Jafar Shafiyi

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Jafar Shafiyi
File:Dr Jafar Shafiyi during a speech.jpeg
Born 1951
Died 29 October 1987
Nationality Iranian Kurd
Other names Dr.Jafar, Kak Aziz
Ethnicity Kurdish
Known for Revolutionary

Jafar Shafiyi (Kurdish: جەعفەر شەفیعی; Bokan 1951 – 29 October 1987) known as Dr.Jafar was a doctor and a high-ranked member of Komala. He was killed in a car accident close to Tikrit, Iraq while he was on his way to Europe.

Early life

Jafar Shafiyi was born into a religious & educational family in Bokan 1951. He completed school in Bokan and was sent to Tabriz 1970, to study medicine and successfully graduated later. He read many books about Marxism during his time as a student and he later joined Komala and underwent many secret activities with them. In 1972, SAVAK, the Shah’s secret police arrested Dr. Jafar; SAVAK who always had a sharp eye on the university students, suspected Dr. Jafar because of his membership in Komala. For 6 months, Dr. Jafar faced harsh torture in an attempt to extract information about Komala's activities but they were not successful. Dr. Jafar was determined to not give anything, no matter how harsh the torture was.

Political Struggle

After 6 months, Dr. Jafar was released from prison and he was as proud as he was to be expected. He started to work as a doctor and was famous for being a man who really believed in humanity. He gave out free medications for the poor and he had a small "Hospital" where he worked constantly for those who were in need of it. After a while as a trusted member of Komala, Dr. Jafar was sent to the Qandil Mountains to the PUK Peshmergas by Abdullah Mohtadi whom he was known as "Dr Aziz" there. At first, Mohtadi sent (Xana) Said Moini to PUK but unfortunately, he lost his life during clashes with Iraq. So this time, it was important for both PUK and Komala to not let anyone martyr Dr. Jafar. Dr. Jafar was a famous and a known man in South Kurdistan and he wasn't only famous for his treatments of wounded Peshmerga's and his job as a teacher there. But he was also known for being a Peshmerga who fought against Iraq.


On 29 October 1987, Dr. Jafar was on his way to Europe when he suddenly collided with another car close to Tikrit, Iraq and lost his life. The car who led to his death was a military car who was in service for Ba'athist Iraq. Since Dr. Jafar was a well known man for his struggle against Ba'athist Iraq and the car who led to his death was a military car, rumors started to spread that this was a planned "accident" by Ba'athist Iraq. After his death, the legendary Kurdish poet, Sherko Bekas wrote a poem about Dr. Jafar which was later made into a song by the former Komala Peshmerga, Nasser Razazi.

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