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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin ("There is no one like Jassi") was a popular show on Sony Entertainment Television. The series was an Indian-themed version of the Colombian drama Yo Soy Betty La Fea ("Ugly Betty").[1]

The serial is currently dubbed and airing in Tamil language as Sakthi Pola Yarum illa ("There is no one like Sakthi") in Polimer TV from December 2012.


Bright, intelligent, and the pride of her middle-class Punjabi parents, Jasmeet "Jassi" Walia dreams of making her mark one day with a successful career. But in a society where looks form first impressions, Jassi faces a string of rejections and the impossible task of landing a job, despite her academic brilliance.

One day she discovers that the country's leading fashion house, Gulmohur, has a vacancy for a secretary, a job that happens to be way below her qualifications. Yet, with the conviction to prove her worth, Jassi applies for the job. The new chairman of Gulmohur is the handsome, young, and debonair Armaan Suri, who has vowed to turn the company's fortunes around within a year. His rich and beautiful fiancée Mallika is part owner of Gulmohur and it was her deciding vote that got Armaan elected to his job as chairman of the firm, over her own brother, Aryan, who also vied for the position. The insanely possessive Mallika, suspecting that Armaan has been using her just for her support with the company's board of directors, plots to plant her friend Pari as Armaan's secretary, primarily to keep an eye on his flirtatious behavior.

When Jassi turns up at Gulmohur for an interview, the glamour and glitz of the fashion world hit her. Beautiful people, condescending attitudes, and high society snobbery make her uncomfortable and more awkward than usual. Determined to get this job, she goes in for the interview and is pitted against Pari, who has looks and panache, but absolutely no qualifications for the job. Jassi is dejected when the job goes to Pari, but little does she know that fate is on her side. Knowing that he needs a competent support system in order to succeed with his business goals, Armaan doesn't want the unqualified Pari to be his assistant and he is curious about the girl with brilliant qualifications who was rejected by his staff due to her looks. Jassi is amazed when she receives a call asking her for a meeting with Armaan Suri himself the very next day.

As expected, Armaan is shocked when he sees the face of the girl with the brilliant credentials. Mallika dismisses poor Jassi as an eyesore and declares that Pari fits the bill perfectly, but Armaan is impressed with Jassi's qualifications, so he hires her as his secretary. He compromises with Mallika by also hiring Pari. Therefore, Pari is stationed out in front of Armaan's office, while Jassi is relegated to a small storage closet that is accessed from within Armaan's office. At home, Jassi's parents, Billu and Amrit, and her grandmother, Bebe, are thrilled that she has finally found a job, but they are unaware of how she has settled for a job that is much below her abilities.

Jassi is determined to prove her value to Armaan and to rise within the company based on her merits. It is a busy time at Gulmohur because the company is gearing up for its first fashion show since Armaan's appointment as chairman. Unfortunately, Jassi commits a huge blunder at the fashion show and Armaan fires her. The next day, though, he tells her that he will give her another chance, and she quickly finds herself in a position to help him out of a sticky situation. Armaan's ex-girlfriend Kareena Modi (Sandhya Shetty), a model, comes to Gulmohur, so Armaan needs Jassi to run interference to keep Mallika from discovering that the irrational Kareena is on the premises.

Mallika tries to get information about Kareena out of Jassi, but Jassi doesn't cooperate, so Mallika fires her for insubordination. Armaan then reverses the dismissal and reinstates Jassi, infuriating Mallika, who feels that he has undermined her authority. Armaan is very pleased by how Jassi has handled the Kareena situation, so he tells her that he really needs her. Jassi is filled with joy knowing that such a dynamic and powerful young man has come to rely on her.

A bully in Jassi's neighborhood, Raman, has arranged for her to go on a date with one of his friends. Not knowing that Raman is just pulling a prank on her, Jassi looks forward to the movie date. Her best friend Nandu tries to warn her that Raman must have an ulterior motive, but she dismisses his reservations and she asks Billu for his permission for her to go out. Billu suspects that something is up, so he refuses to allow Jassi to go on the date, but Amrit and Bebe manage to convince him to let her go. Unfortunately for Jassi, it turns out that Nandu and Billu were right about those neighborhood thugs. They only wanted to humiliate Jassi, so she decides that love is not meant for her, and her work will now be her sole focus in life.

Armaan entrusts Jassi with putting together an important presentation for an upcoming board meeting. At the same time, he and his best friend Raj, the company's Marketing Directory, try to train Jassi to handle the various women in their lives. Pari decides to steal the report that Jassi is preparing for the board, so she can present it as her own work. After Pari hijacks Jassi's diligent presentation, Jassi is distraught and leaves the boardroom and goes to the cafeteria to seek support from her new friends, a group of secretaries who refer to themselves as "the clan" or "the gang".

Jassi later confronts Pari, but Mallika steps in and threatens Jassi with dire consequences if she complains to Armaan. Jassi is upset, but she decides to get even with Pari. Armaan confronts Jassi about the report, but all she tells him is that he will know the truth once Pari attempts to make a business plan for him. Certain that Pari will be incapable of doing the job, Jassi rushes home to work on her own business plan. When Jassi gets home, though, Amrit has other plans for her. She takes Jassi to meet a boy whose family is trying to arrange a marriage between them, but the whole thing has a disastrous ending. Jassi and Amrit have an altercation during which Jassi confesses that she is a mere secretary and not an executive assistant, as she had been leading her parents to believe. Amrit tells Jassi that she should tell Billu before he finds out the truth some other way.

Jassi works all night on the business plan for Armaan and as a result she ends up getting to the office late the next morning. By then, Armaan is in a foul mood because Pari, who spent the night with Raj, does not have the business plan that she was supposed to have written. Jassi tries to tell Armaan that she has made a business plan, but in his rage he shouts her down. Over the phone, Billu hears Armaan screaming at Jassi, so he decides to head to Gulmohur to put him in his place. Jassi manages to calm her father down and sends him home, but she is shocked when Armaan tells her that he is fed with her and that she too can go home with her father... for good. Before leaving Jassi gives Armaan the report that she created. Armaan reads the report and is truly impressed by Jassi's work. Once again, he reinstates her.

Pari and Mallika, who were thrilled by Jassi's firing, find that their happiness is short lived because Armaan has come to the realization that Jassi must have been the person behind the initial report that Pari had taken credit for. Aryan, who is still trying to undermine Armaan, plans to use some errors in the first report to get Armaan ousted from his position. Jassi goes over the errors with Armaan, so he and Raj insist that she should be the one to present the amended report to Aryan, since she knows it so well. Aryan tries to find loopholes in the report, but Jassi is able to counter every one of his objections. After the meeting, Armaan and Raj shower Jassi with praise.

Later, while Jassi's friend Trishala is reading her tarot cards, Jassi learns that her cards indicate that she is in love with someone. Jassi is uncomfortable because she doesn't want Trishala to see that the "someone" in question is Armaan. The other secretaries then tease Jassi that she is falling in love with her boss, not knowing that they have hit the nail on the head. After the women return to their jobs, Jassi goes back to Trishala to ask her if she can figure out the name of the man. Trishala says the initials of the mystery man's name are 'A' & 'S'.

Armaan instructs Gulati, the company's Financial Director, to consult Jassi in all his financial dealings. This request does not sit well with Gulati, who is one of Aryan's secret allies.

Trishala changes her mind and declares that the name of Jassi's boyfriend starts with the letter 'N', which in Jassi's life can only stand for Nandu. Jassi is invited to a discothèque by Maria, the receptionist, under the pretext of an office gathering, but when Jassi arrives she discovers that she has been set up on a double date. Jassi returns home to find her father fuming, but Bebe intervenes and saves Jassi from her father's anger.

Jassi gets a huge loan cleared for Armaan, so he tells her that he needs her by his side to see him through all of his business tribulations. Jassi finally receives her first paycheck, which comes just in time because Billu has not yet received his salary for the month, so Jassi covers the household expenditures for the month. Billu's pride is hurt, so he confronts Jassi.

Armaan takes a day off from the office to spend time at the country club with Mallika. Jassi gets an urgent call from the bank, but since Armaan's cell phone is turned off, Jassi has to try Mallika's phone instead, but Mallika refuses to tell Armaan that Jassi is calling. Desperate to contact Armaan, Jassi rushes to the club, but she is denied access. Undaunted, Jassi barges in, only to get chased around by the club staff. With great difficulty she finally finds Armaan, who is a little perturbed at first, but when he discovers why she has interrupted him he is extremely grateful for her efforts.

Armaan is annoyed that Mallika tried to thwart Jassi's attempts to get in touch with him. He asks Jassi to join him in the meeting he will have with the bank executives, but Jassi worries that she will be out of place at the lunch meeting. Despite her appearance, Jassi is still able to make a favorable impression, thanks to her quick thinking. The bank agrees to sanction the loan to Gulmohur and they also offer Jassi a job if she ever plans to leave her current position. Armaan later tells Jassi that he plans to officially promote her from secretary to Assistant to the Chairman.

Armaan asks Jassi not to reveal the news of her promotion anyone, but she ends up telling it to the clan. Realizing that she should have kept her mouth shut, she decides to admit to Armaan that she spilled the beans, but before she has a chance to talk to him Mallika barges in and asks Armaan if the news of Jassi's promotion is true. She worries that she might have lost her boss's trust, but her fears are quickly allayed when Armaan comes to her rescue after Mallika tries to get her in trouble with Mr. Manchanda, the head of Personnel, for her clashes with Pari. Later, Armaan asks Jassi to fudge some figures in the sales report that is to be presented to Aryan. Jassi's conscience causes her to tell Armaan that she can't do it, but he insists that he needs her help and he presses her to comply with his request.

Jassi gets very ill and is unable to go to work the next day. She writes a letter to Armaan asking his permission for her to be excused from the office for a few days and she asks Nandu to deliver this letter to Armaan. Nandu knows that Jassi will do anything to avoid fudging the sales report for Armaan, so he suspects that what he is holding could in fact be her resignation letter, so he decides to prevent her from doing anything rash by destroying the letter. Meanwhile, at the office, Armaan is furious because of Jassi's absence, so he plans to send her a warning letter, but Raj cools Armaan's temper down and advises him against such a step, reminding him of how useful Jassi has been to him.

Jassi finally agrees to alter the sales figures and works on the project all night at home in preparation for the morning meeting. Meanwhile, under Aryan's instructions, Gulati attempts to hack into Jassi's PC to find out the genuine sales figures. Gulati finds himself unable to access the files, so he sabotages Jassi's computer. When Jassi gets to the office the next morning she is shocked to discover that she can't get to her files. With no sales figure to present, Armaan stands embarrassed in front of the board members. Under Gulati's instructions, the company's computer technician, Hirjee, informs Jassi that it could take days to repair her computer and that he will need her password to access the computer so he can fix it. Jassi fears that Hirjee will pass on the sales figures to Aryan, but she feels hopeful when Maria tells her that she has a friend who can probably fix her computer within a matter of hours. Jassi tries to get her PC from Hirjee, but he refuses to give it to her, so Jassi turns to Armaan for help. After they are able to get print-outs of the sales reports, Armaan asks Jassi to make the presentation to the Board. Meanwhile, Hirjee makes copies of the original report and hands it over to Gulati, but before he can give it to Aryan, Jassi manages to expose Gulati, whom Armaan promptly fires.

Armaan proposes Jassi's name for Gulati's now-vacant position as Vice President of Finance, but Aryan and Mallika oppose the suggestion. Armaan then does what he can by promoting Jassi from secretary to his personal assistant, promising her a raise in the process. Armaan then asks Jassi to go to a cocktail party with him, where they will try to strike an important business deal. Jassi is excited to be asked, but she is apprehnsive about going out with Armaan looking the way she does, so the clan offers to help and transform Jassi for the event. Unfortunately, their efforts don't really do much to make Jassi look much better, so Armaan feels embarrassed about having her accompany him. At the party, Armaan's eye is caught by Mandira Bedi, the celebrated television actress, and Jassi overhears him proposing marriage to her. Armaan then sends Jassi to prepare the business agreements while he flirts with Mandira.

Aryan blackmails Pari by threatening to expose her involvement in the fiasco with Jassi's computer, even though he was ultimately behind the entire affair. As Armaan prepares to go to Hong Kong with Raj and Mallika on company business, he decides to give Jassi the check-signing authority while they are gone. Shantanu, a representative from a textile supply company called Lavanya, takes Jassi out for a business lunch to discuss a possible contract between their two companies. During their lunch meeting, Shantanu offers Jassi a bribe of 30 lakhs if she will secure a contract between his company and Gulmohur. Jassi is stunned by the offer, but he tells her not to consider the money a bribe, but more like a commission, which is a normal part of such business transactions. Jassi still hasn't gotten the raise that Armaan has promised her, so Ruby (the assistant to Maddy, the company's star designer) reminds her to ask Armaan about it as soon as she gets a chance. Meanwhile, Nandu calls Jassi and tells her that her father has just lost his job.

Concerned about her family's financial situation, Jassi confides in Nandu regarding Shantanu's offer of a "commission". Nandu considers the situation and advises Jassi to be practical and take the money, because her family really needs it. Aryan finds out about Jassi's meeting with Shantanu, so he plans to find out if there is any information he can use to his own advantage. Armaan asks Jassi whether she has gone through the quotes from different companies, because he wants to know which company would give Gulmohur the best deal. Gulati goes to Shantanu's office to get information about the deal with Gulmohur and he learns of Jassi's commission, so he immediately notifies Aryan. While Jassi is discussing the various quotes with Armaan she mentions that Lavanya can offer an additional 10% discount if they strike a deal with them. Armaan immediately asks Jassi to set up an appointment with Lavanya representatives to finalize the deal. Pari lets Mallika know about the deal, while Gulati informs Aryan.

Armaan thanks Jassi for getting them such a good cost-cutting deal. Jassi feels guilty about the commission, but she also knows that she has not actually gone out of her way to push for Lavanya, because it was Armaan who has actually made the decision based on the figures in Shantanu's deal. Shantanu then calls Jassi to ask her where he should send the money she has earned. Jassi then daydreams in which she has put her father in a nice office in which Nandu is one of the partners. She then fantasizes that she gives Amrit and Bebe plane tickets for a world tour. In her dream she also takes the entire clan to an expensive restaurant, where she receives the red carpet treatment, while Armaan and Mallika find themselves waiting for a table, and Maddy fawns all over Jassi and tells her that he wants to design something special for her to wear.

Billu overhears one of Jassi's phone conversations with Shantanu, so she tells her father the whole story about the commission. Billu advises her to go right to Armaan to make a confession about the deal she made with Shantanu, which she does. Jassi is relieved when Armaan confirms that she did the right thing by telling him. Armaan lets Mallika know about the bribe that Shantanu offered, so she will know that Jassi acted honorably. Armaan tells Raj that he has been thinking of opening another company in somebody else's name as a back up, just in case Gulmohur is ever in danger of going bankrupt. Aryan decides to get Jassi fired by telling Armaan all about what he has discovered concerning Jassi's deal with Shantanu, but he is disconcerted to learn that Armaan already knows all about the money, and so does Mallika.

Jassi's honesty regarding the bribe convinces Armaan that she would be the perfect person to head up the dummy corporation that he wants to create. Armaan finally gives Jassi a much-deserved pay raise, then he tells her that he is making her the proprietor of his new company, for which he is giving her 30 lakhs to start things up. Knowing that she will need help in putting the company together, Jassi recruits her old friend Nandu.

Nandu suspects that their new venture might in fact be a fake company, but Jassi assures him that Armaan would not involve her in such a scheme. Jassi is rewarded with a new office, but she realizes that she is not as happy about leaving the storage closet that is annexed to Armaan's office as she thought she would be. During an important fashion show, Maddy comes to realize that the fabrics he thought that he was going to have at his disposal had been swapped out with inferior materials. Maddy then threatens to leave Gulmohur, but Mallika intervenes and demands an apology from Armaan. When he refuses, she decides to quit and also calls off their wedding. Armaan soon relents and he tries to get in touch with Maddy to apologise, but the designer can't be found. Armaan goes to the gay bar where Maddy hangs out and he tries to make amends, but Maddy refuses to listen to his apology. Armaan's persistence pays off, though, and he is able to make up with Maddy. He also makes amends with Mallika by agreeing to finally set their wedding date after they return from Hong Kong.

Jassi and the clan go out to a disco, where Veeru (Gulmohur's mailroom clerk) spikes their drinks. The secretaries all get drunk and they pull Jassi out onto the dance floor. Billu, meanwhile, is waiting up for Jassi at home. He is upset that his innocent daughter would be out so late, so he and Amrit head to the disco to drag Jassi home. When they arrive, Jassi's parents are shocked to see their daughter and her friends in such a drunken state. The Walias take Jassi home and put her to bed. In the morning, Billu promises that he will set an example by quitting drinking.

Armaan announces that Jassi will take charge of the office during his trip to Hong Kong. Jassi and Nandu go to register her new company, Kohinoor, which was the name of what was once the largest known diamond in the world. Aryan tries to intimidate Jassi during Armaan's absence and he demands that she provide him with a sales report, but Jassi stands her ground and refuses. The clan is impressed by how well Jassi has handled herself as temporary Chairman.

Pari complains to Armaan about how Jassi has not paid her on time. She also blames Jassi for Maddy's departure from Gulmohur. But Armaan supports Jassi, particularly because of Jassi's suggestion to cut costs by using cheaper models. Armaan calls Maddy and asks him to come back and they strike a deal that they will allow Maddy to use one expensive model and two less expensive ones. Raj is very uncomfortable because Pari is pressuring him to allow her to move in with him. He blames Armaan for pushing him into the relationship. Armaan asks Raj to be with Pari because otherwise she will go back to Aryan, which would be very dangerous for them and the company.

Armaan asks Jassi to sign a number of checks as loans from her company to Gulmohur. These loans make Nandu very suspicious and concerned. Jassi is also a bit skeptical, but she puts her trust in Armaan and signs the check anyway. At home, Balwant's nephew from Ludhiana, Luckydeep, has come to stay with the Walias in order to start some kind of business in Bombay. Nandu doesn't like Lucky and feels that he is completely stupid, but Lucky wins over the Walia family by demonstrating excessive affection towards everyone, except for Jassi.

Aryan tries to make a date with Pari, but she turns him down because she is trying to get her claws into Raj. Maria also sets her sights on Raj, and she approaches him seductively in the office. Raj is hesitant at first, but he ends up kissing Maria until they are interrupted when Pari barges in. Raj tries to control Pari but she storms out. Raj blames Maria, so he tells her that he's going to get her fired. Maria is heartbroken and worried about her job, but Jassi assures her that she will intervene on her behalf.

Manchanda tells Maria that Armaan has left the decision regarding her future at Gulmohur in his hands, so he pressures her to go out with him that night to discuss the situation. Maria doesn't realize that Jassi has already convinced Armaan that it would be unfair to Maria and her son if she were to lose her job, so she agrees to go out with Manchanda.

Armaan has been very stressed out because of the latest sales reports, so Raj suggests that he should hook up with a model named Kiran. Armaan prepares himself for Kiran with candles, wine, and perfumes. He asks Jassi to go home, but she says that she still hasn't finished what she's working on, so Armaan instructs her not to leave her office until he tells her it is okay for her to come out. She later witnesses Armaan and Kiran getting cozy in his office. Jassi, seeing that she is pretty much trapped, calls home to tell her family that she will be working all night, which makes Balwant very angry. Armaan and Kiran decide to leave the office, but Armaan completely forgets that Jassi is still waiting for his permission to leave.

Manchanda takes Maria out to a bar and tries to get close to her. Veeru is jealous and concerned, so he gets Manchanda's home phone number and calls his wife to let her know what her husband is up to. Manchanda's wife shows up at the bar and drags him home. Raj goes to Pari's house to make up with her, but she insists that she will ony forgive him if he marries her and gets Maria fired. Raj refuses, saying that Maria's position at Gulmohur is Armaan's decision, so he can't do anything about it. He also says that marriage is out of the question at the moment. Pari is very sad and she ends up at Aryan's house.

After his disastrous date with Maria, Manchanda demands a resignation from Veeru, and also from Maithili (for giving Veeru his home number), but Jassi intervenes once again and asks Armaan to save her friends' jobs. By now, Lucky is impressed by Jassi's position at Gulmohur and he is desperate to get her attention. Amrit notices Lucky's keen interest in Jassi and thinks that he has romantic feelings for her. At Gulmohur, Armaan asks Jassi for a loan of another 20 lakhs from Kohinoor and tells her to add a clause to the loan stating that in the event of non-payment of the loan Kohinoor will take over Gulmohur. Jassi is perturbed and confused, but Armaan plays his emotional games well and wins her support.

Amrit and Bebe persuade Lucky to tell Jassi about his true feelings for her, so Lucky buys movie tickets in the hope of taking Jassi out for a date. Meanwhile, Jassi mentions Nandu's name to Armaan, but only in the capacity of an investment advisor to Kohinoor. Jassi is worried about her company, so she convinces Balwant to handle Kohinoor's accounts. Meanwhile, Armaan calls a board meeting to get approval for the purchase of new fabrics.

According to Jassi's projections, the new collection should be profitable. Raj suggests that they use a supplier from China who can get them good fabrics at reasonable costs, but Jassi is suspicious of this company, so she warns Armaan. These suppliers, who operate from Bangkok, provide new quotes and the price difference is so great that it would make it possible for Gulmohur to meet Armaan's projected sales target. Jassi still advises Armaan to be cautious, but he is far too impressed by the possibilities of success to heed her warnings. Armaan then lies to Maddy and Mallika and tells them that Raj has gone to Singapore to meet the prospective suppliers and he will come back with samples for them to approve. In Bangkok, Raj seals the deal.

Armaan loses his bet with Maddy and, to his horror, he is forced to dress in drag and accompany Maddy to a party. Back at Gulmohur, Lucky comes to audition for Jassi and the clan to prove to them that he's got what it takes to be a model. After enduring enough of Maddy's humiliation, Armaan gets into trouble when he tries to leave the party. His car is blocked in and he can't find anyone willing to help him to get out of his parking space, so he calls Jassi and asks her to come get him in a taxi. When Jassi arrives, she sees a damsel in distress who she soon realizes is Armaan. She gets him into the cab and takes him to Gulmohur, but they end up having a clash with security guards, so Jassi brings him to her house so he can change into some of her father's clothes. When Armaan finally gets to his own home, he makes a confession to Mallika regarding the entire drag drama. She is disconcerted to know that Armaan turned to Jassi for help, instead of to her, his very own fiancée. Armaan is so grateful to Jassi that he rewards her with a brand new car.

Maddy and Mallika are impressed with the fabric samples that Raj has brought back from Bangkok. Armaan gets ready to leave for Bangkok to close the deal when Mallika announces that she wants to accompany him. Aryan is curious to know more about the suppliers, so he tries to get Pari to find out as much as she can about the deal. Pari cleverly plants suspicious thoughts in Mallika's mind to convince her to grill Jassi for information, but Jassi pretends that she doesn't know anything.

Pari snoops around Jassi's office and Jassi catches her in the act. The next time Jassi speaks to Armaan on the phone she tells him about Pari's shenanigans. He then calls Mallika and yells at her for sending her spy into Jassi's office. Mallika then goes to Jassi to warn her to stay out of her life and her relationship with Armaan. When Armaan returns, he fires Pari for her duplicitous actions and she pretends to faint. Aryan offers no sympathy to Pari, but Raj does and he offers to take her to a doctor. A rumor then starts to circulate around the office claiming that Pari is pregnant. Later, the consignment of new fabrics from Bangkok is confiscated by customs.

This latest development causes Armaan to decide that it is time for Kohinoor to take over Gulmohur, so he tells Jassi to get the necessary papers together. Jassi tells Nandu to get the documents, but he forgets them at Jassi's house and Balwant stumbles upon them. Armaan tells Mallika and Maddy that the fabrics cannot be delivered because stocks are unavailable. Balwant goes to Gulmohur to deliver the papers to Jassi, but he encounters Mallika and hands the file to her instead. Jassi and Armaan arrive at the scene, and to their relief, it turns out that the file only contains old stock certificates. Armaan is then startled after Balwant casually mentions that he has been handling Kohinoor's accounts. Armaan is perturbed about Balwant's involvement, but Jassi manages to assure him that her father is unaware of the real story behind Kohinoor's set up. They then go to a notary and complete all the formalities for making Jassi the de-facto head of Gulmohur.

Jassi chides Nandu for misplacing the file and they get into an argument. Nandu accuses Jassi of having changed completely, which causes Jassi to break down in tears. Pari's pregnancy creates a wider rift between Armaan and Raj, so Raj decides to quit, but Jassi comes to the rescue once again by convincing Raj to stay on for the company's sake. And Pari also gets her job back. Jassi can't stop thinking about her argument with Nandu, so she goes to his house and leaves a baby picture of the two of them for him to find. The picture does the trick and Jassi and Nandu go back to being best friends. Armaan and Raj throw a surprise party for Jassi at a restaurant to thank her for patching up their friendship.

Nandu falls for a girl named Chesta and as he tells Jassi about his feelings Amrit overhears the conversation and assumes that Nandu and Jassi are in love with each other. Love is indeed in the air in the Walia household. Bebe narrates her own love story for Jassi, while Balwant gives romance advice to Nandu. Amrit tells Balwant about Nandu and Jassi supposedly being in love. When Balwant confronts Nandu, it is revealed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Armaan is having second thoughts about his relationship with Mallika.

Valentine's Day arrives and Jassi has presents for her family and the clan. The clan has also planned a little surprise for Jassi, a gift to Armaan on her behalf. While Jassi runs to Armaan's office to intercept the gift, her diary falls from her bag. Armaan opens his present and finds that it is a Jassi doll. In return, he gives jassi a present, a swarovski heart, which she opens at home. She then realizes that her diary is missing.

Armaan is not happy when Puru decides to promote Mallika to the post of Vice-Chairman. Armaan is furious and decides to postpone the wedding. Jassi gets to the office and is horrified to discover that her diary has accidentally landed in Pari's possession. Worse still, Armaan takes the diary from Pari, so Jassi rushes to Armaan's office to get it back before he has a chance to read her deepest personal secrets. Armaan returns Jassi's diary to her, but she can not be certain that he has not read it.

Nandu brings Chesta to meet Balwant and Amrit, but his mother also shows up there and Chesta learns that Nandu is not the big shot he portrayed himself to be. Back at Gulmohur, Mallika announces her promotion and Armaan tells Jassi that he needs her to stand by him, just as she said she would in her poem that he read. Jassi is taken aback and she wonders how much more he may have read. She immediately calls Trishala and asks her to read her tarot cards. Trishala predicts the worst and the best... two pieces of bad news and one great one. The tarot prediction soon seems to be coming true. The first bad news is that Aryan decides to move take up an office at Gulmohur. The second is that the lawyers plan to visit Gulmohur and take inventory of all the stock.

Armaan is desperate to keep Mallika on his side, so he tells her that they should announce their engagement. Jassi is deeply hurt after hearing the news, but she puts up a brave front. Armaan tells Jassi that the engagement is just a distraction for when the lawyers come to Gulmohur. He then puts her in charge of making arrangements for the engagement party, as well as handling the lawyers when they come in to take inventory. Jassi asks the clan to help her with the engagement preparations. In the meantime, the clan tries to get Maithili to join the gym, and after a great deal of persistance, Maithili agrees to go to the gym with Nazneen. To their horror, they find Pari there, jumping about and exercising strenuously. Maithili and Nazneen are flabbergasted, because Pari is supposedly pregnant. The trainer later confirms for them that Pari is not pregnant. If Raj finds out, Pari's dreams of getting engaged to him will be dashed. Armaan takes Jassi to a jewelry store to select a ring for Mallika, and he slides a ring onto Jassi's finger to check the size. Jassi's thoughts are interrupted when Pari enters the store with Raj. Armaan tells Raj that the bachelor within him is fighting to get free and he would like to celebrate his bachelorhood by having a fling with someone named Zeenie. Nandu is in a state of panic because he realizes that he has mixed up the dates of the inventory. He manages to locate Jassi at the cake shop and he fills her in on the situation. Jassi panics as well and calls Armaan immediately, but his phone is swithched off. She contacts Raj, who tells her that Armaan is at the Oberoi. Mallika overhears Raj, but Jassi gets to the Oberoi and finds Armaan locked in Zeenie's arms in time to prevent Mallika from catching him in the act.

Raj gets an anonymous call telling him to visit the Figure-Fine Gym at 4:30pm. When he gets there, he sees Pari working out on the treadmill, and the trainer confirms for Raj that Pari is not pregnant. Raj returns to Gulmohur in an exuberant mood and he invites the whole clan to his engagement party. During the reception, Raj tells Pari that he wants to tell her father about the good news of their engagement, as well as about the baby they are supposedly expecting. Pari panics and finally admits the truth, so Raj is free, at last.

When Armaan and Mallika's own engagement party is only a day away, Jassi learns that the caterer is unavailable, so Jassi and the clan scramble to make alternate plans. Amrit saves the day by offering to cook for the function, and the clan joins in to help by serving the various dishes. Armaan is grateful for everyone's help, so he invites Jassi's family to the party to thank them. Jassi goes to Armaan's house to supervise the decorations, flowers, cake, etc., but it makes her sad to see Armaan and Mallika together, so that night, while the family is getting ready to leave, Jassi decides not to go for the party after all. Jassi changes her mind, though, after the clan convinces her that she should attend. Nandu understands Jassi's state of mind because he feels the same way after losing Chesta. He finds a diamond ring lying under the divan, so he decides to try his luck with Chesta once again by offering her the ring. But then panic hits the Walia household when Jassi realizes that Armaan's engagement ring for Mallika is missing. Nandu gets rejected by Chesta yet again and he returns to Jassi's house, where he witnesses the turmoil regarding the missing ring. Everyone is relieved when the crisis is averted after Nandu produces the missing ring.

Although the party seems to be a hit with almost everyone, Mallika finds that the food and decorations are not to her taste. When she discovers that Jassi made the arrangements, she humiliates Jassi and does her best to destroy her self-esteem. Jassi leaves the party, unable to realize just how much everyone else is enjoying the fruits of her labors. Meanwhile, Raj is at Gulmohur dealing with Jassi's lawyers, who have come to take inventory. One of the lawyers suspects that there is something shady about the Gulmohur-Kohinoor scheme, so he gives Raj an ultimatum, stating that he wants to be a partner in the business, or else he will unmask the improprieties in court. Raj tells Armaan and they desperately try to get in touch with Jassi, but they are unable to reach her because she is still despondent and her family is taking care of her. Jassi asks Bebe to take her out of town for a while.

During her trip with Bebe to Alibaugh, Jassi almost drowns while trying to save a boy named Rohan (Zain), but she herself is saved by Purab, Rohan's much older half-brother. Purab is impressed that Jassi would risk her life to save Rohan, especially because she doesn't know how to swim. Purab tries to get to know Jassi better. He wants to convince her that she has a very good heart, but she still feels badly about herself. Armaan and Raj are still trying to locate Jassi, but Nandu refuses to tell them where she is. Although Raj can't outsmart Nandu, his mother accidentally tells Raj where Jassi went. Raj tries to make Armaan realize that Jassi is in love with him, so perhaps they could use that love to get her to come back and help them out of their sticky situation with the lawyer.

Rohan tells Bebe that he would like for Jassi to marry Purab. Bebe tries talking to Jassi about Purab, but Jassi just tells her grandmother that marriage is not for her. While Jassi packs her bag to leave, Armaan arrives and meets Rohan and Purab. Purab and Rohan accompany Armaan to guide him to Jassi's hotel. They reach hotel, only to find a letter that Jassi has left for Rohan and Purab. Raj faces Mallika and manages to cover up Armaan's sudden absence from Gulmohur. Armaan calls Raj and gives him the bad news that Jassi had left before he reached her, but he doesn't know where she has gone. Jassi returns home and is thrilled to be back with Billu and Amrit.

Armaan enters an important board meeting in a panic, but relief washes over him when, minutes later, Jassi walks in. Mallika pounces on Jassi with a volley of questions, but Puru saves Jassi from the attack. After the meeting, Jassi acts differently towards Raj and Armaan. Jassi even asks for her own office... one that is not just a storage room annex of Armaan's office. Raj and Armaan try to change Jassi's mind by sprucing up her current office, but she is not impressed. Jassi meets her lawyer, Mr. Shah, and plays a security tape in which he is demanding a bribe from Raj. Jassi threatens to file charges against the lawyer with the Bar Council for his underhanded dealings. As the lawyer is about to leave, he tells Jassi that legal notice has already been issued to Gulmohur and cannot be revoked.

Armaan is worried after he overhears a conversation between Jassi and Nandu during which Nandu blurts out that Billu has applied for a job on Jassi's behalf. Armaan tries to talk to Jassi about the conversation, but Jassi politely tells Armaan not to eavesdrop on her personal conversations. Later, as Jassi and the clan are reading Tarot cards during lunch, Raj and Armaan arrive at the scene and Raj asks Trishala to read Armaan's cards. Trishala predicts three things. First, two important women in Armaan's life will say 'yes' and 'no' at very crucial points. Second, Armaan's most precious jewel will be taken away from him. Third, Armaan will face a threat in his love life from another man. Insteading of feeling any concern, Armaan doesn't take these predictions seriously.

Raj tries to tell Armaan that wooing Jassi is the only way out of their situation, so Armaan tells Raj to give it a try. Raj tries, but fails miserably, so he tells Armaan that the ball is in his court. Armaan and Mallika start fighting about an upcoming fashion show that Mallika is trying to arrange. Things get so bad that even Maddy prefers to work with Jassi because of her efficiency. Mallika and Aryan are left with no choice but to hand the reigns over to Jassi for the fashion show. All of Raj's prodding causes Armaan to have a dream in which he sees Jassi in a flowing garb, and just as he is about to give flowers to Jassi he discovers that she is with Nandu. Armaan then starts to feel threatened by Nandu and Jassi's relationship. He also can't bear the thought of having to woo Jassi romantically. Raj and Armaan make plans with Jassi to go out for dinner. Raj uses the name Mr. Smith as he tries to convince Billu to allow Jassi to stay out late. During the dinner, Raj invents a reason to slip away from the restaurant so Armaan and Jassi can be alone. Armaan starts gulping many drinks to give himself the nerve to act romantically interested in Jassi. Jassi is shocked when Armaan asks her to dance.

Billu gets upset while waiting for Jassi to return from her "meeting" with Mr. Smith. Nandu calls Armaan's cell phone to check on Jassi, but by this time Armaan is so drunk that Jassi has to take the phone from Armaan before Billu is able to snatch the phone from Nandu. Armaan creates an embarrassing scene for Jassi when he takes the microphone and starts singing and confessing his feelings for her. Jassi pulls him out of the restaurant and decides to drop him off at his house. Rather than bring Armaan to his own home, where Puru might see him in a drunken state, Jassi decides to bring him to Mallika's place instead. Mallika is furious when she finds Jassi in her bedroom with Armaan. Mallika fires a volley of questions at Jassi, but Jassi just tells her to ask Armaan when he wakes up.

When Armaan wakes up the next morning he can't remember anything from the previous night. When Jassi prepares to leave for the office, Billu stops her to show her a letter from the new company that he wants her to go work for, but she tells him that she has to get to Gulmohur. Amidst the chaos of planning the fashion show, the court orders arrive and Jassi tries to give the papers to Armaan, but she can't do it in front of Mallika. Raj overhears Jassi talking to Nandu about the papers and he panics, thinking that Jassi and Nandu are trying to keep the information from him and Armaan. Raj is then more convinced than ever that Armaan must make Jassi fall head over heels in love with him.

On the day of the big fashion show, the clan informs Jassi that the clothes for the show's finale have been ruined by a dry cleaning accident. Jassi tries to tell Maddy about the clothes, but he doesn't listen. Maddy only complicates the matter by telling Jassi that their star model has not shown up. Mallika and Pari enjoy every moment of the chaos. Billu gets a call from the other company confirming that Jassi can have the job at double the salary that she is earning at Gulmohur, and Nandu then calls Jassi to advise her to complete the fashion show as her last assignment and then leave Gulmohur forever. Jassi uses Pari's vanity to convince her to fill in for the missing model. Nandu tries to get into the fashion show, but the security guard won't let him in, so he tries to get in by saying that his fiancée is coordinating the event. To stall for time, in order to figure out how to replace the garments for the finale, Jassi announces a surprise performance by Nigaar Khaan. Armaan tries to convince Mallika to help fix some of the problems with the show, but to everybody's surprise Jassi takes charge of the show with confidence. Mallika sulks when she sees that Jassi is getting applause and accolades for her work on the successful show. Armaan congratulates Jassi, but his worries quickly return when the security guard comes and tells Jassi that her fiance has come to see her.

Maria finds an important document (the court orders) that Nandu dropped on the floor. Nandu has planned a surprise for Jassi, and Armaan and Raj are shocked when they see Nandu and Jassi in arriving at an expensive restaurant in a big car. By the time Raj and Armaan manage to make it into the restaurant, after a mishap with a police officer, the only trace of Jassi and Nandu is a corporate gold credit card belonging to Mr. Nandan Verma, Kohinoor.

Amrit and Billu feel proud when Jassi gives an interview to a big newspaper about her success story. At Gulmohur, Aryan picks up the court notice that Maria had been holding onto for Jassi. Aryan then gives it Mallika. Armaan decides to pressure Jassi to prove her loyalty to him and to Gulmohur by excluding Nandu from Kohinoor business. Jassi can't bring herself to fire her best friend, so she tells Armaan that she would rather quit her own job and she leaves.

Armaan feels confident that Jassi will come back to work the next day, but Raj thinks that Jassi and Nandu have other plans. Jassi is concerned when she learns that her father is planning to renovate the house. Nandu wants to tell Billu that Jassi has quit her job to prevent him from spending any more money on the home improvement project, but Jassi stops him. Raj then disguises himself as Sardarji to get information from Nandu's mother.

Jassi prepares to go to IFH for the job that Billu recently tried to get for her, but Amrit gives her a letter that says that the position has since been filled, so Jassi feels that she has no choice but to return to Gulmohur, especially after Amrit decides to send Bebe on a pilgrimage by air. Armaan is relieved when Jassi returns to work, but she quickly informs him that she has only come back to give her official letter of resignation and to fulfill her duties during the notice period. Jassi also asks Armaan when she can sign Gulmohur and Kohinoor back to him.

At home, Jassi is just about to tell Billu about her resignation from Gulmohur when their converstation is interrupted by someone knocking at their front door. Jassi is shocked when she discovers that it is Purab who is standing on their doorstep. Bebe invites Purab to stay for dinner, which does not please Billu.

Later, at Jassi's home, Billu is shocked when Armaan arrives at the Walia house. Billu doesn't invite Armaan in, but Amrit not only asks him to come in, she also invites him to dinner, and he accepts the offer. Armaan is disturbed to see how Nandu is treated like a family member by everyone. Purab was also supposed to come for dinner, but he had to attend to work matters. During the meal, Armaan realizes that in order to make any progress with Jassi he will have to win Billu over first.

Raj advises Armaan to intercept Billu at the temple. Armaan arrives at the temple, puts on an innocent face and demeanor, and pretends that it is just a coincidence that he is running into Billu there. Nandu feels jealous of the attention that Purab is paying to Jassi.

Jassi decides to return to IFH to see if she can convince them to hire her. When she gets to the company, she meets with the boss, a woman named Hansmukhi Jee, who later calls her to offer her a two-year contract, but she has to agree that she will work with no other companies during her tenure.

Armaan goes to the lawyer's office to try to postpone the upcoming court proceedings, and while there he crosses paths with Purab. Armaan is disconcerted when the lawyer refuses his request. Jassi is shocked when her father advises her not to leave Gulmohur for IFH.

After Rohan speaks to Jassi on the phone, he calls Purab to tell him that Jassi is upset about something, so Purab goes to Jassi's house to cheer her up by taking her out for ice cream. Purab tells Jassi about his own worries regarding a company that he is about to take over. Purab then has a business meeting with Aryan and during their conversation he learns that Jassi has been working for Gulmohur. Raj and Armaan follow Jassi to see what she is up to and they are shocked to see her with Purab.

Raj calls Jassi and asks her to come into Gulmohur. When Jassi gets there, Mallika ridicules her and tells her that she is very happy that she has resigned. Armaan and Raj tell Jassi that they know where she was the previous evening. Aryan receives a fax from a shareholder giving his approval to sell his shares and he panics because it could be very dangerous if the shares were to end up in the wrong hands. Armaan and Raj later see the fax and wonder what it means. They suspect Aryan, so they try to found out if Pari has any information. They then look for Pari in the boardroom, but she is not there. Instead, they see the transmission of another fax, which contains an approval of another shareholder to sell his shares.

Purab, Rohan, Jassi, and Nandu all go for an elephant ride, and Nandu rushes to sit next to Jassi. Rohan is happy because he senses some chemistry building between Purab and Jassi.

Armaan wants to expose Aryan, but he decides to wait. Pari discovers that it is Purab who is planning to buy shares from Aryan. Purab asks Jassi questions about Aryan and Gulmohur, but Rohan finds this business talk to be too unromantic. Raj tells Nandu that somebody is trying to take over Gulmohur, but he and Armaan do not know who it is. Armaan questions Pari about her involvement in Aryan's takeover plan.

Raj tells Armaan that they have to find out as soon as possible if the Purab who is trying to take over Gulmohur and Jassi's Purab are the same person. Armaan checks on the internet and finds out that Jassi's Purab is indeed the one who is trying to take over the company. Balwant and Nandu are still unhappy about Purab's frequent presence in the Walia house.

Armaan borrows Raj's car and follows Purab, but he ends up smashing into him. The two men start to introduce themselves to each other, but Armaan manages to hide his identity. Pari decides to blackmail Aryan with the takeover contract she has. Raj wants Pari to sign a statement that implicates Aryan.

Purab sees Armaan on TV and he recognizes him as the man with whom he had the accident. Purab then goes to Jassi's house to tell her what is in his heart. He wants to marry her, but he is unsure of her feelings for him. Shortly after, Armaan tells Jassi about Purab's attempt to take over Gulmohur, so she then goes to tell Purab that she believes that he has been using her just to fulfill his takeover plan. Purab later writes all his feelings in a letter and goes to Jassi's house to slip it under the door.

At the next board meeting, Armaan exposes Aryan's plan in front of the board, but Aryan just blames Armaan's ineptness for his decision to sell his shares. Jassi arrives at the meeting with a fax from Purab, which states that he is no longer interested in purchasing Gulmohur. Jassi then saves Armaan once more by presenting the increasing sales figures after the last fashion show.

Billu reads the letter that Purab left for Jassi and he decides not to give it to Jassi after thinking about all that Purab had done to her. Balwant starts looking for a new job so he can help to take some of the financial pressure off Jassi.

Armaan promises Jassi that he will speak to his father about the company's situation, but instead of telling Puru about Kohinoor, he only says that his relationship with Mallika is not working out. Armaan tries to show Jassi that he has a softer side by suggesting that the company should have a creche (day care) to help the working women.

The clan and Jassi discuss the comments made about the differences between men and women in the Hum-Tum comic strip in the Times Of India. Jassi says that she believes that men are sensitive, but most of the clan members don't agree. Hansmukhi also discusses the cartoon and decides to teach a lesson to Karan Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan), the creator of the strip. Jassi then discusses the cartoon with Hansmukhi over the phone. She then sends a note to Karan Kapoor, who decides to meet Jassi to tell her that there are no sensitive or perfect men. Men and women are different and can never think alike.

At home, Billu has a heart attack because of the stress of his job search. Balwant is taken to the hospital, where tests reveal that it was a minor angina attack. Billu doesn't want anyone to tell Jassi about this attack, because it will only cause her more worry.

Jassi fears that Armaan will also start to believe that men and women can't think alike because of Karan Kapoor's cartoon. The comic strip debate even enters Jassi's home. Amrit and Bebe believe that Karan Kapoor's strips are very practical, but Billu takes Jassi's side.

Karan Kapoor comes to meet Jassi and the two have a debate. Kapoor asks Jassi to introduce him to her perfect man, but she can't. Armaan is busy at the moment with Raj, flirting with women at a fashion symposium. Armaan finds someone really special there, a woman named Yana (Sandhya Mridul), who is extremely rich and owns a chain of shopping malls around the world. Armaan sees a connection with Yana as a great business opportunity, and he also hopes to have one last fling before he has to step up his wooing of Jassi.

A large bouquet comes for Armaan from Yana with an apology note saying she could not make it to the party he invited her to because she must leave for Singapore. Armaan decides to go to Singapore, but is shocked to learn that Mallika has already booked them a trip to Paris. He decides to ask Jassi to go to Singapore with him so Mallika won't doubt his motives. Armaan tells Jassi that he will personally ask Balwant for his permission for her to go to Singapore, but Billu refuses to allow it unless Nandu can go along as a chaperone.

Jassi and Nandu, on their first trip abroad, embarrass Armaan with their questions. Armaan hopes to find Yana, but he is forced to take Nandu and Jassi into the city. Raj tries to assure Armaan by telling him that perhaps the Singapore ambience will help Jassi to fall for him. Armaan takes Jassi through the Chinatown on a rickshaw ride and tells her that his relationship with Mallika isn't working out because he is in love with someone else.

Nandu and Jassi go to an orchid garden, while Armaan pursues Yana. When Yana learns that Armaan has brought travel companions, she asks Armaan if they can all meet up. Yana advises Jassi to go to a beauty parlor to try a new look to impress Armaan. Jassi is going nuts trying to figure out who it is that Armaan is in love with and Nandu says he thinks its Yana. Jassi then finds out that Armaan and Yana are supposed to go to Sentosa Island the next day.

Armaan tells Jassi that she is the one who he is in love with and that's why he can't marry Mallika. Armaan reaches Equinox, for a date with Yana, and is disappointed when she sees her there with another man, whome she introduces as her fiance. Jassi sees that Armaan is upset about something, so she gives him a card and a Singapore souvenir. Armaan then gets an emergency call from Mallika, who is in a panic and asks him to come back as soon as possible. As Jassi bids Singapore adieu, she turns to the skyline and says that she'll never forget the place where she received love.

Upon his return to the office, Armaan is confronted by Mallika. He tells her that their relationship can't continue the way it has been going, and Jassi overhears their heated argument. Mallika ends the scene by throwing her engagement ring in Armaan's face. At a board meeting, Aryan throws questions at Armaan regarding his wasted Singapore trip. Jassi, seeing how upset Armaan is, decides to talk to Mallika to clear up all the misunderstandings between her and Armaan, but Mallika only hurls insults at Jassi.

Aryan makes a proposal involving a credit agency, which Puru supports it, so Armaan tries to counter Aryan's plan by suggesting a Gulmohur store. Puru likes both ideas and advises them to implement both. Mallika feels sad when telling Maddy that she has broken up with Armaan, while Raj congratulates Armaan for his new-found freedom.

Armaan calls Jassi to his office to meet a woman named Arundhati Roy, from the rating agency, but Jassi has to take Billu to his doctor for a check up. Armaan and Raj try to figure ways to handle Arundhati in Jassi's absence.

Jassi saves a boy from being run over by Arundhati. Arundhati stomps out of her car and starts verbally abusing Jassi. Jassi stands firm and accuses Arundhati of negligent driving. Arundhati then offers to make an out of court settlement, but Jassi turns it down, so Arundhati's license is confiscated.

Raj fantasizes about Arundhati, but Armaan worries about the possibility of Arundhati finding out about all of his business secrets. Everybody is in the conference room waiting for Arundhati so Jassi can present facts and figures to her. Jassi is shocked when Arundhati arrives and she turns out to be the woman who almost killed the young boy. Arundhati is resistant to Jassi's presentation, which she calls boring and outdated.

Nobody can find Mallika, so Jassi goes to Mallika's house and finds her lying unconscious on the couch. Mallika awakens from her drunken state and taunts Jassi. Armaan calls Mallika and she vents her rage on him. Armaan then thanks Jassi for trying to help.

Arundhati shatters Jassi's spirit by berating her after a presentation, so Jassi tells Armaan that he should find someone else to give another presentation. Nandu calls Hansmukhi for help in trying to revive Jassi's confidence. Hansmukhi tells Jassi to listen to her heart and act accordingly. Arundhati suggests that Aryan should ask Mallika to give the presentation.

Hansmukhi, Billu, and Nandu help Jassi to put her next presentation together. At the presentation venue, Aryan and Arundhati, according to their plan, decide to give the presentation to Mallika and keep Jassi out of it. Mallika messes up the presentation, which makes the chief guest, Mr. Mallya, very unhappy. Arundhati is then forced to ask Jassi to take over the presentation. Mr. Mallya is happy with Jassi's presentation, but expresses his helplessness to any grading to Gulmohur. Armaan ends up at the venue, where Puru tells him it was the biggest disaster of his life. Armaan's face falls and Jassi witnesses the moment helplessly.

Puru is very disappointed with Armaan. Aryan also blames Armaan for driving his sister to a near nervous breakdown. Arundhati blames Aryan for his decision to take the presentation away from Jassi, which made it flop. Arundhati apologises to Jassi. Mallika collapses again and Jassi decides to bring Armaan and Mallika together, even at the cost of her own love for Armaan.

Puru threatens to divide the company among Armaan, Mallika, and Aryan unless Armaan gets his act together, so Armaan tells Jassi to make an appointment for him and Mallika to see Dr. Desai, a counselor. Jassi is shocked because Armaan recently told her that he doesn't want a relationship with Mallika anymore. Armaan then tells Jassi that to keep everybody happy he is going to announce his engagement to Mallika, albeit a temporary engagement.

Purab calls Jassi, but she hangs up on him. He calls again, but Armaan picks up and asks him why is he calling. Purab doesn't say anything and hangs up. Raj shows up at Jassi's house to invite her to a party that Mallika is throwing to celebrate her reunion with Armaan.

Armaan is shocked to see Purab sitting in his office. Purab tells Armaan that he has come once again for one reason, Jassi, and he will do anything to get her back. Jassi decides not to go to Mallika's party. The clan calls her and tries to convince her to come to the party. Nandu also tries, but Billu is the one who manages to convince Jassi to go. Purab goes to Gulmhur, where the party is in full swing, to find Jassi. Armaan sees Purab, so he feels threatened. He goes up to Jassi and assures her that he loves her.

Raj warns Armaan that perhaps he is coming on too strong, so he suggests that Armaan should try using softer gestures, like sending Jassi flowers, jewelry, cards, etc. Purab calls Jassi's house to speak to her, but Billu answers the phone and he suspects that the bracelet he found, which was actually from Armaan, came from Purab instead.

The clan plans for a night out and they manage to get permission from Billu for Jassi to join them. The clan and Jassi are together at Bindiya's place having their night out and they share stories about their first experiences in love, but Jassi has nothing to say when it's her turn.

Mallika ridicules Jassi in front of Armaan and gives her a check for arranging the counselor and bringing her and Armaan back together. Purab comes to Jassi's house looking for her, but Nandu sends him away. Armaan tries to do some damage control after Mallika's rudeness, using his charm and giving Jassi a chocolate, which manages to make her smile.

Armaan goes to pick up Jassi to bring her to work and he hears some of the neighborhood guys making rude comments about Jassi. Armaan loses his control and gets in a street fight with the guys, which makes Armaan seem like a bigger-than-life hero to Jassi. Later, Jassi is nervous when Billu mentions an article in the newspaper about the street fight the previous evening.

Purab meets Bebe at the market and tells her that he wants to clarify all the doubts Jassi has about him. Armaan explains his wounds by telling Mallika that he picked a fight with a cyle wala on his way to office. Mallika announces to Armaan that they are going to Goa so he can relax for a few days.

Aryan informs Purab that Armaan will be off to Goa for a week and he will be in a better position to help him while Armaan is away. Armaan leaves Gulmohur in Jassi's are while he and Mallika are away. Purab wants to break Armaan's influence over Jassi, so he is now open to Aryan's help. The first Aryan-generated, but Purab-motivated, crisis strikes when Maddy announces that he wants to quit.

Maddy wants to resign because Aryan has brainwashed him that in the new scheme of things he will have to share his position with a new designer. Jassi sets out for home, trying to find a way out of the Maddy crisis, when she is faced with Purab. Jassi tells him that she is devoted to Gulmohur and anybody who wants to poison her work is no friend of hers. Purab leaves and is now set for a dharma yudh with Armaan. He is determined to find out what Armaan wants from Jassi. Raj, Jassi, and Arundhati start devising a plan for the store, but the need of the hour is to address the Maddy crisis, so Arundhati offers her help.

Arundhati coaxes Maddy into meeting with her and Jassi. Jassi, running late for a meeting, leaves her diary in Armaan's day planner and rushes off. In her absence, a snoopy Aryan picks it up. Jassi and Arundhati meet Maddy and Jassi is able to get through to him, ensuring his position and giving him more avenues to showcase his talent. Raj and Armaan discuss keeping the romance alive for Jassi, but it is Purab who has the romance fact file in his hand: Jassi's diary!

Purab reads Jassi's diary and is then able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes how deep the quagmire really is for Jassi. Jassi thens learns that Arundhati has only been so helpful because she is Purab's plant. Armaan comes back from Goa after learning of Arundhati and Purab's connection.

The next day, Armaan is in his office holding Jassi's hand, telling her how much he missed her while he was in Goa, and Mallika walks in. But this turns out just to be a dream. At the office, Jassi tries to avoid Armaan. Jassi tries to have a little time by herself on the beach and she runs into Rohan, followed by Purab. Jassi doesn't talk to Purab, but she shares a great time with Rohan. Aryan and Mallika see Purab and Jassi at the beach, but they don't recognise Jassi because she is standing with her back towards them.

Raj calls Jassi and tells her that Armaan is at the beach house and he is behaving very strangely. Jassi gets to the beach house only to discover the whole place in a mess created by Armaan. She tells him that they can never be together and she leaves.

Armaan witnesses the affection between Jassi and Ruby Mom, so he gets the idea to reach out to Jassi through the people who have influence over her. Purab meets with Hansmukhi to get support with his business plans. Armaan deliberately allows Pari to overhear his conversation with Raj during which he says that Ruby should be fired because she is too old to continue managing things. Armaan is certain that Pari will say something to Mallika, who will then fire Ruby, thinking that it will please Armaan, and then he can save the day and become a hero in Jassi's eyes.

Hansmukhi calls Nandu and offers him a job. Armaan is happy to see his plan working when he sees Ruby upset after she is fired by Mallika. All the clan members meet Armaan to get his help to resolve the crisis. Armaan's plan backfires when Mallika comes and tells him that it was a mistake to fire Ruby and she rescinds her order. Armaan seeths inside when he learns that it was Jassi who convinced Mallika to change her mind. Nandu goes to meet Hansmukhi and he also meets her business partner. He is shocked to see that it is Purab.

Purab tries to convince Nandu that they can keep their professional and personal lives separate, but Nandu refuses to sacrifice his friendship with Jassi for a job, so he leaves. Raj informs Armaan that Purab has bought a stake in Hansmukhi's company. Armaan feels more threatened than ever. Jassi is also disturbed when Armaan informs her about the Hansmukhi-Purab association. Mallika leaks the news to the press that Gulmohur is planning to open a store. Purab reads the news and decides to screw up their plan. Jassi tells Armaan that Kohinoor has scored good profits because of Nandu's good planning and judgment regarding investments. Armaan and Jassi are shocked to discover that Nandu has received a job offer from Hansmukhi's, and Purab's, company.

Armaan's next move to impress Jassi involves celebrating her birthday in a big way. Armaan involves Balwant, Amrit, and Bebe in his plans for the surprise, but he fails to mention what the specific occasion is. He then invites Jassi and her parents to an old age home and makes a generous donation. While there, Armaan learns from Jassi that her birthday is actually not until the next week. When Billu asks Armaan whose birthday he is celebrating, he covers by saying that it's Raj's birthday. Jassi is impressed to see Armaan's gesture towards his friend.

While Armaan, Raj, and Jassi are working on the store plans, Mallika gives them the bad news that the store has been bought by someone else. Mallika puts all the blame on Jassi for being too laid back regarding the follow up on the store purchase. Aryan joins the blame game and adds Purab's name with Jassi's.

To clear her doubts, Jassi calls Hansmukhi and asks her if Purab has bought a store. Hansmukhi confirms that no such purchase has been made in connection with IFH, but Purab could be doing his own independent business. Nandu meets with Purab and comes to realize that he is not a bad guy.

Armaan plans to launch Gulmohur's new Satyapaul collection and, to impress Jassi, names it the Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin collection. Mallika feels left out when Armaan puts Jassi in charge of the collection. Purab decides to remove himself from Jassi's life, but before he leaves he wants to find out who is really behind the store purchase. Maddy and the clan gear up to prepare for the collection. Armaan plays his next card, which involves Jassi's parents in his plans for the fashion show that is dedicated to Jassi.

When Bebe and Amrit arrive at the back entrance of Gulmohur to wait for Armaan, Mallika sees them and gives them a hard time, mistaking them for beggars. Armaan comes and whisks them away. Jassi feels hurt and dejected that amidst all of the fashion show chaos everybody has forgotten her birthday. Even at home, no one seems to remember her big day, except for Nandu, which facilitates a reconciliation between the two friends.

At Jassi's house, Balwant is gearing up for Jassi's surprise birthday party. Bebe and Amrit practice their runway walk on a ramp under the supervision of Maddy, who is doubtful about the success of the collection. Purab finds out the name behind the purchase of the store and decides to give that as a birthday present to Jassi. Jassi is so hurt by Armaan's attitude that she decides to stay away from the show. Armaan is forced to start the show upon Mallika's insistence, though he tried to delay it as much possible while waiting for Jassi. Jassi decides to come to the fashion show after all and she walks in just as the Jassi Koi Nahin collection is unveiled, leaving her speechless. The fashion show is a hit and Jassi thanks Armaan for his special gift.

After the fashion show, Bebe and Amrit come home with the clan to celebrate Jassi's birthday. Armaan comes to Jassi's house to be a part of the celebration and Billu gives him a warm welcome. Everybody is shocked when Purab aarives. Purab gives Jassi the file that contains the name of the person who purchased the store, but she doesn't read it. Billu takes Jassi and Purab aside and clears all the doubts in Jassi's mind by giving her the letter that Purab had slipped under their door a while back. Armaan reads Purab's file and is angered to learn that Aryan was the one who bought the store.

Aryan tries to cover himself in front of Puru and Mallika by saying that he bought the store as a wedding gift for his sister. Puru declares that Armaan and Mallika's marriage date is fixed and it's on Mallika's birthday, putting Armaan in a big fix. Purab meets Jassi and they become friends again. Armaan privately assures Jassi that he cannot marry Mallika because he is in love with somebody else. Jassi is touched.

Balwant gets a call and discovers that some relatives are coming from Punjab for a marriage and will be staying at their house. At Gulmohur, just as the secretaries are about to tell Jassi about Armaan and Mallika's wedding date, Armaan takes Jassi away. Just as Armaan tries to convince Jassi to take the day off and go home, Mallika approaches and hands over a packet of wedding invitations to Jassi.

Armaan tells Jassi to go to the bank to do the final paperwork and get the loan for the store. At the bank, Jassi realizes the risk and decides against the loan and puts the paperwork on hold. Armaan loses his cool when he hears about Jassi's decision. He tells Raj that it was a big mistake to trust Jassi in the Kohinoor matter. Jassi overhears the conversation and leaves shattered. Jassi goes to Armaan and tells him that she will quit unless she is made CEO of Gulmohur.

Armaan decides to give the charge of Gulmohur to Jassi as CEO for the next six months. Jassi tells Armaan that if she is not able to recover the company's losses she will give Kohinoor back to him and will leave forever. Raj and Armaan see Jassi leaving with Purab, so Raj questions Armaan about his decision, but Armaan tells him that he knows what he is doing.

Billu gives a warm welcome to his cousin Kartar from Punjab, who has come with his sister, Pammi, and her son, Goga. Goga is getting married in Bombay. Purab offers his company's guest house for Billu's relatives to use.

Jassi informs Purab that Armaan has made her the CEO of the company. Purab becomes part of Goga's wedding arrangements. Bebe and Amrit feel happy to see Jassi and Purab in each other's company. Purab even helps to build Goga's confidence just before Goga's first meeting with his fiancée, Monika. Just as Bebe and Amrit are imagining a marriage for Jassi and Purab, Goga returns and announces that his marriage will not happen.

Goga informs Jassi that he will not marry Monika because she loves somebody else, as he was told by Monika's sister Simmi. Monika's father arrives with Simmi and apologizes to Goga's father for putting him and his family in an embarrassing situation. Purab and Jassi suggest that perhaps Goga and Simmi will be a good match for each other, and everyone else agrees.

Armaan is disconcerted when he tries to get Jassi to sign certain estimate approval papers, but she refuses to do so until he makes changes in the estimate. Bebe and Amrit arrange a double date for Jassi and Purab to go out with Goga and Simmi. Mehndi celebrations are in full swing, and Bebe and Amrit are happy to see Purab and Jassi dancing together. Purab saves the day again by offering his car for Goga's baarat.

Mallika asks Armaan why Jassi's signature is on a company check. Armaan tells her that he gave Jassi the authority just for the time being so he can devote his time and attention to wedding preparations. Jassi coins a name for the company constituted by Nandu, Purab, and Hansmukhi, she calls it 3T.

Armaan thinks that Aryan has revealed the company's problems to Puru, so Armaan hesitantly decides to admit to Puru that he is responsible for all the debt crisis in Gulmohur. Puru looks confused and asks Armaan about the crisis. Armaan realises that Puru knew nothing about the crisis, but now he feels compelled to tell his father the truth. Armaan tells Puru that he is thinking of making Jassi the CEO for six months. Puru tells him that the board members will have to make a decision about it and he calls Aryan.

Upon Jassi's questioning, Armaan reasons that the board meeting is just a formality to officially make her the CEO. At the board meeting, Armaan and Raj vote in favor of Jassi, while Ila and Puru both vote against her. The vote count ends up equal, with only Aryan left to cast the deciding vote, but he is not at the meeting. Puru adjourns the meeting and calls for a follow-up meeting to decide the matter. Jassi's official appointment as CEO is on hold. Jassi later meets all the board members and tells them about her strategy to make Gulmohur a successful company. Much to everybody's surprise and shock, Aryan votes in favor of Jassi and she is appointed as the CEO. Aryan later tells Jassi that it will be much easier for him to throw her out of Gulmohur after she fails, but Jassi is unaffected and accepts his challenge.

Balwant feels proud when Jassi discloses her surprising promotion. Armaan feels threatened when he hears all the praise for Jassi from Puru. Jassi then moves to a new office and assumes her new duties. Armaan fumes with anger when Jassi rejects one of his deals and suggests one of her own. While Jassi is working with full strength and dedication on Sheetal Ambuja's wedding collection, she is shocked to hear from Purab that his company, 3T has also made a pitch for the same collection. When Purab comes to know about Jassi's dilemma he offers to back out, but Jassi refuses to let him. They end up arguing and she walks out.

Purab and Jassi make up and decide to go up against each other in a good spirit, but her family is convinced that they are still fighting because Jassi and Purab refuse to talk about the matter. Sheetal Ambuja arrives at Gulmohur and is not pleased that nobody is there to greet her. She makes her way to Jassi's office and finds Jassi on her knees picking something up. Sheetal asks where the CEO is, just as Armaan comes in. Armaan takes charge of the situation and ignores Jassi. Jassi then tries to step forward to make the presentation for Sheetal, but Armaan doesn't let her speak in front of Sheetal and he ends up screwing up the presentation. Sheetal rejects their flowers concept for the collection and leaves. Jassi confronts Armaan and he apologizes, even though he is actually happy about having sabotaged Jassi's first assignment as CEO.

Purab meets Sheetal and manages to impress her with his charm and professional attitude. Sheetal asks Purab to design her wedding collection with the flowers concept, but she adds a condition to the deal. Purab meets Jassi and tells her that his company 3T got the Sheetal Ambuja contract and they will work on the concept of 'flowers'. Jassi shouts at Purab when she hears that his company's concept was the same as hers.

After being convinced by Purab, Sheetal decides to give Jassi another chance. Also, she is surprised to learn that Jassi is the CEO of Gulmohur. Armaan is frustrated to hear about the second chance given to Jassi by Sheetal. When Armaan shows up late for the presentation, Jassi goes off on him. Armaan loses his temper and refuses to do the presentation. Purab starts his own presentation, while Raj continues to convince Armaan to do the presentation, but he is hell-bent against it. Jassi decides to do the presentation herself and does it very confidently. Sheetal seems impressed, but she tells them that she will announce her decision the next day. Purab and Jassi get separate envelopes with the result of the presentation sealed inside.

Armaan quivers with rage when he see Purab congratulate Jassi for winning Sheetal's contract. Armaan's situation worsens when Mallika returns from London, but he manages to hide from her the fact that Jassi is now the CEO. At home, her parents and grandmother mistake her joy from winning the contract to be her wish to get married. Jassi is stunned when Nandu asks her why she didn't tell him that she is getting married to Purab.

Armaan plans to take the company back from Jassi and he prepares the documents to do so. Despite her dislike for Jassi being the CEO, Mallika returns to work, but she refuses to talk to either Armaan or Jassi. Armaan waits impatiently for Jassi to sign the document, but she is busy with Balwant, who has come with lunch for Jassi as an attempt to convince her to get married. Jassi finally reads the file for which Armaan had asked for her signature and she storms into Armaan's office and questions his intentions. Armaan asks her to give the company back to him. Jassi signs the papers, but with a clause added that she will remain CEO of the company for the next six months.

Puru urges Armaan to call a press conference to announce that he is still in control of Gulmohur before people stop relating his name with the company. At the press conference, Gehena, a dynamic journalist from Aaj Tak asks about Jassi, but Armaan ignores the question. Jassi is shocked when the secretaries inform her about the press conference. Armaan is forced to tell the press that Jassi is the CEO. Armaan then spreads a rumor about Jassi's relationship with Purab. Journalists start questioning Jassi about Purab and his contribution to her success and in her personal life.

Armaan appoints Pari as Jassi's secretary so she can spy on her. Gehena sneaks into Gulmohur to investigate Jassi's connection to Purab. Gehena wants to help Jassi after she senses her sincerity and honesty. Gehena is suspicious when she sees Mallika trying to break into a drawer in Armaan's desk. Everyone watches Aaj Tak, on which Sheetal Ambuja declares that she has given the contract of her wedding collection to Gulmohur only because of Jassi and her commitment towards her work. She also states that if anybody tries to remove Jassi from her position she will pull the contract from Gulmohur. Impressed with Jassi, Aaj Tak executives announce a huge contract with Gulmohur to give a new look to their network. While celebrating her success with her family and Purab, Jassi agrees to marry Purab.

While Jassi and Purab make plans for their wedding, Armaan decides to put his wedding on hold, at least until Jassi is no longer the CEO. Jassi gets geared up for the new collection, called 'Tomorrow's Collection'. Armaan gets nervous when he overhears Jassi telling the clan about her engagement to Purab.

For the new 'Tomorrow Collection', Jassi sends Veeru to deliver the draft of advance payment to the supplier. On his way out, Veeru bumps into Armaan, who snatches the envelope from him and orders him to get his car keys. Veeru, shaken by Armaan's behavior, leaves the draft with Armaan and scurries off. Armaan opens the envelope and is confused to see the draft. As Jassi sits at home, Maddy calls and informs her that the collection will not happen because the supplier never received the draft, so the material was not shipped.

Jassi interrogates Veeru about the draft, but all he can remember is that he bumped into somebody and lost the draft. Armaan is tensed to hear that Puru has called a board meeting to remove Jassi as the CEO because of her inefficiency. But things work out for Jassi when the supplier agrees to send the material because of Jassi's goodwill. Jassi is shocked when Veeru remembers that it was Armaan that he bumped into, and he gave the draft to him.

The clan is also perturbed about Veeru's mishap with the check, so they decide to launch an investigation of their own. Nandu comes to Gulmohur to whisk Jassi away to an Italian restaurant, where Purab has planned lunch for Jassi and her family. Jassi goes to the restaurant, but she turns back so she can solve the matter with the missing check. The clan snoops around Armaan's office, where they find the check. Jassi feels terribly betrayed by Armaan's foul act. She cries to herself, but then she goes to confront Armaan. Veeru sees the envelope and realizes that he saw it in Aryan's hands. Jassi knows that the only way to prove Veeru's point is to trap Aryan, which she does. Jassi feels that she has to apologise to Armaan.

Jassi tries to apologize to Armaan, but he doesn't respond. Back at home, Purab tells Jassi that he thinks that she has been in love with Armaan for a long time. Jassi tries to reassure Purab, but he is not convinced. The secretaries ask Jassi why Armaan has not been invited to her engagement party, so Jassi goes to invite Armaan, but he refuses, unless Jassi agrees to meet him alone, before or after her party.

Pari plants doubt in Mallika's head, leading her to believe that Jassi's party is an alibi for something else that Armaan has planned. That night, as Armaan leaves the office, Pari and Mallika follow him. During the party, Jassi remembers her scheduled meeting with Armaan and she tells Bebe and Amrit that she has to leave by 10 pm. Veeru makes a grand entrance at the party with a bottle of booze. Armaan goes to a card shop to pick something up for Jassi and he, coincidentally, sees Purab there. Armaan watches Purab as he picks a card, then he goes and chooses the very same card.

Jassi is about to leave to meet Armaan, so she triees to wrap up the party, but Billu is in a happy mood (drunk) and he wants to continue the celebration, so he goes out to buy more alcohol. Armaan stops near Jassi's house, with Mallika and Pari close behind. Billu sees Armaan in his car, so he insists that Armaan must come to the party.

Armaan manages to whisk Jassi away after the party and they chat like good friends about love. Jassi starts to confesss to Armaan how she never thought that she would find the perfect love, the love that makes the world go round, the love that she has found... in Armaan. The moment is uncomfortable, especially for Purab, who has witnessed the scene.

Purab's level-headedness makes him believe that there must be an explanation for what he saw and heard. He decides to call Jassi. Bindiya answers the call and tells him that Jassi is busy with Armaan. Purab decides to surprise Jassi, so he goes to pick her up at the end of the work day.

Gulmohur signs a new contract with a new client, Meenakshi Sinha. It turns out that Purab knows Meenakshi. Purab confesses that Meenakshi had been interested in him, but they soon drifted apart when he let her know that he wasn't interested in her. Meenakshi knows that there is a woman in Purab's life, but she doesn't care who it is, because she wants Purab, no matter what

Meenakshi arrives at Gulmohur and is completely charmed by Armaan. He introduces Jassi to Meenakshi, and Jassi shows Meenakshi around the office. Meenakshi is impressed by Gulmohur and by Jassi, but she can't help but remark that Jassi doesn't seem to fit into the world of fashion. Meenakshi realizes that her decision comes down to a choice between Armaan and Purab, where the contract is concerned. Her past with Purab sways her in his favor.

Purab decides to refuse the contract because it was handed to him for all the wrong reasons. But he does promise to introduce Meenakshi to the woman he plans to marry, so he invites her to his Pre-Diwali bash. Purab also invites everyone at Gulmohur to his party, including Armaan. Jassi's family dress up in their finest clothes, and Billu, in particular, is very excited about being part of a high society gathering. Glitz, glamour, and a performance by Band of Boys... Jassi has a difficult time grasping that this is the world she will be part of in the future. Just as Purab is about to introduce his bride-to-be to the crowd, Meenakshi makes a grand entrance and slides her hand into Purab's, which causes many of the guests to thinkk that she must be Purab's fiancée.

Meenakshi is stunned when she learns that Jassi is Purab's ideal woman. Although she is caught off guard, she congratulates Jassi, but there is a coldness in the air. Purab and Jassi are then thrown onto the dance floor and Jassi is clearly uncomfortable. Purab tries to help Jassi, but she just wants to leave. She and her family leave with Armaan, leaving Purab behind.

There is a fire at Gulmohur and the 'Tomorrow Collection' has been completely destroyed. Armaan is shattered by the fire, so Jassi tries to console him. Aryan and Mallika try to somehow place blame for the fire on Jassi. Nandu comes with Purab's offer to help Jassi through this crisis, but she refuses because she doesn't want personal favors. Meenakshi also offers Jassi the contract, but Jassi refuses that too because she believes that Meenakshi is only doing this for Purab.

Mallika and Aryan find out that Jassi refused Meenakshi's contract at such a critical time. Meenakshi calls Purab and tries to tell him that he should forget Jassi because she is from a different world. Jassi finally realizes that Gulmohur absolutely needs Meenakshi's contract, so she decides to accept it after all. Jassi wants to speak to Purab and give him the good news, but when she gets to his house he is no longer there. One of the movers hands Jassi a box that contains some old pictures of Jassi and Purab together, as well as a letter telling her why he has decided to go away.

Bebe falls unconscious due to high blood pessure, so when Jassi gets home she finds that she can't break the news about Purab's departure. At work, Jassi is so distracted that she signs a check for two and a half crores that ends up bouncing. The irate customer soon calls Aryan and informs him about the bounced check. In addition, an insurance agent reminds Aryan that the Gulmohur warehouse insurance has lapsed and that nobody has renewed it.

Jassi confides in Armaan that Purab has left her for good and she hasn't had the courage to tell this to her family because of Bebe's ill health. Billu and Bebe are in the thick of engagement preparations, awaiting Purab to spring a surprise on them. Armaan tries his best to help Jassi to cover up Purab's disappearance, but Jassi decides to reveal the truth to her family. Billu is very upset, about the break-up and the way Jassi kept the truth from them. Jassi is cheered up by Armaan the next morning when he lays out a breakfast table for her and gives her the day off.

Mallika rubs salt in Jassi's wound by making hurtful comments about Purab finally coming to his senses. Armaan helps Billu to realize that Jassi only kept the truth from the family to protect Bebe's health. Billu's attitude softens and he goes back to being Jassi's good old papaji.

Jassi thanks Armaan for his help, but all he wants is to be able to spend one day with her. Although she is grateful to Armaan, Jassi feels that she must refuse his request. Raj plans for Mallika and Armaan to attend a Louis Vuitton exhibition launch in Goa, but Armaan does not want to go. Jassi gives in and allows Armaan to drive her home, but he takes her to Raj's house instead.

Armaan has arranged a little table with two with smileys, soft toys, and lamps at Raj's house. And all topped with a plate of wada-pavs. Armaan says he wants to make Jassi feel special. Jassi slowly begins to open up and relives a trauma of her past. She says she was always the ugly one in the neighborhood and all the boys made fun of her, except one. He wooed her in the true, traditional, romantic way and Jassi fell in love with him. One day, they confessed their love to each other, but suddenly he disappeared from her life. Jassi then realized that she had been the victim of a cruel bet between the neighborhood boys. Armaan starts to feel guilty because in many ways, he too had treated Jassi just like the rest of the world always has.

Armaan returns home and Mallika tries her best to get romantic with him, but Armaan is far too preoccupied to reciprocate. Mallika vents out her frustrations to Pari and says that she is certain that Armaan is in love with someone else. Armaan speaks to Raj about how much pain Jassi has experienced in the past. Mallika has a huge fight with Armaan about his infidelity and Jassi overhears it all.

An Ex-Miss Universe, the supermodel Nethra, has come to Gulmohur and Pari brings her to meet Maddy, who is completely ecstatic. Nethra is introduced to a very excited clan, and then to Mallika and Armaan, who still seem very bitter after their fight. Mallika is about to leave on a trip to Goa, with Raj filling in for Armaan, but first she takes Jassi out to lunch to clear up some matters. Mallika asks Jassi if Armaan is seeing someone else, and she says that she wants Jassi's advice.

At the office, Nazneen finds a parcel in Raj's office addressed to Armaan, so she delivers it to Armaan's office. Jassi returns and she meets Nandini Sharma, a public relations consultant, who is waiting to see Armaan. Nandini says that she is pleased to meet Jassi because she has heard a lot about her and her abilities as CEO. Jassi finds the parcel from Raj and is curious. Armaan walks into the room and the parcel falls to the floor. Jassi decides to resign as CEO, to thank Armaan for his recent kindness, and she gives Armaan her letter of resignation. Armaan resists, but Jassi insists. Armaan leaves, so she begins to put back all the things that fell out of the parcel and she finds a letter from Raj to Armaan.

Jassi opens the letter and begins to read it. Her hands begin to tremble and her eyes well up with tears when she sees what Raj has written regarding Armaan's tactics to keep her happy and in control. Raj refers to the fact that Armaan must continue fooling her so Kohinoor can remain in their hands. Just a few more days and then he will be rid of the ugly Jassi forever. Nethra finds Jassi in a state of shock and she tries to comfort her, but the pain is too strong. She looks at all the cards in the parcel, all of them including instructions to Armaan to keep the illusion alive. Nandini then sees Jassi in this state. Jassi tries to lie, but Nandini sees through it.

Jassi makes copies of the letter and she returns the parcel to Nazneen, who puts it back in Raj's office. Jassi tries to conceal her anguish, but every time she looks at Armaan, the pain rushes back. Raj calls Armaan to see if he has received the parcel. Jassi overhears the conversation and hopes that somehow it is all some kind of misunderstanding, that perhaps Armaan had no clue about what Raj was doing, but her worst fears are confirmed by what she hears. Nandini walks in again on a devastated Jassi.

The clan notices Jassi's anguish, but Jassi won't tell them what's wrong. Nandini tries to comfort her, but Jassi says only one thing, "People who are born ugly, die ugly." Armaan wants to take Jassi out for a product launch and then wants to spend time alone with her, but Jassi senses that he is just scheming. Jassi makes an excuse and gets out of it. Armaan senses something wrong with Jassi but lets her be.

Nandini takes Jassi home. On the way, she unsuccessfully tries to get the real story from Jassi. At home, Jassi breaks down and confides in Nandu. She recounts how Armaan made her believe that she was the most important person in his life. She tells Nandu about the cards, flowers, chocolates, the wooing, the day she spent with Armaan at Raj's house. Jassi seems ready to give up, but Nandu reminds her about Kohinoor... the company that is legally hers. Armaan and his family are indebted to her and if she wants, she can take advantage of that fact. Jassi then writes in her diary and relives all her childhood horrors, including her angst as a teenager and as a college student.

Jassi goes to work the next morning and is ready to trash all of Armaan's mementos when Nandini comes in. Nandini explains that it is easy to throw away objects, but what about her feelings? Can her feelings be discarded so easily? Is it not possible for her to give this person a chance to justify his behavior? During the day, Jassi finds another card from Armaan on her desk, which just enrages her. Armaan is pleased by Jassi's handling of a meeting with a supplier, so he tells her that he wants to take her out to dinner. His words and behavior fit exactly with what Raj urged Armaan to say and do per his instructions in the letter. Later in the day, Jassi walks in on Bindiya who is very upset with her husband, who has filed for divorce because there is another woman. The clan tells her that it is time for her to teach her husband a lesson by going out with another man. Jassi overhears this and gets a new determination in her eyes.

Armaan is all set to leave for the L'Oreal Fashion Fiesta with Jassi and he tells her that he is looking forward to their special dinner after the event. Jassi has other plans. She calls Nandu to the event and tells him to dress his best, after all, he is the General Manager of Kohinoor... and her boyfriend. At the event, Armaan is dragged away by all the beautiful models to the green room. Armaan introduces Jassi, stating that she is an important part of Gulmohur. Jassi fantasizes about screaming the truth at Armaan and slapping his face. Nandu makes his grand entrance, all suited and gelled. The gorgeous and vivacious Malaika Arora makes an even grander entrance. Jassi introduces Nandu to Malaika as her boyfriend. The event ends and Jassi says goodbye to Armaan, because she says that she is having dinner with Nandu. Armaan is stunned by her rejection.

Armaan holds Jassi back, demanding an explanation. On the way out, money-hungry Pari manages to get hold of Nandu's business card. At home, Jassi instructs Nandu to start looking to buy a company car. The next morning, Jassi finds another card awaiting her on her desk and she tears it up. To her surprise, she finds Armaan standing at her door.

Jassi receives some Kohinoor bank papers, which state that Gulmohur has been taking loans from Kohinoor and is, therefore, indebted to Jassi's company. Jassi takes the papers to Armaan for his signatures, bit je hesitates because he realizes that Gulmohur is almost completely owned by Kohinoor due to the number of loans taken in the past. He signs nevertheless and Jassi's confidence grows. Mallika and Raj return from Goa and Raj rushes to Armaan to get an update. Raj is concerned when he hears of Jassi's strange behaviour.

[NOTE: This episode featured a crossover between "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin" and "Kkusum".] Everybody goes to attend Jenny's wedding. At the reception, Jenny feels cold, so Kkusum (Shilpa Saklani) gives her own shawl to her. Kumud (Aashka Goradia) enters a room and finds a corpse hanging from the fan, so she screams. Nandu calls Jassi excitedly to tell her he has found the perfect car for Kohinoor, a Mercedes Benz! He asks Jassi to come down to the showroom. Jassi announces to Armaan that she has lunch plans with Nandu and she leaves. Jassi is unsure of the expense for a Mercedes, but Nandu reminds her that the money is coming in from Kohinoor, which is doing well thanks to Nandu's successful investments.

There is complete and utter disbelief as the clan, Mallika, and Pari see Jassi and Nandu pull up in a Mercedes. Armaan instructs Jassi to prepare the Annual General Report and the balance sheets for the next board meeting, and he hints at manipulating the report so nobody will have any real idea about the company's performance. Jassi returns to her office and seethes with anger, remembering the contents of Raj's letter.

At home, Billu is busy tinkering with his car when Nandu comes driving up in the shiny new Mercedes. Billu is aghast and is quite sure that the car has been bought without Armaan's consent. Once again, Jassi overhears Raj coaching Armaan on how to coerce her into fudging the balance sheet. Armaan's dismay grows further when Mallika informs him that Nandu has bought a Mercedes.

Jassi warns Nandu to be careful because there are girls who will be throwing themselves at him because of the expensive car, especially Pari. Jassi insists that Nandu must buy himself some new snazzy clothes. At home, Armaan calls for Jassi, but she asks Bebe to lie and tell him that she is not at home, even though Jassi knows that Armaan followed her and Nandu there just minutes earlier.

Armaan desperately begs Jassi to go out with him, so she reluctantly agrees, but on one condition... she wants to go out to a really expensive restaurant that is certain to be crawling with Armaan's friends, so he can prove that he is not ashamed to be seen with her in public. Armaan is uncomfortable, but he agrees to Jassi's demand. At the restaurant, Armaan is mobbed by acquaintances and his discomfort increases. Jassi borrows Armaan's cell phone and calls Nandu to ask him to pick her up. Armaan's jealousy mounts and he makes a scene. Jassi leaves the restaurant and Armaan follows. He confesses that jealousy is killing him. He wants to know why she is doing this to him, and yells out that he loves her.

Back at the office, Jassi tells Armaan that she will only fudge the balance sheets if Armaan cancels his wedding with Mallika. Then Armaan finds out that Aryan wants to sell his Gulmohur shares. To top it all, Mallika decides to let Jassi send out her wedding invitations. Jassi is shocked to find out that Nandu had taken Pari out on a date. Raj and Armaan overhear Jassi's conversation with Nandu while she blasts him over the phone for "cheating on her." She asks him to pick her up, and Armaan sees Jassi get into Nandu's new car, so he follows them. They get to a restaurant, where Nigar Khan is performing a song called "Dil ko hazaar baar roka". As Jassi and Nandu argue about Pari, Jassi catches a glimpse of Armaan, so she walks towards him, but he slips away.

After Nandu helps her by putting on an act in front of Armaan, Jassi allows Nandu to go out with Pari, but she makes him promise not to lie to her anymore, and he mustn't let Pari con him into giving her money. Jassi and Nandu get home and Armaan pulls up his car behind them, so Nandu kisses Jassi goodbye. At the office, Mallika is excited about the lease that she and Armaan have signed for their new apartment. After listening to Armaan's rantings about Jassi, Raj starts to wonder if Armaan has somehow actually fallen in love with her.

As the board meeting approaches, Jassi's balance sheet isn't ready, so Armaan and Raj are nervous wrecks. Jassi is resistant to Armaan's demands, so he goes into frenzy, grabs her and embraces her tightly. A shocked Nandini is standing at the door and witnesses the scene. Jassi catches up to Nandini and tries to clarify things, but in vain. Aryan discovers that Kohinoor is actually owned by Jassi, not Nandu. He begins to wonder where Jassi could have gotten so much money to start her own company.

In his office, Armaan is wallowing in drunken misery and he pours his heart out to an empty chair, as though it were Jassi. Later that night, Armaan sees Jassi with Nandu yet again and the two men get into a fist fight. Jassi tries to pull Armaan away as he mercilessly beats Nandu. The uncontrollable Armaan finally stops after being slapped hard across the face by Jassi.

Nandu goes to Pari's house, where he almost gives her a loan, but luckily his check book is not with him. In Jassi's office, Armaan gives her an apology letter, which also contains confessions about his love for her, so Jassi challenges him to admit his love for her in front of everybody. Armaan assures Jassi that he will freely and gladly admit his love for her in front of everyone after the board meeting. Jassi finally completes the balance sheet, but not the fudged one that Armaan is hoping for, but the real one. Raj and Armaan try to hide the real balance sheet from Puru.

Nandini, knowing that Jassi is desperate to get away from Gulmohur, asks Jassi to accompany her to Miami for a huge project she is working on. Mallika learns that Jassi slapped Armaan so, fuming with rage, she lashes out at Jassi. The board meeting begins and Aryan raises an issue about Jassi owning Kohinoor. She is called into the meeting and is questioned. Jassi says that Kohinoor was a gift to her from Nandu. Shaken by Aryan's menacing mendacity, Jassi starts to make alterations to the balance sheet.

Armaan is happy because he knows that he is going to get the fake balance sheet. Valentine's Day arrives and a bouquet of roses arrives and Jassi, which makes her wonder if perhaps Armaan really does love her. Armaan tries to hug Jassi, and she gives in to the embrace, knowing well that this is their goodbye hug. Aryan discovers that Gulmohur has been mortgaged to Jassi. At home, Jassi breaks the news that she is quitting her job, which leaves Bebe and Billu stunned. Mallika is concerned about Armaan's wavering commitment towards their impending marriage, while Armaan is doubtful about the marriage because he is now certain that he is head over heels in love with Jassi.

Raj tries to explain to Armaan that his marriage to Mallika is very crucial for Gulmohur's survival, so Jassi can't get in the way of his wedding, so once the balance seet is submitted, Jassi should be sent away. Armaan needs to do whatever he can to get the fudged balance sheet, even if it means professing his love to Jassi again. Jassi overhears the conversation and is deeply hurt and angry.

The board meeting is about to begin and everyone is waiting for the balance sheet. Jassi hands out copies of the balance sheet to everyone. Raj and Armaan are dumbfounded to find the first page to be a photocopy of Raj's infamous letter. The second page of the folder reveals that Gulmohur is in debt and is also mortgaged for a huge amount of money. Everyone is also deeply upset about Armaan putting Kohinoor in Jassi's name. There is a big hue and cry about the position of the company, but then Jassi steps in and tries to clarify the matter. After a much-needed explanation about the company, Jassi finally offers up her resignation letter

Armaan is asked to step down from his presidency. Jassi breaks down after the board meeting is over. She goes back to her office and packs her belongings, including the gifts and cards that she received from Armaan. Armaan begs Jassi not to leave, but she is firm about her decision. Puru has been elected as the new interim president. As Jassi is walking out with her belongings, Mallika stops her and wants to check to make sure Jassi isn't stealing anything from the company. They go to Mallika's office where Mallika empties Jassi's bag and finds the gifts and cards.

Mallika calls off her wedding to Armaan, who breaks down in front of Puru. Jassi gets back home and receives a call from Nandini, who says that their plane leaves in an hour and that Jassi should hurry. Mallika reads out the Raj's letter that was given to Armaan in front of Puru and Ila. Everyone is shocked to hear that Armaan has another woman in his life. Armaan wants to meet Jassi and clear things up with her, but she is gone.

Jassi is packing her stuff to take off for Mauritius with Nandini. While rushing to Jassi's house, Armaan gets in a traffic scuffle and gets himself beaten up badly. Jassi, while on her way to the airport, sees Armaan being beaten up on the road and she goes to his rescue. Armaan lies wounded and unconscious in Jassi's lap. Jassi takes the wounded Armaan to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jassi's family reaches the airport to see her off, only to find Nandini still waiting for Jassi to arrive. Mallika gets to the hospital, where she finds Jassi and has a huge showdown with her. Nandini gives up on Jassi and turns to leave, but at the last moment she sees Jassi, who has finally arrived. Armaan slips away from the hospital and makes a dash for the airport.

Armaan yells out to Jassi but in vain. His shouts are unheard and Jassi takes off for Mauritius. Armaan heads to Jassi's house to find out where she went, but Nandu refuses to tell him. On their plane, Nandini tells Jassi to get over her past and look forward to a new beginning. They arrive in Mauritius and Nandini gets a call from Mallika, who tells her that her marriage to Armaan is off. A shocked Nandini learns from Jassi about what happened at the board meeting. Armaan is wallowing in misery and talking to Jassi's photograph, when Mallika comes in and gives him all the cards and love letters he had written to Jassi.

Nandini gets a call from Purab Mehra, who happens to be a good friend of hers, and who also happens to be in Mauritius. Nandini and Jassi go to the fashion show rehearsals and Jassi feels like a misfit amongst all the beautiful contestants. Nandini tells Jassi about her friend whom she has to meet up with, but Jassi is unaware that this friend is Purab. Nandini meets Purab at a party in a casino, and Purab is curious to meet Nandini's companion. Jassi, after a lot of hesitation, finally goes to the party where she sees Purab.

Back at Gulmohur, the lawyers are sorting out legal papers with Puru, Armaan, Mallika, and Ila, and they are told that the company's situation can only be salvaged if Jassi returns the next day to sign some papers. Purab tries to find out from Nandini as to how Jassi suffered a heartbreak. Nandini asks Purab to stay away from Jassi until she recovers from her depression. Jassi's parents contact her to tell her about Armaan's desperate need for her to return to Gulmohur, but she refuses to come back. Nandini tries to convince Jassi to get a new hairdo and a new wardrobe, but Jassi is adamant and refuses.

Nandini and Jassi meet Gauri Pradhan, and Nandini and Gauri both try to coax Jassi into getting a makeover, but Jassi says she needs time to heal her pain. Nandu goes as Jassi's legal representative to a meeting at Gulmohur, but nothing can be done until Jassi personally comes and signs the papers. Nandu reveals to Amrit and Bebe that Jassi is going to be the owner of Gulmohur. While in an almost trancelike state, Jassi almost walks into a deep pitch, but Purab saves her. Purab, after having learned about Jassi's heartbreak from Nandini, resolves to never let her go again. Jassi starts to feel better, so Nandini takes her shopping and gets her a new hairdo. Purab sees Jassi's new look and is speechless.

Jassi now attracts a lot of attention from passersby, as well as from Purab, Divya, Karan Oberoi, and Nandini. A farewell party is organized for a woman named Divya, and Jassi has a ball dancing the night away. Back in Mumbai, Armaan is drunk and he yells out for Jassi. At the same moment, Jassi suddenly seems to hear the heart wrenching cry of Armaan and she falls to the ground calling out his name.

Purab confesses his love to Jassi, but Jassi doesn't want to acknowledge it. Nandu tells Jassi about the goings-on at Gulmohur, particularly how the lawyers have threatened to take legal action Jassi doesn't come back. Jassi determines to fight them by bringing in her own lawyer. At a board meeting, Armaan is disrespectful and drunk, so Ila tells him to get a hold of himself. Back in Mauritius, Purab and Jassi walk hand in hand, absorbing the beauty of the place.

Concerned for Jassi's welfare, Bebe goes to Jassi's room and finds her diary. She finds it, reads it, and learns about all that Jassi went through with Armaan. Armaan gets in a brawl in a bar and is badly beaten up. Mallika gets Armaan home, cleans his wounds, and takes care of him, hoping to win him back. Nandini takes Jassi to a makeup counter and gets her a new makeover to go with her new hairstyle. Back at the pageant venue, Jassi attracts so much of attention that everyone mistakes her for one of the contestants. As the pageant is about to start, Jassi's glasses fall off and are trampled by Purab, so she has to get replacements.

Purab is in awe of Jassi's complete transformation. He presents her to the media and the TV crew surrounding her. Purab even offers her a modeling contract, but she refuses. Nandini tries to tell Jassi that she should not have refused such a good opportunity to make a lot of money.

Mallika discovers the password of the Kohinoor bank account and she transfers the money while vowing to destroy Jassi's life. Mallika then accuses Jassi of embezzling the money, but Armaan refuses to believe it. Meanwhile, Jassi is getting irritated by the phone calls and the attention she is getting from her fans.

The police, on Mallika's instigation, search Jassi's house, but they find nothing. Billu blames Nandu for having instigated Jassi. Mallika calls a press conference, where she informs them about Jassi's fudged balance sheets, as well as how she disappeared after the last board meeting. She also points an accusing finger at Jassi's family. Billu steps forward in a rage, so Mallika has him dragged away by security. Jassi happens to see this happen on TV and is shocked. Jassi is then stricken when she hears her father saying that she has disgraced her family and he does not want too see her face ever again.

Jassi heads back home, hoping that her family will forgive her. Mallika goes to Jassi's house, accuses her parents, and reveals that Armaan and Jassi were having an affair. Jassi arrives in time to overhear her father shouting about her actions, and she sees him throwing her belongings out of the house. Jassi decides to leave without entering the house. She goes to the gurudwara, where she decides that she has to start a new life by signing Purab's contract.

Jassi adopts a new persona for her modeling career. She calls herself Jessica Bedi. In the studio, Jessica enters the makeup room and she sees a chair that she is told is not to be touched. Jessica is informed that the chair belongs to a model named Meneka. Meneka warns Jessica to stay away from the photographer, because he is her boyfriend.

Armaan wants Mallika to apologize to Jassi's family for all that she has said and done against them. When he brings Mallika to their house, Bebe tells Armaan to leave because he has done enough damage to their family. Instead of apologizing, Mallika just added more salt to the Walias' wounds by spewing more of her nasty venom.

Purab humiliates Meneka by making Jessica the new face to represent his company. Purab then takes Jassi/Jessica to inaugurate a new shop in Goa, and Raj coincidentally happens to be in the same shopping mall. Nandini spots Raj and panics, thinking that he might possibly recognize Jessica as Jassi if he were to see her. Raj does indeed see Jessica and the sight of her leaves him dumbstruck, but not because he recognizes her as Jassi, but because he is captivated by her beauty. Jassi/Jessica, meanwhile, can only think of all the pain that she has gone through because of Raj's schemes with Armaan.

Raj calls Armaan to talk about this beauty named Jessica. In the morning, Raj spots Jessica by the beach, so he approaches her and gives her his business card. Back in Mumbai, Jassi's family is eating a meal together when Nandu enters and tells that Jassi came home, because he found her airline tickets outside the house. Raj sends a message to Jessica's room, so Jassi/Jessica then sends it to Meneka's room, hoping that Raj can distract himself with her instead. Jassi/Jessica observes the scene when Meneka shows up to meed Raj. Meneka is not pleased when she learns that Raj was waiting for Jessica, so she slaps him. Purab approaches Jassi/Jessica's table and Raj is shocked to Armaan's old rival there.

Bebe is hospitalized, so Amrit and Billu feel helpless. Armaan is arrested for trying to defend Jassi's family from the police. Nandu goes to visit Armaan to tell him that he overheard the police mention Aryan's name, implying that Aryan was somehow involved in Armaan's arrest. When Nandu fills Armaan in on what has happened to Bebe, Armaan tells Nandu to make sure Bebe gets the best treatment available, and he will take care of the medical bills.

Purab tells Jassi/Jessica that she has a contract for a job in Paris. Nandini tells Purab that she knows that he was instrumental in getting Jassi/Jessica the Paris contract. Aryan and Mallika happen to be watching the news on TV when a segment is being shown in which Jessica is heading to the airport. Raj, disappointed that Jessica has left for Paris, decides to return to Mumbai.

Jessica also has a contract with Gulmohur, so she goes there and is treated badly by Mallika. Jessica says that she is going to have to reconsider her contract because she is not accustomed to such behavior, so she forces Mallika to apologize in order to keep her under contract. Jessica can't help but be amazed by the way people treat her now, particularly in comparison to the way they treated her before, when she was ugly Jassi.

Bebe comes home from the hospital and Billu realizes that Armaan has been helping them. Amrit gives Nandu a tiffin for him to pass along to Jessica. Jassi/Jessica is so happy that she hurriedly takes the tiffin from Nandu and opens it. Mallika brings Jessica a file that lays out the proposed details of Jessica's campaign. Mallika brings Jessica to Jassi's office to give her some privacy. As Mallika and Jessica are about to enter Jassi's office, Armaan appears and bars their entry.

Nandu shows Jessica a newspaper story announcing the sale of the Walia home at a rock bottom price, because of their desperate need for money. Billu tries to keep this news from Bebe. Billu later sees Jessica standing outside the house and he thinks that she is a prospective house buyer. Billu takes Jessica around the house, showing her all the rooms. When they get to Jassi's room, Billu tells Jessica that it is a guest room. Armaan and Nandu are about to enter the Walia house, just as Jessica steps outside and bumps right into Armaan. Billu slaps Nandu for taking the ownership papers for the house, not knowing that Nandu was only doing as Armaan asked in order to help the family to keep their home. Bebe steps in and tells Billu to shut up and listen, and she states that she will decide what to do with the house. Billu tells Jessica that he is sorry, but the house is not available. Bebe then tells Billu that Jessica is the one who bought the house.

Jessica has lunch with the family and it almost feels like old times. Even Armaan is at the table. An interview with Mallika comes on the TV in which Mallika makes some nasty comments about Jassi. Billu turns the TV off, but Jassi/Jessica is in shock, and she thinks that her family can never really move on until she "buries" Jassi for once and for all. Jassi/Jessica later daydreams that Armaan knows that she is really Jassi. When Purab snaps her out of her reverie, Jassi/Jessica tells him that she had a bad dream in which Armaan found out who she really is.

Mallika tells Jessica that she arranged an interview, and she apologizes for not telling her before setting it up. Mallika then tells Armaan that she has been feeling sick, so Armaan tells her to see a doctor. Mallika watches Jessica's TV interview closely. Jessica talks about Gulmohur with a great deal of fondness, and she even says that whatever Gulmohur is today, it is because of Mallika Seth.

Billu, Amrit, and Bebe see the interview and Billu is mortified that they've just sold their house to Mallika Seth's new best friend. Jessica then stops by the house, but Billu now treats her with sarcasm. Jessica invites Mallika to share a glass of wine with her to celebrate the successful interview.

Nandu discovers Jessica's true identity, and the two old friends share a hug and some tears together. Jessica is revealed to be the new owner of Kohinoor. Armaan feels certain that Jassi would not sell Kohinoor to anyone who is not trustworthy, so he is fine with the situation. Mallika is now furious with Jessica and she plans to destroy her by framing her and Purab for Jassi's murder.

Jessica and Armaan go out together, and he takes her to Raj's apartment, where Jessica's memories of Armaan and Jassi's history in that place become too much for her to handle. At Raj's place, Jessica finds a photograph of Jassi and Armaan tries to snatch it away from her. The photo gets torn and all of the love Armaan has in his heart for Jassi pours out and tears pour from his eyes. He tells Jessica all about Jassi. Jessica melts and gives Armaan a hug, which turns into a passionate embrace, but their moment is interrupted by a phone call from Raj.

Raj comes home to his apartment and is surprised to see Armaan and Jessica alone together. Jassi/Jessica later sees Nandu and she tells him that she now feels sure that Armaan loves her, as Jassi. The two old friends also plan on how they are going to defeat Mallika. Mallika and Aryan conspire about how to get their company back from Jessica. Mallika decides to bribe the police to arrest Jessica for Jassi's murder. After observing Armaan and seeing how much pain he is in because of losing Jassi, Jessica's heart melts and she is tempted to reveal her true identity to him. Raj discovers that the police are going to arrest Jessica, so he tries to get in touch with her to warn her. The police walk into Jessica's place with a search warrant just as she is about to reveal her identity to Armaan.

Jessica admits in front of the media that she did kill Jassi. The clan at Gulmohur see the news and are shocked, while Mallika and Aryan relish the moment. Purab and Nandu go to jail to visit Jessica and they try to bail her out, but she refuses. Bebe prays in front of Babaji's photo. She is certain tha Jassi is alive and she wants her to come back home. Armaan and Raj can't believe that Jessica killed Jassi. Mallika visits Jessica in the jail and tells her that the only way she can save herself is to give Gulmohur to her. Aryan helps Mallika to find a lawyer named Thakral (Aman Verma) to have Jessica locked away for a long time. Bebe visits Jessica and offers her a blessing for her to win her case. Nandu assures Billu and Amrit that Jassi is indeed alive. Raj tells Armaan that Jessica is innocent, but Armaan wonders why Jessica confessed to the crime on TV.

NDTV reporters give an update on Jessica's case and show clips of Jassi's friends at Gulmohur and Jassi's family. Bebe tells viewers that the case is false, because Jassi is still alive. Then trial begins and a number of Jassi's belongings that were found at Jessica's place are presented to the court as evidence. Thakral calls the members of the clan and they talk about Jassi being a simple, hardworking employee, then they all lash out with harsh words against Jessica. The secretaries all state that Jassi could not have cheated the company and embezzled money. Thakral also calls Armaan and Raj for the prosecution. Billu learns that Jessica is really Jassi and he goes to visit her in jail.

Thakral is in court and exudes confidence as he calls Mallika to the witness stand. Jessica then asks rebuttal questions and catches Mallika off guard, thereby requiring Thakral to step in and make objections and other interference. Jessica gets a bit wild and accuses all of society for her decision to "kill" Jassi. Jessica ends her statement by saying that Jassi is actually alive and standing right in front of the court. Armaan believes that Jessica is indeed his very own Jassi. Raj tries to speak to Jessica and he says that she is very different from Jassi, but only in appearance. Thakral tells Mallika that she will be punished if Jessica really is Jassi, but he is still determined to prove that she is not Jassi at all. Thakral cross examines Jassi's family members and then tells the judge that Jassi's parents and her friends have been bribed in order to protect Jessica. Jassi's friends and family are banned from visiting her, just so the court can be certain that they are not being coached on what to say in court.

Nandu tells Jessica that she should hire a good lawyer. Purab and Raj independently try to contact some very good attorneys, but none are willing to take the case. Purab tries to convince Indira Bhargav (Sakshi Tanwar), but she refuses to take Jessica's case. Nandu tells Armaan about Indira Bhargav, and he is successful at getting her to accept the case. Indira tells Jessica that Armaan is the one who convinced her to come to her defense. Jessica tells Indira that the only witnesses to her transformation from Jassi to Jessica were Nandini and Purab. Purab and Armaan prepare to go to Mauritius to find evidence to help Jessica. Aryan hires a merchant to say that Jessica transferred money from the Jassi Walia account to Gulmohur.

Purab gives Armaan all the evidence he was able to find. The two are heading back to deliver the evidence when their car is blocked and they get into a fight during which Purab gets injured and the bag of evidence is stolen. They call Nandu and tell him to inform the judge about the stolen evidence. The judge decides that the verdict will be pronounced the next day. The next day, it is reported that Jessica has escaped, then Jassi enters the court, leaving everyone present stunned. Jassi tells the court that she is Jassi, and she is also Jessica. Raj tells the judge that he helped Jassi to transform back into her old self to prove that she is really who she claimed to be. Thakral objects says that he demands more proof that Jessica is Jassi. Armaan, who recovered the bag of evidence, approaches the judge with the tapes, photographs, and papers that prove Jassi's story. Armaan is taken aback to see Jassi looking like her old self. The police then arrest a shocked and crying Mallika, as a dazed Aryan watches helplessly. Purab watches events unfold on TV in the hospital.

Jassi is shot and is whisked away to the hospital. Mallika feigns illness and is also admitted to the hospital, and she winks at Aryan to let him know that she is fine. In the meantime, the CID team searches for clues by meeting Jassi's family and friends. They find out that Purab was arrested and bailed out for intended murder, so Purab is then interrogated by the CID team. Ila sees Armaan in the hospital and asks him whether he even bothered to check up on Mallika. The CID team gets a breakthrough when they find a photo of a man who regularly attended the court proceedings. Nandu flips through television channels and sees a heated debate taking place between Mahesh Gupta and Ramachand Guha, a social activist against beauty contests. Nandu recognizes Ramachand as a man who had been leaving notes outside Jessica's home, so he informs the CID team. Mallika makes a hint about calling Anjali, Armaan's sister, to Ila. The CID team interrogates Ramachand Guha and a man named Romeo. They then learn that there is a connection between Romeo and Ramachand, and it is soon revealed that the two men wanted to kill Indira Bhargav, but Jassi stepped in the way.

After the long trial and Jassi's hospitalization, she is finally reunited with Armaan, who tells her how much he loves her. She is also reunited with her family, but Armaan can't keep himself from calling her every five minutes. Jassi tells Purab that he will always remain a dear friend, but it is Armaan who she loves with all her heart. Ila eagerly awaits the arrival of Anjali (Angel), her daughter who she thinks will be able to change Armaan's mind about Jassi. Armaan tells Ila that he is going to propose to Jassi. The doctor informs Mallika that she can be discharged, but she creates a big fuss. Ila calls Mallika and informs her about Armaan's plans to propose to Jassi. Billu expresses his concerns to Jassi regarding how she and Armaan are from two very different worlds.

Armaan proposes to Jassi, but their moment is interrupted by Angel's entrance. Angel informs Ila that Armaan has already proposed. Jassi returns home and is unnerved to find Purab there. Jassi tells Bebe that she will accompany her to the Golden Temple and will probably do the engagement celebration there. Ila tells Armaan that she will accept Jassi as her daughter-in-law, but only if the engagement party is held at the Marriot. Jassi tells Billu that Armaan has proposed to her, but she will only say yes after he gives her his permission. Ila and Angel come to the Walia house to give the Shagun to Jassi's family, which constitutes the Suri family's official request for Jassi's hand in marriage to Armaan. Angel tries to humiliate the family by not-so-subtly referring to their home and their class. Jassi notifies Armaan that she has promised Bebe that the engagement party will happen in Amritsar.

Billu tells Ila that the party will happen in Amritsar, but Ila insists that the sagai must happen at the Marriot. Jassi discusses this matter with Armaan, but he is too much in love to realize the gravity of the situation. Jassi invites Purab to the engagement party at Amritsar and Purab warns her about the upper class snobbery of Armaan's family, which Jass has come to recognize all too clearly.

Jassi and her family leave for Amritsar by train, the way they have always traveled, although Armaan expected that they would fly instead. Armaan tells Puru that they will all be leaving for Amritsar the next day and Puru is very happy for his son. The Walias meet some relatives at the railway station and all are surprised to see how beautiful Jassi has become (I guess they don't watch the news). Everyone in Amritsar tries to please Armaan, but he prefers a lassi to a Coke, as well as other little class differences. Purab is about to launch a campaign for which Jassi modeled, but the project's art director, Roy, has grafted Jassi's face onto a semi-nude body. The picture is unveiled and the Suris are all shocked to see such an image.

In Amritsar, Jassi and Armaan are celebrating the Lori and they visit the Golden Temple, where Armaan removes the ring and gets officially engaged to Jassi. Mallika instigates Purab by taunting him about Jassi and Armaan's engagement. Puru speaks to Armaan over the phone and tells him that he must return to Mumbai immediately. Angel tells her Ila to calm down because Armaan and Jassi will certainly break up. Armaan reaches Mumbai and family shows him the campaign that features Jassi, which embarrasses and angers him. Armaan goes to Purab's office, but does not find him there. Seeing Jassi's posters along the city roads just makes Armaan even angrier. Armaan sees Jassi and they have a heated argument about the campaign.

Jassi's family is humiliated, so she agrees to leave home, according to their wishes. Roy confesses to his friends about how he morphed Jassi's photograph and his words are recorded live by a television reporter. The Suris and Walias all learn that they were mistaken about Jassi. Mallika pretends that she wants to make amends with the Walias, and Jassi offers her forgiveness. Angel gets the idea for a pre-nup from her friend Shaina.

Thakral advises Mallika and Angel on the nuances of a pre-nuptial contract. The Walias are feeling nervous about the engagement and Armaan and Jassi do the demo of the pheras. A designer named Wally enters the Walias' home and he copmments on their clothing choices. Thakral meets Armaan to talk about the pre-nuptial contract. Nandu gets his hands on the envelope that contains the pre-nup and he tells Bebe about it. At the party, the lights go off, a spotlight falls on Jassi, and Armaan sings to Jassi and gives her a "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin" CD. Abhijeet Sawant then enthralls the crowd with his performance.

After Angel's nagging, Armaan agrees to get Jassi to sign the pre-nup. Angel stops the party proceedings and announces that the couple will be signing a pre-nup and she then starts to read the clauses of the contract. Billu grabs Jassi's hand and drags her out of the room. Armaan later feels totally dejected and Jassi pines for him. Armaan is introduced to his new secretary, Rhea (Pooja Ghai Rawal), in whom he notices many similarities to Jassi. Angel continues conspiring against Jassi and she gets the help of a young man named CJ, who tells Angel that he will tear Jassi apart by destroying her support system.

Rhea starts to insinuate herself into Armaan's life more and more every day. One day Armaan takes Rhea to Jassi's favorite restaurant and someone in the distance snaps pictures of them together as they are leaving. From the angle at which the picture was taken, it looks as if Rhea was leaning into the cab to kiss Armaan. Jassi gives in and signs the pre-nup, and Armaan takes the document and throws it away, saying that it does not matter to him. Jassi does a photo shoot for which she has to dress like a bride. As Armaan and Jassi are returning after the photo shoot, Jassi still in her bridal outfit, Mallika sees them and notices the Sindoor in Jassi's hair. Bebe and Amrit also react when they see Jassi dressed as a bride, but the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up. The next day, Jassi goes to the office to see Armaan and she meets Rhea for the first time. Jassi also meets CJ, who expresses his desire to start up a business alliance with Gulmohur. Jassi tells him that he will have to meet Armaan instead. This is exactly what CJ wants, so he meets Armaan and quickly moves to strike up a friendship.

Armaan brings Rhea to help him select a special surprise gift for Jassi. He also secretly buys a brooch for Rhea. Raj tells Jassi that he is leaving Gulmohur. Ila and Angel ask Armaan to persuade Raj to stay on. Jassi finds the broach in Armaan's coat. She then overhears someone talking about seeing Armaan at the restaurant with Rhea. When she later sees Rhea wearing the brooch, she starts to become suspicious. Mallika notices that Rhea is falling in love with Armaan, so she tries to poison Rhea's mind by telling her about Armaan's womanizing ways. Mallika's words start to ring true for Rhea when she sees how well Armaan gets along with a new model named Pallavi.

Jassi's family awaits the wedding, which is to take place in two weeks. Pandit says that due to rahu kal, the wedding should be postponed until the end of the month. A farewell party is held for Raj, and another is organized to welcom CJ to Gulmohur. Rhea shows up at the party and she presents a document in which she has filed a claim of sexual harassment against Armaan. Of course, this was suggested to Rhea by Mallika. The Suris are very upset by the accusation, and Angel wonders how Rhea could lodge such a complaint. Jassi is told that if Armaan does not resign, she must fire him. The situation causes tension between Armaan and Jassi. Raj begins his new job and is told that his priority is to beat Gulmohur. The sexual harassment inquiry begins and Armaan is soon found guilty of the offense, based upon the weight of the evidence against him.

Jassi assures Armaan that she believes in his innocence, but she is tired of the whole situation. CJ tries to find out who is really the instigator of the sexual harassment charges. Rhea goes missing, so Madhavi suspends the inquiry. Mallika hides Rhea at a hotel, but CJ finds her. Jassi discovers that the photo shoot for the Kulkarni calendar should be a solid alibi to prove Armaan's innocence. Mallika manipulates the audio of a video tape to frame Armaan, but to everyone's surprise, Rhea emerges and withdraws her case. CJ provides the unadulterated copy of the tape wherein Armaan can be heard shouting at Rhea for her immature behavior. Jassi thanks CJ for helping them.

Nandu discovers that CJ has disappeared and he tells Jassi. Jassi starts to feel sorry for Rhea, so she asks Armaan to forgive her. They get into an argument and Jassi ends up slapping Armaan's face. Later, there is a misunderstanding and Armaan comes to think that Jassi and CJ have been intimate, but in reality, Jassi was knocked unconscious by CJ. CJ is told by a doctor that Purab's condition is very severe and he is fighting for his life.

The Amritsar relatives arrive at the Walias' home for the wedding. Armaan enters his house and gets ready with the sehara. He remembers the slap that Jassi gave him, and he also thinks about Jassi and CJ being together. The pandit starts the havan, but it appears that Jassi is missing. The wedding ceremony continues anway, so Armaan, in a fit of pique, drags Mallika up, performs the seven pheras, and puts the sindoor on her head. The Walias are horrified, and Mallika rebukes the Walias, as does Armaan. The Walias wonder what made Jassi leave so suddenly. Mallika enters Armaan's house as his newly wedded wife.

While Armaan is drinking at the bar, the Walias discover a letter from Jassi that explains her reason for leaving. She had learned that Purab was dying of cancer, so she rushed to be with him in his final moments. Jassi decides to stay in Nainital, where there is a school that was funded by Purab.

While Jassi is on the train to Nainital, Parvatlal Singh (Rajesh Khattar) eyes her from head to toe and tries to chat with her, but Jassi brushes him off. Parvatlal then conspires with a taxi driver, and Jassi hesitantly goes along with him. Parvatlal tries to get fresh with Jassi, so she slaps him and leaves. She then meets Father Rodrigues (Uday Tikekar) at church, and she tells him her story. She is then christened with a new name and persona, that of a widow named Neha Shastri. She will become the school's new history and drama teacher.

Jassi/Neha meets the school's Vice Principal and it turns out to be Parvatlal. She slaps him yet again when he tries to caress her face. Jassi/Neha meets Naseem Khan (Apara Mehta) when she is distributing her delicious honey biscuits to the school kids. Jassi/Neha enters the staff room and meets Brinda Khatri (Ketaki Dave) and her daughter Jyoti, aka Jo (Niyati Joshi). Back in Mumbai, a frustrated Armaan burns everything that reminds him of Jassi, and he also tells Raj not to mention Jassi's name or it will mean the end of their friendship.

Jassi writes a letter to Billu and tells him about Father Rodrigues and Naseem Khan. Jassi/Neha meets Raghav Oberoi, the music teacher, for the first time. Jassi starts to miss her family. An election is held for the school treasurer and Naseem and Parvatlal have equal votes, so Jassi/Neha has the deciding vote. She votes for Naseem, which motivates Parvatlal to try to dig up some dirt from Neha's past. Jassi and Mrs. Khatri argue about how to control the students. Mrs. Khatri thumbs through a magazine that features Jessica on the cover.

Back in Mumbai, Armaan informs the Gulmohur staff that Jassi is dead, and he shows a death certificate to prove it. Then he announces that is the head of Gulmohur again. Aryan meets Mallika on Raksha Bandhan day and is very happy to see that all of her dreams are coming true. Aryan later witnesses an argument between Mallika and Armaan, so she confides the truth of their relationship to her brother. Aryan tells Mallika that Jassi is a threat to her life, and Rhea overhears his words. Aryan and Mallika then hire a detective to find Jassi.

Aryan and Mallika's detective follows Jassi around. Raghav informs the man that she is Neha Shastri, a teacher at the St. Lawrence School. Parvatlal, in the meantime, is trying to find out who Neha really is. Parvatlal asks Jassi/Neha to sign a contract, which she does. Aryan gets a dispatch from the detective and crows that he finally knows where Jassi is. The letter Aryan reads states that Jassi had an accident and died. Jassi/Neha tells Naseem that she discovered a mismanagement of funds, so Naseem decides to tell Father Rodrigues. Parvatlal threatens Jassi/Neha not to open her mouth about the funds. It turns out that Rhea was responsible for swapping the real report from the detective with the letter that described Jassi's death.

Although she is risking exposure of her false identity, Jassi shores up her courage and reveals Parvatlal's mishandling of funds to everyone. A unanimous decision is made to fire Parvatlal, who makes a very dramatic exit from the school. Mrs. Khatri and some other teachers go to Father Rodrigues's office to oppose the production of "Romeo and Juliet" that Jassi/Neha has suggested. Back in Mumbai, Rhea asks Armaan to accompany her to Nainital, but he refuses. Ila and Puru tell Armaan to go with Mallika to Switzerland. At that very moment, Rhea enters, so Armaan tells her that he will indeed accompany her to Nainital. Rhea vows that she will do anything to help Armaan and Jassi meet, so they can reconcile.

Rhea and Armaan arrive in Nainital, so Rhea goes to the school to find Jassi. Rhea brings Armaan to the church that Jassi visits regularly, and she convinces him to light a candle there. Just then, Jassi enters, but they do not see each other. Later, Jassi does see Armaan and her memories come flooding back. Armaan is then injured in an attack, so Jassi rushes him to the hospital. While filling out forms, she puts a check mark in a box to claim that she is his wife. After he is admitted, she leaves. As Armaan lies unconscious, he calls out Jassi's name. Jassi tells Rhea that Armaan truly is her husband, but he didn't stand by her, and without trust there is no relationship. Rhea tells Jassi to talk to Armaan, but she refuses. Mallika then turns up at Armaan's bedside.

Raghav rehearses with Jassi/Neha, while she keeps thinking about Armaan. At the hospital, Mallika learns that a woman named Neha Shastri signed Armaan's admission form and checked the wife option. Mrs. Khatri and Parvatlal invite Armaan and Mallika to attend the school play, but Mallika turns down the invitation. Mallika is determined to meet this Neha Shastri. As students are practicing for the "Romeo and Juliet", Mallika snaps at Armaan for thinking about Jassi, even though she dumped him at their wedding. Rhea is shocked to see Mallika at the play. Jassi/Neha is asked to collect a donation from Mallika, but Rhea stops Jassi from going to the stage. Jassi sees the sindoor and the mangalsutra on Mallika and is stunned. Jassi asks Rhea why she didn't tell her about Armaan and Mallika's marriage. Rhea tells Jassi that Armaan is still in love with her, and that he only married Mallika out of pride and spite.

Parvatlal tries his best to make Mallika and Jassi/Neha meet. Jassi keeps flashing on images of Mrs. Mallika Armaan Suri. The school kids celebrate Jassi/Neha's birthday and she comes face to face with Armaan. Jassi starts breathing heavily and leaves the auditorium. Armaan questions her actions and motives. He wants to know why she did such a thing to him. Armaan lies and tells Jassi that he is very happy being married to Mallika. Armaan walks out on Jassi, and Rhea asks her why she kept quiet and did not tell him the truth. Armaan reaches the hotel in a very vulnerable state and he gives in to Mallika's seduction. Jassi burns her bridal dress, while Rhea tells her that is very easy to get rid of the physical elements, but not the emotional ones. Jassi tries to call her father in Armritsar, but when she hears his voice she gets too choked up to speak. Mallika and Armaan then leave for Mumbai. Raghav tells Jassi/Neha that when you are in pain you should wail it to the trees. Parvatlal holds a photo of Jassi and Armaan in his hands, before he sends it to Mallika.

Mallika yells at Aryan and tells him that Jassi is still alive, so Aryan decides to go to Nainital. Jassi calls Billu and he asks her to come home. Jassi tells Father Rodrigues that she wants to return to her family and that she wants to reveal her true identity to the students before she leaves. Aryan meets Parvatlal at a dhaba and he comes to know that Jassi has been living as Neha Shastri.

Jassi wanders along the road and a car nearly hits her, but Raghav pulls her out of the way in time. Parvatlal gives Aryan all of the information he has gathered pertaining to the real Neha Shastri. Aryan vows that Jassi must pay the price for assuming the identity of Neha Shastri. At Jassi's farewell party, the police come to arrest Jassi/Neha for murdering her husband, Anuj Shastri.

Everyone at the school is shocked, but Parvatlal and Mrs. Khatri rejoice as Jassi/Neha is being taken away. Aryan tells Parvatlal that Jassi's case will not reach the court for ages. Raghav informs Father Rodrigues of Jassi/Neha's arrest, so Father Rodrigues mentions Raghav's former career as a practicing lawyer. Father Rodrigues then fills Raghav in on the details of Neha's true identity, that of Jassi Walia. Raghav gets bail set for Jassi's release, but her case is then transferred to Mumbai. Raghav realizes that someone with a lot of influence is pulling strings to keep Jassi's case from getting to court.

Raghav becomes Jassi's lawyer and gets her a court date. Raghav tries to explain that Jassi is not Neha Shastri, so the prosecutor just says that this is not a case of mistaken identity, but for the murder of Anuj Shastri. The prosecutor tells his version of what happened on the 5th of August, with the help of witnesses, an auto rickshaw driver and a constable. Aryan, Parvtalal, and the prosecutor are gleeful about the way they have cornered Jassi.

Jassi tells Raghav what actually happened when Anuj Shastri was murdered, but she refuses to name the one person who could be her alibi, so Raghav becomes angry and leaves. Naseem meets Raghav and tells him that there is possibly a good reason for Jassi's silence.

Raghav tells Jassi that the only way he can save her is for him to find the real Neha Shastri. He then gets a clue from Father Rodrigues. He goes to see a burqa-clad woman at the hospital with a small child. Raghav brings the woman to court but her face is still hidden behind her veil. Just as the judge is about to announce the verdict in Jassi's case, the woman removes her veil and announces that she is the real Neha Shastri (Neeru Bajwa).

Neha Shastri tells her entire story, about her child, who is dying of a type of blood cancer, as well as her need for money. After she completes her tale, Jassi is acquitted and she thanks Neha Shastri. The school children give a warm welcome to Jassi when she returns to the school. Jassi is furious that her honor has been questioned, so she and Raghav barge into the prosecutor's office and she releases some of her stored up anger on the prosecutor and Parvatlal.

Aryan instructs Parvatlal to tell Jassi that Armaan was the one behind her arrest. Jassi tells Billu about Armaan's supposed complicity, which has left her shaken. Mallika tricks Armaan into signing a blank check, which will be used to look like a payment from Armaan to Parvatlal. Armaan finally learns about Jassi's court case in the newspaper and is then filled in on the details by Neha Shastri.

Jassi goes to Gururudwara, where Raghav's father, Shiv Pratap Oberoi, meets them, along with Shiv's right-hand man, Gajanan. A shoot out takes place and Jassi gets in the way to try to save Shiv, who is then sent to the hospital. Jassi senses that there is something wrong between father and son. Back in Mumbai, Armaan removes the garland from Jassi's photo and says that, to him, Gulmohur is Jassi and Jassi is Gulmohur. Ila and Puru think that Armaan's ramblings are madness, but he says that he is ready to end his unfortunate marriage to Mallika.

Shiv thinks that Jassi is his bahu, and Raghav promises Jassi that he will soon tell her the truth about his past. Armaan heads to Naintal, with the hope that he can clear up all misunderstandings between himself and Jassi. Billu and Jassi realize that Shiv is suffering from cancer, and Gajanan gets emotional and talks about his past. Shiv gives the khandani kangan to Jassi, but she is hesitant and Raghav dramatically takes the kangans and puts them on Jassi's hands. Jassi and Raghav agree to allow Shiv to believe that they are married.

Raghav and Gajanan want Jassi to go to Mumbai with them, but she refuses, because Shiv continues to depend on her. Billu thinks that it might be a good opportunity for Jassi to return to Mumbai, and maybe even to get a little revenge. Armaan arrives in Nainital just as Jassi, Raghav, Shiv, and Gajanan are leaving.

Armaan goes to the school and learns that Jassi has left the city for good. But nobody knows if she has gone to Amritsar, Mumbai, or somewhere else. Jassi arrives at Raghav's house, where Raghav introduces her to his family members, Meera, Vandana, Uma, and Karishma. Tanushree is away in the United States, studying. And Chiranjeev, who is referred to by the family as Jeevs or Jeev Bhaiya, is also abroad. Karishma strikes an immediate liking for Jassi, and they bond instantly. Vandana is evidently in love with Raghav, by her reaction upon meeting Jassi. It is revealed that Shiv is indeed dying of cancer and an heir for the family is needed. The family's astrologer previously mentioned that Raghav's first child would be a son.

Jassi's plan for revenge begins to take shape. She tells Raghav that she plans to start a fashion house called Karishma Fashions. Jassi she also starts researching Gulmohur's current market value and other statistics. Raghav offers to help her, but she wants to do it on her own.

Armaan returns to Mumbai and he calls Billu to speak to Jassi, but Billu blasts him and tells him never to interfere in their lives again. Armaan then asks Mallika for a divorce. Armaan and Raghav bump into each other and they bond. Jassi meets Nandu to tell him about her plan, and he promises to help her. Armaan sees Jassi in a car stopped at a red light. Even though she doesn't see him, and when the light turns green she is gone, Armaan is still relieved because now he knows that Jassi is in Mumbai.

Shiv wants to hold a lavish reception for Jassi and Raghav, and Armaan happens to be invited by raghav. Mallika insists on joining Armaan. Jassi, Raghav, Armaan, and Mallika all come face to face at dinner. Armaan tries to straighten things out with Jassi, but before he can say anything, Mallika steps forward and announces that she is pregnant

After the Karva Chauth rituals at the Oberois' party, Armaan comes to the realization that he should let Jassi go, so he can take responsibility for his child. At work Jassi's company is competing with Armaan and Gulmohur to sign the same celebrity for their upcoming fashion shows.

The day of the Provogue fashion event arrives, with top models walking the catwalk for both Gulmohur and Karishma. Zaib (Iqbal Khan) appears as the brand ambassador for Gulmohur. The Gulmohur show is a hit, but Karishma's show is not well received by the audience, mainly because they didn't create any hype and they didn't get a celebrity like Zaib. Jassi watches the show on TV, because she did not want to see Armaan.

During preparations for Diwali, Mallika finds it difficult to curb her temptations to party and have fun as she did before her pregnancy. Shiv has believed that Jassi and Raghav are married, which they allowed him to believe to make him happy, but Raghav wants to confess the truth. Armaan walks into a club and finds Mallika dancing and having a blast with her friends. He yells at her, but what he does not know is that she is not really pregnant.

Armaan assures Mallika that he wants her to make an appointment with her gynecologist, but she knows that if she sees a doctor the truth will have to come out. Armaan makes a proposal for doing the costumes for a film project, but Aryan is against the idea. Jassi makes her own plan for doing the film's wardrobe, just to beat Gulmohur to the punch. Mallika and Armaan get to the clinic and learn that the doctor, Neelu Sethi, has moved to Australia. Armaan then asks Mallika why she lied about Neelu Sethi being her doctor.

Armaan contacts Neelu Sethi and she says that Mallika is not her patient. Aryan comes to Mallika's rescue by saying that Ragini Mishra, Neelu Sethi's assistant, is on her case. Ila takes such close care of Mallika, which the "mother to be" finds annoying. Jassi and Armaan both gear up to impress Bimal Bhattacharya, the director who is going to make the film about Cleopatra. Ultimately, Bimal is more impressed by Armaan's proposals, so Gulmohur clinches the deal.

Aryan tells Armaan that there are many risks involved in a film project, and the profit margin is usually very low. Mallika asks Aryan for help again, because she doesn't know anything about pregnancy, and Ila keeps asking her about her health. Aryan sabotages Armaan's project by acquiring cheap quality material, and Armaan neglects to check the final product, foolishly trusting Aryan. Jassi later gets a call telling her that Karishma has won the contract because Gulmohur supplied substandard fabrics.

Jassi and her employees celebrate, but they have been asked to deliver 200 costumes in just 24 hours, which in actuality should require 8 full days to complete. Jassi gets the idea of outsourcing from Raghav, and Nazneen tells her about Gaffoor Chacha, a veteran tailor who knows many other tailors. Armaan then gets a call telling him that Gulmohur will be getting the contract, because Karishma doesn't have Gulmohur's man power. Armaan wonders who could be the power behind Karishma.

Aryan shows up at Karishma's office and is surprised to see Nazneen working there. He tells her that he wants to meet the chairperson, so Nandu dresses up like Javed Jaffery and fools Aryan. Jassi tries to woo Gulmohur's distributor, Khambatta, away to work with Karishma instead by offering a higher commission. Aryan encourages Khambatta to accept the offer from Karishma.

Jassi's new collection is a hit, all thanks to Aryan's secret strategy against Armaan. Both companies need to make a big splash at Liberty Fashion Week in Goa. Jassi knows that if she gets this contract, it will be the last nail in Gulmohur's coffin. Shiv is going through his own troubles and he needs to send some illegal counterfeit money to Goa. He decides to use Jassi to do it. Abbas Baig, a CBI officer, is keeping an eye on the Oberois. Armaan feels desperate enough to take a big risk, to put all of Gulmohur at stake to vie for a huge international merger.

Jassi is waiting for CJ and her scarf flies off and brushes against Armaan, who is shocked to see her at the Mount Hill Church. Jassi tells him that she is there for a film festival. Armaan says that he is there to participate in Liberty Revolutions Fashion Week. He discusses the state of Gulmohur and mentions his new competitor, Karishma. Jassi gets an appointment with Suzanne, the owner of Style International. Abbas checks Jassi's bag and finds that it is filled with travel brochures. Shiv realizes that they have sent the wrong bag to Jassi, which is fortunate for her. Jassi informs CJ that she cannot meet him because of her meeting. Jassi's presentation impresses Suzanne, particularly her concept of middle class women being the real face of India.

As Jassi is leaving her meeting, she bumps into Armaan. She lies and tells him that she is there to meet the owner of Karishma. Armaan meets Suzanne three minutes late, and his laptop won't start, plus he tries to pitch the same concept that Jassi had just presented. Later, Armaan is disconcerted when he learns from Suzanne's secretary that his idea had already been pitched by Karishma. Jassi informs Raghav about her success and he reiterates his feelings for her, and he is overheard by Uma.

Armaan calls Nandu and asks to meet the owner of Karishma. Jassi tells Nandu that such a meeting will not take place until after she signs the contract with Style International. Mallika tells Raghav that Armaan is also in Goa and tries to inflame his jealousy. Abbas becomes suspicious of Nandu, who has been given the bag of counterfeit money by Shiv. A distraction is created, during which Nandu passes the bag to CJ's man, but Nandu is injured during a mishap. Jassi gets to the hospital to see Nandu and she finds that Armaan is taking care of Nandu. She hears Armaan telling Nandu that he thinks of Gulmohur as a tribute to Jassi. He says that he has changed the company's policies based on Jassi's principles. Jassi is shocked by what she hears.

Armaan and Jassi share a very romantic moment away from the world, where Jassi reveals to Armaan that she is the chairman of Karishma. She confesses that she wanted to ruin Gulmohur. They determine that nothing will stop them from being together. The next morning, after their night together, Armaan's phone rings, so Jassi picks up the phone and hears that it is Mallika on the other end. Raghav is waiting for Jassi to come back and practices proposing to Jassi in front of the mirror. He wants to ask her to marry him before he has to fly to Malaysia for business. Armaan serves Mallika with divorce papers.

Armaan explains to Mallika that Jassi is his life and he hopes that they can separate without hurting each other. Jassi goes to meet Armaan and he shows her the divorce papers. Jassi feels guilty because of Raghav's family's kindness towards her. Jassi calls Raghav, who promises that he will finally confess to his family that he and Jassi are not really married. He asks her to stay with his family until he returns. CJ confronts Raghav and asks him if he can see a photo of his wife. The picture downloads slowly on the computer, and CJ is stunned when he realizes that it is a picture of Jassi.

When Jassi gets home, she goes to the bathroom and finds Mallika there, wielding a knife. Armaan is trying to call Jassi, but her cell phone is on silent. Jassi tries to escape, but she is trapped. Mallika is just about to pierce the knife into Jassi when Armaan enters and saves Jassi. Mallika escapes and Armaan and Jassi follow her. Mallika's car goes off the road and she is killed. Armaan comforts Jassi, then he brings her to the Asmi diamond shop to buy her a ring. Shiv sees Jassi and Armaan coming out of the store together and he is worried about what his son's wife could be doing with another man.

Raghav feels that the time has come for him to confess his love to Jassi, but at the same time Jassi has decided to tell Raghav about Armaan. CJ is concerned that Raghav has decided to write his feelings for Jassi in a letter. Shiv asks Gajanan to find out whatever he can about Armaan Suri. Raghav is about to fax his letter to Jassi, but his attention is diverted by an answering machine message from Jassi. He starts listening to the message and is shocked and shattered to know that Jassi is in love with Armaan.

Jassi starts to suspect that Raghav might have real feelings for her, so she gets very worried. Aryan goes to meet Nandu disguised as Mr. Wong, a Chinese man, and Nandu is fooled. Raghav decides to help Armaan and Jassi come together, while Shiv pledges to do whatever he can to keep Armaan away from Jassi. Meera comes back to the Oberoi house and she learns from Gajanan that Raghav will be the heir to Shiv's empire, which she then tells CJ. Shiv meets Armaan and tells him that he wants Jassi and Armaan's wedding to take place in Malaysia.

As Raghav is getting ready to leave for the airport, CJ manipulates the situation and makes Raghav wait in Mauritius, while he leaves for Mumbai. Jassi returns from Nashik and she begins to worriy because she has no clue where Armaan is. CJ goes to see Shiv and he asks about the decision to leave Raghav in charge of the family business. Jassi sees CJ with Shiv and wonders how they know each other.

CJ hires a sharp shooter to eliminate Raghav before he returns home. Jassi goes to meet Raghav at the airport and she tells him that Armaan is in Malaysia. The sniper tries to shoot Raghav, but he misses his target and informs CJ that the mission failed. CJ gets another opportunity when he gets a call from Raghav, who tells him that he is going to Malaysia. Ragahv and Jassi then leave for Malaysia.

Jassi tells Raghav that she feels that Armaan is in some kind of danger. Armaan leaves his hotel in Kuala Lumpur and he informs the receptionist that he is expecting a Miss Jasmeet Walia, but he will be out shopping for a while. As Armaan is entering the KLCC/Petronas Tower, two people enter his hotel room and steal his passport, airline ticket, and money. Jassi and Raghav reach the hotel's reception desk and are told that Armaan stepped out about an hour earlier. Jassi talks to Raghav about her history with Armaan, and Raghav is shocked when she shows him a photograph of her old self. Armaan is detained by the police, as a part of Shiv's set-up, and he can't prove his identity because his passport was stolen. Shiv is informed that Armaan is off to Langkawi. CJ arrives at the hotel and enters Jassi's hotel room, wielding a revolver.

CJ discovers that Raghav is not in the hotel room. Jassi feels someone's presence, so she rushes out into the hall screaming Raghav's name, while CJ leaps out of the window. Armaan informs Nandu that he is in Langkawi and Nandu tells him that Jassi is in Kuala Lumpur. Raghav informs CJ that he and Jassi are going to Langkawi. Jassi and Raghav reach Langkawi and Jassi is finally reunited with Armaan. Raghav tells Armaan and Jassi that they should get married.

Raghav sees CJ and notices that he has a revolver. Raghav tells CJ the truth about his relationship with Jassi. Armaan speaks with Jassi's parents and informs them about their wedding, which will take place the next day. Raghav asks CJ why Shiv sent Armaan to Malaysia. Just before the wedding, CJ advances towards Raghav, but Armaan takes Raghav along with him. The wedding takes place according to Malaysian tradition. CJ watches from a distance and wonders whether to kill Raghav right away or torture him with a slow death. He decides to lure Raghav to a secluded place. CJ pours a poisonous powder into Raghav's drink.

CJ rushes to the airport and heads to Greece. Raghav tries to walk to the hotel to finally tell Jassi that Shiv is a mobster. His pain is unbearable and blood is pouring out. Raghav makes it to the hotel room and bangs on the door. Jassi screams and Armaan rushes in. Raghav struggles to speak, and he mumbles, "Jassi, Papa is..." and he dies in Jassi's arms.

CJ is informed that a Mumbai cop is trying to track his illegal dealings, while Shiv instructs Gajanan to find Raghav and Jassi. Armaan tells Jassi to inform Shiv's family about Raghav's death. Jassi asks Uma to come to the hospital. Shiv misinterprets Jassi's phone call and asks everyone to decorate the entire house to welcome Raghav and Jassi back home. Armaan tells Jassi that Shiv had sent him to Malaysia to get married to her, which confuses Jassi, because Shiv supposedly believes that she is already married to Raghav.

Jassi brings Uma to the morgue. Uma feels shattered and she says that she not only lost her son, but Jassi has lost her husband, so Armaan and Jassi realize that Uma still does not know the truth. While Shiv is supervising the decoration for Raghav and Jassi's welcome home party, Jassi emerges from the ambulance with Uma and Gajanan. Shiv goes to the door and asks who is dead. He is shattered when he sees that it is Raghav. After the cremation, Shiv has a stroke and is paralyzed.

Jassi returns home, where she meets Armaan's snobby aunt, Ranu, and Ranu's obnoxious son, Juggy (or Jaggy). She then dresses herself in the shaadi ka jhoda given to her by Ila. Jassi is with Armaan when Uma calls her and tells her that Shiv has asked for her. CJ returns home and pretends to be very upset about Raghav's death. Jassi finally learns that CJ is Raghav's brother. And Uma tells CJ that Jassi was never really married to Raghav. When Jassi tells Armaan about CJ, Armaan tells her to be careful. Jassi then informs Armaan that she is pregnant. CJ meets Shiv and confesses that he killed Raghav. He also tells Shiv that Jassi is not really his daughter-in-law.

Shiv is dead and CJ rejoices that there is no one who can stop him from inheriting the entire empire. There is a lot of happiness in the Suris' house when Armaan an Jassi return from a gynecologist appointment and officially announce that Jassi is pregnant. Jassi tries to comfort Uma, who is inconsolable because of Shiv's death. Abbas gets a forensics report from Malaysia that indicates that foul play was involved in Raghav's death because there was poison found in his soft drink. Shiv's will is read and it is revealed that he has left everything to Jassi's child, with Jassi as the trust fund's executrix until the child's eighteenth birthday.

Jassi and Armaan realize that if she accepts Shiv's bequest, she will feel an obligation to the Oberoi family that will interfere with her relationship with her new family, the Suris, not to mention her own family, who have temporarily moved in with the Suris while their own home is being fixed up. As it is, Jassi has been getting a hard time from Armaan's Ranu Bua (bua means "aunt", particularly one's father's sister), who has come from London to stay with the Suris with Juggy. Jassi tries to refuse her baby's legal inheritance, but CJ, of all people, talks her into accepting it, saying that it was his father's last wish. He tells her that he will handle everything with the lawyers, so all she will have to do is sign some papers that he will bring to her soon.

CJ's real reason for wanting Jassi to accept the inheritance is that he knows that the police are investigating his crimes, as well as Shiv's shady dealings, so he believes that if Jassi inherits the family fortune, she will be the new target of the investigations.

Jassi begins to suspect that CJ killed Raghav, but he has a passport stamp, hotel bills, credit card charges, and airline tickets that seem to prove that he was in Greece at the time of Raghav's murder. Jassi soon receives proof of his guilt, though, when Raghav's cell phone arrives and she sees that the phone has a video clip of Raghav's final confrontation with CJ. The clip also exposes Shiv's organized crime activities. Unfortunately, the next time Jassi sees CJ she tells him that she has proof of his crime, so he takes the phone away from her. Jassi later reveals that she forwarded the video clip to her own cell phone, and CJ is apprehended.

Jassi feels nostalgia for Gulmohur, so she and Armaan bring their families there for a tour along memory lane. By this time, Nazneen and Ruby Mom are the only members of the clan remaining at the company. Ranu is shocked when she sees pictures of Jassi's former self in Armaan's office. Jassi begins thinking that perhaps she should return to Gulmohur, to help restore it to its former glory, because someday it will be a legacy for the child that she and Armaan are expecting.

Armaan meets with Kimi Khambata (Urvashi Dholakia), whom Jassi says could be very important for the company's renaissance. Kimi represents an Australian franchise that is looking for a partnership with a company in India. Armaan is a little uncomfortable with the way Kimi looks at him. Armaan decides to use Gulmohur as collateral for the loan he needs to buy into the franchise.

Circumstances, particularly those instigated by Kimi, lead Jassi to believe that Armaan might be seeing another woman. When Armaan finally tells Jassi about the franchise deal, she is skeptical, because she was told that Kimi's company did not want to do business in India, so she thought that it would be a challenge to convince them otherwise.

It turns out that Kimi has been acting on Aryan's behalf. He still wants to destroy Armaan. Puru and Ila head to London for their daughter Angel's fourth wedding. Nandu learns that Kimi used to work for the Australian company, but she ran off a few weeks earlier with some of the company's designs and is now being pursued by the authorities.

Aryan then reveals to Armaan that he has been purchasing all of Armaan's shares in Gulmohur that Armaan had used as collateral, therefore, Aryan's ownership of %49 of the company's stock makes him the new chairman of Gulmohur. Aryan demotes Armaan to Chief Executive Salesman. Armaan only goes along with this humiliation because he doesn't want Jassi to know that he has lost the chairmanship.

Jassi goes to Gulmohur to visit Armaan and she overhears Aryan insulting Armaan by saying that any success that the company had during Armaan's regime was due to Jassi's business sense, not his. To add insult to injury, Aryan tells Jassi that he also now owns the Suris' home, which Armaan also lost when he defaulted on his bank loan. Aryan tells Jassi that she can save the house if she can come up with 5 crores to buy it back from him. Jassi is able to get a loan easily, based on her reputation of success with Karishma. So Aryan gets another opportunity to insult Armaan by rubbing it in his nose that Jassi has saved him yet again. Armaan then tears up the check for 5 crores that Jassi paid Aryan. Aryan later holds a TV interview, during which he says that Armaan was a good friend, but a bad business man. He also talks about how Jassi had always been the force behind his past successes. He later feigns magnanimity by telling the media that Armaan and Jassi can remain in their house as long as they want to.

The Walias invite the Suris to live with them, so Jassi and Armaan accept, but Ranu states that she cannot live in a small house. Jassi tells Armaan that she wants to return to Gulmohur, so she can help to make it into a success again, for some point in the future when they are able to get the company back from Aryan, but Armaan refuses to allow her. He tells her that he is the husband, so he will do the man's work. Jassi defies Armaan's orders and goes back to work, where Aryan places her back in her old cubby-hole of an office and makes her his secretary. Poor Nandu wants to quit his job at Gulmohur, not only because of the Aryan situation, but because he is also being driven crazy by Juggy, who has been working at the office because Ranu wants him to learn about the business world. Not only is Juggy a pest, but he is also spying for Aryan to sabotage Nandu and Jassi's efforts.

Kimi returns to visit Aryan at Gulmohur, and Jassi finally meets her. Kimi confidentially tells Jassi that she can feel free to call the police, but she has no evidence against her, so she would be wasting her time. Jassi is ordered to serve coffee to Aryan and Kimi and she overhears their plan for a business venture in Poland that, according to her calculations, will not yield much profit, if any. She points this out to Aryan, who tells her she should remember that she is just a secretary, but after she leaves the office, he tells Kimi that Jassi might be right.

Aryan heeds Jassi's warning about some poor-quality fabrics, which saves his position as head of the company. Jassi reasons that even though she could have gotten rid of Aryan by allowing the bad material to be distributed, Gulmohur's reputation would have been irreparably damaged. When Armaan returns from a trip to Delhi, he feels as if Jassi betrayed him by not allowing Aryan to fail.

Just as Jassi created Karishma to destroy Gulmohur, Armaan now vows to create his own fashion house to do the same thing. Kimi is annoyed because Aryan starts to rely on Jassi more every day. He is grateful to Jassi for saving his neck, so he lets her do more than mere secretarial work. Aryan and Kimi have an argument and she leaves for Hong Kong. Jassi tells Nandu that the company needs a very good designer, so she finds Maddy and rehires him, with a paycheck of 50 lakhs. Of course, Aryan's intentions are not benign. He just wants Jassi to do all the hard work to give Gulmohur a positive reversal of fortune, then he will fire her. Aryan then offers Maddy 1.5 crores to sabotage Jassi.

On Valentine's Day, Armaan has an upsetting encounter with a woman named Shiuli, who snaps up the florist's last bouquet, so Armaan is left with no gift for Jassi. Armaan later meets Shiuli again when he goes to meet Dhanraj, a wealthy man who is looking for projects to invest in. The mogul turns out to be Shiuli's father. Dhanraj agrees to fund Armaan's new company, but only if he makes Shiuli the company's Chairman. Shiuli insists that even though Dhanraj Fahions is a new company, they should participate in the upcoming Cosmos Fashion Week event. Gulmohur and Dhanraj Fahions both try to hire Manjot, the best fabric cutter in the business, but Armaan is the one who gets him. Dhanraj is concerned about Shiuli, because she has some kind of serious illness. He and Dr. Rahul Malhotra, aka Rohit, watch over Shiuli protectively.

Jassi suffers a miscarriage, and Armaan thinks that it is because she hadn't been taking care of herself, and specifically because of the stress from her job. Armaan leaves the Walias' home and moves closer to his office. When Nandu informs Maddy and the other Gulmohur employees about Jassi's loss, they vow to make the new collection a success as a tribute to Jassi. Billu brings Jassi to the temple to pray and she leaves there with a renewed motivation to return to work. She can't bring their baby back, but at the very least she can get Gulmohur back for Armaan.

While driving, Aryan sees a billboard featuring a picture of Pari, but she is using the name Mata Hari Shree, and she is apparently a Hare Krishna guru now. He goes to visit her, but she just spouts some incomprehensible mystical words, so he leaves. He later finds out that she has gotten herself deep in debt, yet again, so he thinks that he is in a good position to lure her back to Gulmohur as his Executive Assistant, so she too can work against Jassi.

Shiuli finds out about Armaan's history with Gulmohur, so she comes to feel that he has been making a fool of her. She then offers the models that Armaan hired to Gulmohur, at half the price. Armaan wants to leave the company, but Dhanraj and Rohit tell him that his presence has had a very positive effect on Shiuli, so Dhanraj says that he will do whatever Armaan wants in order to keep him around.

Aryan installs a hidden camera in Jassi's office, and bugs all of her phones, including her cell, her office phone, and the Walia's home phone. He also sends Juggy and Pari out to videotape Armaan's movements. Nandu overhears Aryan talking about his surveillance, so Jassi hire's Aryan's technician to fake some videos that show her toiling away at her desk, so she can sneak away to meet Armaan.

Shiuli is falling in love with Armaan, and she confides certain things to Rohit, but he misunderstands and thinks that she is in love with him. Shiuli comes to know that Armaan is married to Jassi. She overhears them talking about how they need find a crafty woman similar to Kimi to help take Aryan down. Shiuli offers her services, but Armaan later tells Jassi that Shiuli is unpredictable. Shiuli then fires Armaan and tells him that she is dissolving Dhanraj Fashions. Then she calls Aryan and tells him she would like to meet him.

Aryan arrives at Shiuli's office and she tells him that she wants to sell Dhanraj Fashions, which is worth 50 crores, to him for 15% of Gulmohur's shares. During a holi celebration, Jassi overhears Shiuli telling Rohit that she was in love with Armaan, but he shunned her, so that is why she is trying to get revenge against him. Jassi also learns that Shiuli's illness is basically an emotional one, which was sparked by a relationship that ended in the recent past.

Shiuli is seemingly working against Jassi and Armaan, but it turns out that she has actually been secretly working with Jassi, Maddy, and Nandu all along to thwart Aryan's schemes. Gulmohur ends up winning the Cosmos Fashion Week competition, so when the announcement is made, Jassi and Maddy beat Aryan up to the podium. When the presence of the company's chairman is requested, Jassi calls for Armaan to come up to the runway, which stymies Aryan. Jassi reveals documents to Aryan that show a sale of 51% of company shares to Shiuli, which she then sold to Armaan.

Armaan and Jassi's families rejoice, and Puru and Ila give Jassi the keys to a new house, where Jassi and Armaan can start a new life together. Jassi and Armaan return to Gulmohur, but he insists that she must assume the chairmanship, not him. She protests, but he is adamant.

Jassi and Armaan learn that Anirudh, the man that Shiuli loved, and who was supposedly dead, is actually alive. They know that Dhanraj is sending Shiuli to London, so they tell him that Anirudh is not dead, so he must not send Shiuli away. While trying to get Anirudh to Shiuli in time, Armaan's car almost hits a young girl named Vedika.

Shiuli and Anirudh are reunited, and he reveals that her father made it clear to him that he can never have a relationship with Shiuli. A woman named Vidhi is at her doctor's office and she calls Gulmohur looking for Armaan, but Nazneen tells her that he is not in the office. The doctor tells Vidhi that she must not neglect her health.

Vidhi continues to try to contact Armaan, but she is told that he is leaving for Paris. She is desperate to find him, because she is dying of cancer and before the disease claims her life, she wants to make sure her daughter Vedika is united with her biological father, Armaan. Apparently, there was this night in Goa five years back, during which Vidhi met Maddy, while he was at a bar with Armaan and Aryan. Vidhi told Maddy that she wanted to meet Armaan. She was very drunk, so she didn't remember much of what happened, but she ended up in a hotel room, where she had sex with Armaan.

Vidhi shows up at Gulmohur, but misses Armaan by a matter of seconds. She meets Jassi, who thinks that Vidhi is the designer she was expecting. Vidhi is indeed a designer, so she decides to work at Gulmohur until Armaan returns. Maddy remembers the night in Goa, so he tells Vidhi that she had better be at Gulmohur solely as a designer, and had better not have designs on Armaan, because Mr. and Mrs. Suri are his friends.

Vidhi brings Vedika to Gulmohur and everyone falls in love with her, especially Jassi, who decides to open a creche (day care) for the working mothers. Jassi puts Amrit and Bebe in charge of the creche, which gives both women a renewed sense of purpose. Soon, the real designer that Armaan hired shows up, so Jassi comes to realize that there is something fishy going on with Vidhi.

Vidhi gets very sick and is brought to the hospital. She tells Jassi that she needs to see Armaan, but Jassi can't understand why, because Armaan does not know her. Vidhi also makes Jassi promise that she will take care of Vedika after she dies. Armaan returns to Gulmohur and Nazneen tells him to get to the hospital. Vidhi dies, but the only people she has confided in regarding Armaan being Vedika's father are Vedika herself and Mrs. DaCosta, the woman she and Vedika have been living with.

Jassi was standing outside Vidhi's hospital room right before she died, and she overheard Vidhi talking to Mrs. DaCosta about Armaan's supposed paternity. Just then, Armaan arrives at the hospital. Armaan tells Jassi that he doesn't understand why Vidhi wanted to see him so badly, because he has never met her before. Jassi is confused, because of what she heard Vidhi say right before her death and what Armaan is telling her now.

Armaan senses that Mrs. DaCosta is hiding something, so he confronts her. She tells him that he is Vedika's father. Armaan says that this is impossible. Nandu and Maddy head to Milan, Italy, on Gulmohur business. Although Jassi finds the situation vexing, the Suri and Walia families think that it will be wonderful to have Vedika in their lives. Mrs. DaCosta shows Armaan a letter from Vidhi, along with a photograph from that drunken night in Goa, when Vidhi convinced Maddy to introduce her to Armaan.

Armaan remembers that he was very drunk the night he met Vidhi. He was so drunk that Maddy brought him to his hotel room. He doesn't remember anything else from that moment until Maddy came to the room the next morning to wake him up. Armaan doesn't think that he could really be Vedika's father, but he concedes to himself that it is theoretically possible.

Armaan wants to speak to Maddy before talking to Jassi about Vedika, but Maddy is in Milan for Fashion Week. Neither Armaan nor Jassi wants to speak to the other about Vedika, for fear of upsetting the other unnecessarily, until more facts can be ascertained. Armaan persuades Maddy to return, and the two take a trip to Goa. But as soon as Armaan tells Maddy the reason for the trip, Maddy tells Armaan to stop the car, because he knows that Armaan definitely can not be Vedika's father. Maddy says that the only person Armaan was with that night was him, Maddy himself.

The principal at Vedika's school tells Jassi that she needs to see the child's legal guardian. Jassi explains that Vidhi is dead, so the principal suggests that Jassi should adopt Vedika. Armaan feels bad when he sees children at the playground teasing Vedika because she doesn't have a father, so he steps forward and says that he is her father. Jassi approaches and hears this, but she doesn't realize that Armaan is just trying to help Vedika. Jassi runs off, but when she finally comes home, Armaan and Maddy are able to straighten the whole thing out.

There is a snag in adoption proceedings when the agency discovers that Armaan was supposedly Vedika's biological father, but the Suris hadn't shared that information, then a DNA test proves that he is not her father, so that too becomes an obstacle. There is a fear that the real father will show up and take Vedika away. When Aryan learns that Armaan and Jassi are looking for Vedika's real father, he remembers that night in Goa. He was jealous that Vidhi was so interested in Armaan, so he drugged Vidhi and took advantage of her, making her think that he was Armaan.

Aryan goes to the adoption agency and claims that he had fallen in love with Vidhi the night that they met, but she disappeared. He also says that losing Vidhi is the reason that he has never married, and he would have loved to have raised Vedika. Aryan takes a DNA test and the results are positive. When Vedika overhears the adults talking about how evil her real father is, she runs away. Aryan gets impatient while waiting for Armaan and Jassi to turn Vedika over to him, so the adoption people say that if Vedika isn't brought in by 5:00pm Armaan will be arrested for kidnapping. Aryan is thrilled to see Jassi and Armaan in a state of torment, but he is then told that the agency cares about the best interests of the child, so if it is determined that being with her biological father is not in Vedika's best interest, she can be returned to Armaan and Jassi.

Before leaving with Aryan, Vedika makes him promise that he will allow her to visit the Suri and Walia families frequently. Aryan is reluctant to promise this, but he is urged to agree by the woman from the adoption agency. When Vedika leaves, Bebe has a heart attack and is sent to the hospital. Armaan tries to reason with Aryan, telling him that they need to bring Vedika to see Bebe, because it could save the dear old woman's life, but Aryan is not moved. Aryan quickly comes to learn that raising a child can be a nuisance, but he feels that the pain it causes Jassi and Armaan is more than worth the trouble.

After tormenting the Suris for a while, Aryan finally tells them that they can have Vedika forever if they return Gulmohur to him. Armaan offers 30% of the company, but Aryan doesn't accept. Later, Vedika has a fever and she calls Jassi, who rushes to Aryan's house. Aryan gets so enraged that he pulls a gun on Jassi and Vedika. Jassi and Armaan realize that the best thing for them to do is leave, because Aryan is capable of anything. When Vedika goes back to school Armaan and Jassi convince the principal to ask Vedika about how Aryan treats her, particularly about the gun incident. Aryan barges into the office and screams that if Gulmohur isn't turned over to him he will kill Vedika, then he grabs Vedika and runs. Jassi and Armaan chase him to the building's rooftop, then they give him the ownership papers for Gulmohur, so he lets Vedika go and he prepares to run away, but in his glee he doesn't realize how close he is to the edge of the roof and he falls off.

On his deathbed, Aryan tells Vedika that the "pyaar ka rishtaa" was fulfilled by Jassi and Armaan, so now she is their daughter. He then tells Armaan that all his property and shares belong to Vedika, then he dies. Armaan tells the doctor that he is Aryan's only relative, so he will have the body cremated. At Gulmohur, Nazneen and Nandu trick Juggy by telling him that Aryan has taken over the company. Juggy, thinking that he is now untouchable because Aryan is in charge, admits some of the things that he has done to help Aryan. Nazneen and Nandu then reveal the truth to him, that his grand patron Aryan is dead, so Juggy is fired.

Jassi credits Babaji for helping her to overcome all of the obstacles she has faced throughout her life. That night, Jassi and Armaan tell Vedika a bedtime story about a princess who used to wear glasses and braces, and a prince swept her off her feet, and now she is the most beautiful woman on Earth. Vedika wants to know the princess's name, and Armaan says, "Jassi." The next day at the office, Ruby Mom says that Armaan's new secretary has arrived. Armaan says that he hasn't hired a secretary, but then Vedika enters, disguised as the old Jassi, glasses, braces, and all.


  • Mona Singh as Jasmeet Walia / Jessica Bedi / Neha Shastri/Jasmeet Suri-Female protagonist, Armaan's wife
  • Apurva Agnihotri as Armaan SuriMale protagonist, Jasmeet's(Jassi) Husband
  • Parmeet Sethi as Raj Malhotra (Armaan's best friend)


Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2003 Apsara Awards Best Actress in Drama Series Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia rowspan="4" Template:Won[2]
Best Drama Series Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin
Best Director-Drama Series Rohit Khanna
Outstanding Debut Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia
2004 Indian Telly Awards Best Child Artiste (Male) Zain Rohan rowspan="6" Template:Won[3]
Best Comic Actor (Female) Manini De Pari
Best Actor in Supporting Role (Female) Rakshanda Khan Mallika Seth
Television Personality of The Year (Female) Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia
Best Actor (Female) Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia
TV Programme of The Year Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Serial - Drama (Jury) Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin rowspan="2" Template:Won[4]
Best Actress (Popular) Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia
2005 Indian Telly Awards Best Actor (Female) Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia rowspan="4" Template:Won[5]
Best Actor (Male) Apurva Agnihotri Arman Suri
Best Actor in Negative Role (Female) Rakshanda Khan Mallika Seth
Best Daily Serial Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress - Drama (Jury) Mona Singh Jasmeet Walia Template:Won[6]


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