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Single by Iyle


March 24, 2015


Digital download








Magic-Music, m.i.e


Jachi Nwokorie Iyle


Magik co-produced by Sossick

Iyle singles chronology

"Ringging" (2012)

"Look at me" (2013)

"Iyogo" (2014)

"See love"(Igebulikwe) (2015)

IGEBULIKWE, is a song performed by the award winning Nigerian recording artist IYLE.

It's the first official single off his forth coming album"The Magician". See Love (Igebulikwe) was released on the 24th of march 2015, and the first to get major airplay and promotion of all his previous released. It was his debut single released on Magic-Music Imprint and M.i.E Entertainment. See love (Igebulikwe) has become his mainstream breakthrough hit, after he dropped his third song "IYOGO" a song targeted for a specific Magicfanbase. For additional promotion, Iyle performed the song on a number of shows,clubs,ceremonies,concerts,carnivals and music festivals.

Before the real version of the song "See Love"(Igebulikwe) had been officially released, the dedication version was leaked onto the internet by an unknown source. The dedication version which is more or less only restrains the lead and backing vocals from the original, and has no over dubs of drums,verses,lyrics,bass,keyboards and a different chord progression on the chorus and verse.

See Love (Igebulikwe) is a wonderfully upbeat rhythm accompanying with a smooth lyrics of love, happiness and wonderment. Is at a total length of two minutes and forty-two seconds. The chorus was sang in Igbo language "Igebulikwe" which refers as, can you be able to carry what is way too bigger than you. While the verses was sang with english and a twist of pidgin. Sossick and Iyle also served as the producers for the song and was mixed and mastered at Classic Tunes's Studio in lagos.

See Love (Igebulikwe) received mixed to positive reviews, with praise going to its unique beat and catchy chorus and Iyle's energetic flow, smooth voice and lyrics. Upon its release, "See love"(Igebulikwe) was met with favorable reception from music critics, many of whom praised it for being different from the other songs released at that time. The song was endorsed by award winning song-writers,producers,oaps and club djs. The likes of Psy,Olisa,Godwin,Mamuzo,Gino,Sossick,Cashboy and many more.

Recently, Psy twitted that See love (Igebulikwe) is the african version of his worldwide monster hit "Gangnam style".

Commercially, "See love" (Igebulikwe) performed well on record charts.

A popular dance remix of the track was performed by Dj hope" and it won the Best Remixed Recording, at Alaba-mix music festival award.