Chamber of Commerce headquarters
  • American Consulate General in Frankfurt is the largest world-wide
  • U.S. Consulate General; States of Iowa, North Carolina, and Florida


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