I Filmed Your Death

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Template:Italic title I Filmed Your Death is an upcoming independent exploitation horror film written, edited and directed by Sam Bahre.


The film takes place in a small town that is shaken to its core when a man goes on a killing spree in a movie theater. A year later, a filmmaker named Pierce Lyndale makes a movie based on these tragic events. Pierce tries to have a movie premiere party at his house but he begins to discover that something is not quite right and even when surrounded by friends there is no one to trust. Pierce soon discovers the hard way that the movie business is a dangerous game.


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  • Michael W. Bruce as Pierce Lyndale
  • Michael Horse as Andy Bones
  • Lloyd Kaufman as Sterling Wilbois
  • Peter Tork as David Lyndale
  • Merle Allin as Merle Allin
  • Mari Lanchester as Kristen
  • Tom Foran as Blake
  • Nathan Ross Murphy as Greg
  • John Shaw as Declan
  • Brett Trail as Jake
  • Charlie Metz III as Buddy
  • Ramtin Vaziri as Chris
  • Alex Bahre as Albert Ridgeway
  • Debi Freund as Patti
  • Donald Meyers as Scientist
  • Richard A. Lester as Lost Soul

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Made on a budget of roughly $15,000, the movie is the first wide release feature from independent studio Azbest Studios, LLC. Shot mostly in rural Connecticut, the film stars in supporting roles veteran actors Michael Horse from Twin Peaks, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment and Peter Tork from The Monkees. Also making an appearance is Merle Allin brother of GG Allin.[1][2]


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