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Isabel Guerrero is the co-founder of IMAGO Global Grassroots, a non-profit organization based in Washington DC, and an economist with a long career in development.[1] In addition to her work with IMAGO, she teaches "Scaling Up for the Development Impact" at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and she is a Senior Lecturer in leadership at the MIT Sloan School of Management.[2] Guerrero serves on the board of the Presencing Institute at MIT and is a Council Member of the United Nations University.[3]


Guerrero was born in Santiago, Chile where her mother and father were both lawyers. Her father was one of the pioneers who created the Acuerdo de Cartagena, an agreement that gave rise to the Andean Group in 1969, which is now known as the Andean Community of Nations (1996).[4] The purpose of this agreement was to ensure a persistent improvement in the standard of living of the inhabitants of the subregion in Latin America.[4]

At the age of 12, Guerrero moved with her family to Lima, Peru where she attended Villa Maria Academy for her primary and secondary school education. In 1979, Guerrero graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru with a bachelor's degree in economics. She went on to pursue a master's degree in economics at the London School of Economics and trained as a psychoanalyst with the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute and the Instituto Psicológico Peruano.[5]

Guerrero is married to Michael Walton, a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, Delhi.[6] In addition to teaching at the Kennedy School, Walton leads the research capacity at IMAGO Global Grassroots.[7]


IMAGO Global Grassroots Isabel co-founded IMAGO Global Grassroots with Zachary Green in 2014.[8] IMAGO is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with social entrepreneurs and grassroots organizations to transform poverty into dignity and material well-being.[9] The IMAGO team works with clients to discover strategic dilemmas, identify cross-cutting themes, and develops pathways to sustainable growth and attainable development. While the need to strengthen organizational capacity is a global one, IMAGO’s current work is geographically focused in South Asia and Latin America.

The World Bank Most of Guerrero’s professional career took place within the structures of the international development system at the World Bank. In 1982, she started at the bank as a macroeconomist, designing policy reforms from the World Bank adjustment operations in the Philippines, Morocco, and the Former Soviet Union.[2] Between 1997 and 2008, Guerrero served as country director in Bolivia,[10] Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru,[10] Colombia, Mexico, and India.[11][12] She designed the World Bank Country Strategy for each of these countries, covering a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, social development, environment, private sector development, rural development and livelihood programmes, the financial sector, macroeconomics, and trade policy.[11] On July 1, 2008 Guerrero was appointed the World Bank’s Vice President for the South Asia Region.[13] In this position, she managed a US$39 billion portfolio, a staff of 800, a US$150 million administrative budget and US$6 billion in Trust Funds.[14][2] Guerrero served in this position for five years, retiring from the bank in 2013.[2]

Papers and publications

As a scholar and a practitioner, Guerrero has developed a body of written work in the areas of leadership, social, sustainable and economic development.

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