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Football biography

Javier Alonso Martínez (born 14 January 1998) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Alavés B as a striker. Alonso debuted with La Liga's Alavés against Real Unión on July the 17th. 2016.[1][2] The striker won the U18 Spain’s Championship with Euskadi's regional team in 2014 and captained the squad in 2015.

Youth career

Javier Alonso played for Athletic Bilbao U13 and U15 squads between 2011 and 2014 on the regional leagues.[3] In 2011, they were runners-up on the U13 Spain's Tournament and Alonso scored two goals against Valencia C.F.. In 2012, Alonso scored two goals on the Premier League U15 International Youth Tournament, a competition created by the Premier League as part of the organisations Elite Player Performance Plan, where they disputed games with european teams like Manchester United F.C., Chelsea F.C. or Arsenal F.C..[4] Alonso won Euskadi's regional league with Athletic Bilbao U15 squad and scored a goal in a fault on the Cordial Cup [5] hosted by Red Bull Salzburg F.C. where youth squads from Manchester City F.C., Bayern Munich F.C. or New York City FC also participated.

In 2014, Alonso moved to Alavés[6] and played on the youth squad at the U18 Honours Division. The striker won the U18 Spain’s Championship with Euskadi's regional team in 2014 and the squad was welcomed in San Mamés afterwards.

Football career

In 2015, Alonso started playing with Alavés B at the age of 16.[7] He captained Euskadi's regional team and finished third on the U18 Spain’s Championship.[8][9]

Alonso made his professional debut on 17 July 2016 in La Liga with Alavés against Real Unión.[10] The striker currently plays for Alavés B while training with Alavés's first team.

Club statistics


Club Season League
Division Apps Goals
Athletic 2011–2012 U13 Regional Division 28 17
2012–2013 U15 Regional Division 28 13
2013–2014 U15 Regional Division 26 12
Alavés B 2014–2015 U18 Honours Division 22 13
2015–2016 Third Division 30 8
2016–2017 Third Division 10 -



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