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Justice Is Mind is a psychological sci-fi thriller movie written, produced and directed by Mark Lund. It is the feature film version of Justice Is Mind: Evidence that was also written, produced and directed by Lund in 2011. The film stars Vernon Aldershoff, Robin Ann Rapoport, Kim Gordon and Paul Lussier. The film had its world premiere at the Capital District Film Festival on August 18, 2013 at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.[1]



In 2010 Mark Lund was researching mind reading technology for another writing project, when he discovered a 60 Minutes broadcast on ‘thought identification’[2] that discussed mind reading through fMRI techniques. After writing the script in 2010 the story sat for nearly a year. In 2011 Lund worked with film student Jessica Killam to produce a short film version titled Justice Is Mind: Evidence. Lund met Killam when he was an actor on a short film she produced while attending Fitchburg State University.

Justice Is Mind: Evidence had its world premiere at the Strand Theatre in Clinton on January 20, 2012[3] and was subsequently picked up for distribution by IndieFlix.[4] In May of that year, Lund secured financing from Mary Wenninger and Stefan Knieling to produce the feature-length version.

Over 300 actors from all over the United States and some foreign countries submitted for the various roles. After three rounds of auditions, 35 were cast in speaking roles for a total of 120 actors including the various background performers. Vernon Aldershoff and Robin Ann Rapoport reprised their roles as Henri and Margret Miller from the short film version with Toula Coin returning as the reporter.

Lund tapped Adam Starr to produce the special effects. Lund worked with Starr on the production of First World.


Principal photography began on August 24, 2012 [5] and wrapped on October 13, 2012. The 120 page screenplay was shot over 35 consecutive and non-consecutive days in 15 locations. Justice Is Mind was filmed exclusively with Cannon DSLR cameras using multiple camera setups to save time and cost. The courtroom scenes were shot entirely at the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover with the MRI scenes being principally shot at the MRI Centers of New England in Havervill. The majority of the film was shot in Massachusetts with some scenes in New Hampshire primarily the restaurant scenes that were filmed at the Giorgio’s restaurant chain.


A comprehensive online and social media campaign for the last several months has resulted in over 300,000 entries on Google.Template:Dubious Without any studio backing or involvement to date, the January 10, 2012 release of the trailer[6] has been picked up by numerous online platforms including Moviefone,[7] AOL Entertainment[8] and TVGuide.com.[9]


As of January 1, 2018, Justice Is Mind has screened at a single theater with a cumulative box office of gross of $14,360.[10] In addition to screening at science fiction conventions,[11] the film has also screened at Boston University School of Law,[12] and the University of Mississippi School of Law[13] The film had its international premiere on October 29, 2014 on Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth ocean liner.[14] The film was released to video on demand on VHX on July 10, 2014[15] and has signed with KinoNation for additional VOD platforms.


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