I Hate Myselfie 2

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I Hate Myself 2 is an American film released on August 7, 2015, and is the second installment in the I Hate Myselfie series. The film was written by Shane Dawson and directed by Michael Gallagher. The film's main cast consists of Dawson, Gigi Gorgeous, Risa Dorken, Drew Monson, and Ryan Radis.


The film centers around Shane Dawson (played by Shane Dawson), a teenager who struggles with his weight and social issues, who is befriend by Amber (played by Gigi Gorgeous) at the beginning of the film because she thinks he makes her look better. Amber decides to sign the two up for auditioning for their high school musical. While signing them up, Amber sees Patty, a fellow student who Shane has crush on, come to sign up also. Shane begins speaking about having a crush on Patty but being too shy to ask her out. Later in the day auditions are being held at the school's theater, where a new drama teacher named Mr. O (played by Ryan Radis) makes his first appearance as their new teacher. Auditions start begin taking place with Mr. O telling the kids that they are so bad that they make him want to kill himself. After Amber sings an auto tuned dance track for her audition and Shane gets stopped during his by being told he's fat, Patty goes and sings a song. The audience is mesmerized by her performance and Shane has begun developing even deeper feelings for her. The following afternoon, a sheet revealing who got which role is posted. Amber receives the second leading role, Patty receives the first, and Shane is happy with his small role.

After several weeks of rehearsal, the cast is about to go on to perform when no one can find Patty. Shane volunteers to search after her and goes off to while Mr. O hits on Amber. He eventually finds her crying while trying to fix her costume that she outgrew. Shane can tell she's upset about her weight and tries to comfort and cheer her up, which he does successfully. The costume is fixed and the film ends with the kids having had put on a stand out performance.


  • Shane Dawson as Shane Dawson, an obese teenager who deals with constant comments over his weight and awkward situations like having his first crush be a lesbian, not being able to ask out a girl he likes, and being called fat by teachers.
  • Gigi Gorgeous as Amber, the queen bee of her high school who is quite attractive and often noted for it. She befriends Dawson in order to look better by comparison. Gorgeous' portrayal of Amber has drawn positive comparisons to that of Rachel McAdams playing Regina George in Mean Girls, which Gorgeous has cited as her main acting influence for the role.
  • Risa Dorken as Patty, a high school student that has a great voice and acting abilities and is also Shane's crush.
  • Ryan Radis as Mr. O, a critical high school drama teacher who often tells his students that he is going to kill himself because of them. His wife had died a year ago and he hits on Amber towards the end of the film.



The short film received no online or other advertisements, but did feature the cast promoting the film on their Instagram accounts including Shane Dawson (1.9 million followers) and Gigi Gorgeous (1.2 million followers).

Critical response

The film has currently received positive reviews from fans.


The film is believed to have a sequel after writer, producer, and star of the film Shane Dawson stated that he would love to make more if they received good feedback from his fans.