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Julia Harari
Born Julia Annette Harari
(1985-02-04) 4 February 1985 (age 35)
Melbourne, Australia

Julia Harari (born 1985) is an accomplished Australian actor known for film and theatre performance. She is best known for title role appearances as:

Through her career to date Julia has worked with Australian and international directors, like Nadia Tass, David Parker, Susie Dee and Kevin Summers. She has acted extensively in short film and has more recently been cast in the feature film project Matching Jack. Julia Harari appeared as Megan in the well reviewed Greatness Thrust Upon them, written especially for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival by the perpetually mischievous Lorin Clark. As well as Mona Talent in Declan Greene's Rageboy.

Well regarded as a voice over artist, Julia Harari is skilled with accents and speaks French. Her American, British, French, Irish and Russian lilts have been coached by both Barbara Rubin and Suzanne Haywood.

Julia Harari is a graduate of both the prestigious MLC and The University of Melbourne, where she was awarded Best Actress by the Union House Theatre in 2004 and 2005. She is a recipient of the MUSO Most Outstanding Female Actor award.

Among others, Julia Harari has trained with Melbourne Theatre Company, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Victorian College of the Arts and The Australian Film and Television Academy. Most recently, she attended the esteemed actors’ training ground Lee Strasberg Institute in New York and Black Nexus.

Julia Harari lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Short Film

  • Lucy, Pearl, Adelle Drover/ VCA
  • Jules Saturday (2010), Jonathan Bonelli
  • Capture Me (2010), Laura Brooks-DuBois
  • Charisma (2010), Amarita Shamadev - Lee Strasberg Institute
  • To The Airport (2009), Rob Milazzo
  • Black and White: In Colour (2009), Goran Stolevski - Channel 31
  • The Perfect Human (2009), Megha Namadev
  • A Love Act (2009), Jonathan Bonelli - Lee Strasberg Institute
  • Rachel Getting Married (2009), Camila Holmgreen - Lee Strasberg Institute
  • Blood (2008), Goran Strovejski - Victorian College of the Arts
  • Moonwatcher (2006), Darcy Foley-Dawson - University of Melbourne


  • Penny Smudged (2010), Richard Pettifer
  • Cynthia Beyond the Play (2010), Kevin Summers
  • Lais Garden of Delights (2009), Paul Terrell[1]
  • Megan Greatness Thrust Upon Them (2008), Lorin Clarke[2]
  • Down In The Dirt (2008), Xan Colman[3]
  • Hedda Hedda Gabler (2007), Tentpeg
  • Mona Talent Rageboy (2007), Susie Dee & Declan Greene
  • Margaret Preston From Eggs To Electrolux (2006), Susanne Spunner
  • Ophelia Hamlet (2006), Dancing With Strangers
  • Katerina The Taming of the Shrew (2005), Melbourne University Shakespeare Company
  • Lady Macbeth Macbeth Rearisen (2004), David Mence



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