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Isaac Arthur
Born Template:Circa 1980
Sebastopol, California
Education BS in Physics
Alma mater Kent State University
Occupation Science communicator
Board of Elections commissioner[1]
Known for Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Isaac Albert Arthur (born Template:Circa 1980[2]) is a science communication YouTuber, physicist and futurist.[3] He is best known as producer of his YouTube channel, Science & Futurism With Isaac Arthur (SFIA), where he discusses a broad variety of topics on futurism and space colonization in terms of thermodynamics and known science.


Early life and education

Arthur was born to two physicists and raised by his mother and his Grandfather, Alan Arthur, along with an older sister. As a student he began homeschooling at the age of 10 and dropped out of high school at age 12, instead receiving his GED at the age of 16. In 2001 he graduated top of his class in physics at Kent State University and began to pursue a graduate degree in biophysics.[2]

Arthur enlisted in the United States Army in 2003,[4] spending time stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Giessen, Germany. His tenure in military service lasted until 2010, after which he returned to his home in Ashtabula, Ohio. Arthur became involved in local politics and now serves as Chairman on the Ashtabula County Board of Elections.[2][1][5]


Arthur began an educational YouTube channel, Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur, in 2012. In September 2014, Arthur released the first video on the channel on the topic of megastructures.[6] The channel is now host to over 275,000 subscribers and over 150 videos.[7] Arthur continues to serve as a board member of his hometown's Board of Elections by day, spending the majority of his personal time working on the production of his videos.[2] Following the success of his channel, Arthur collaborates with other science communicators and acts as an analyst and consultant for science fiction novels and games, such as HADES 9.[8]

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Template:Expand section Isaac Arthur is the creator and producer of the YouTube channel, Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur. This channel is dedicated to topics including space colonization in the near and far future, futurism, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism, among others, especially in the context of thermodynamics, economics, science fiction, the Fermi paradox, and the Dyson dilemma. The channel's main focus is to speculate on how humanity or other hypothetical advanced civilizations may behave logistically, technologically, and socially, in the near and distant future under the laws of known science.[7]

The channel now has over 150 videos with over 275 thousand subscribers, with new videos coming out once every Thursday. Episodes tend to be around thirty minutes in length and are roughly organized into series:[9]

  • Advanced Civilizations
  • Alien Civilizations
  • Post Scarcity Civilizations
  • Civilizations at the End of Time
  • Cyborgs, Androids, Transhumanism & AI
  • Fermi Paradox
  • Interstellar Warfare
  • Megastructures
  • Upward Bound
  • Outward Bound

Arthur also collaborates with other YouTubers and science communicators.[10]

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