Jean Hodgkins and Vera Skubic

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International style houses at 6881 Del Playa (built in 1957) and 6877 Del Playa (built in 1968), facing the ocean. Designed by Richard Taylor and built for UC Santa Barbara professors. The left brown house was torn down and replaced by a new house in 2013

Jean Louise Hodgkins (October 29, 1914 – August 7, 1987) and Vera B. Skubic (January 7, 1921 – July 23, 1998)

Early life

In the 1930s Jean Louise Hodgkins attended University of California, Los Angeles and graduated in 1936 with a Bachelor of Physical Education.[1] She received a Doctorate degree in Education from Columbia University.[2]


In the late 1930s Hodgkins was teacher of Physical Education at Horace Mann School, Teachers College Schools, Columbia University.[3] IN 1938 she was instructor at University of California, Los Angeles.[2]

During World War II Hodgkins served as Lt. Comdr. in the U.S. Navy.[2]

In 1946 Hodgkins became professor of ergonomics and Skubic of physical education, both of them at the University of California, Santa Barbara.[4][5][2]

In the 1960s they co-wrote article on health and physical education like Relative Strenuousness of Selected Sports as Performed by Women, Anticipatory, exercise, and recovery heart rates of girls as affected by four running events and Cardiac Response to Participation in Selected Individual and Dual Sports as Determined by Telemetry.[6]

In the 1970s Skubic taught an Ergonomics Department for children with hearing disability.[7]

A 2003 Nexus article explains that Hodgkins and Skubic "both played major roles in the development of women’s athletics and ability to participate in recreational activities on American campuses during the 1970s. Prior to their arrival, the words “female” and “athlete” were not mentioned in the same sentence."[4]

Personal life

Hodgkins and Skubic built two houses in Del Playa Drive, Goleta, California, that, with another three, are examples of the international style of architecture introduced by local architect Richard B. Taylor. The first house, built in 1957, was demolished in 2013, while the second house, built in 1967, is still standing. The houses, with a third one built near, were featured in the 1975 book, Santa Barbara Architecture, from Spanish Colonial to Modern (Capra Press, OCLC 636044851).[4]


At Hodgkin's death in 1987, Skubic established the Jean Hodgkins Memorial Scholarship, now the Jean Hodgkins/Vera Skubic Award, for outstanding women athletes at University of California, Santa Barbara.[4]


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