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Template:Infobox country Kailaasa is a micronation founded by fugitive self-proclaimed Hindu godman Nithyananda.[1] The alleged location of the micronation is an island near Trinidad and Tobago or Ecuador.[2] It is not recognized as such by any world government or major international organization.

According to the website, the official languages of the micronation are English, Sanskrit and Tamil.[3] The website also claims the country stands for universal free healthcare, free education, free food, and revival of a "temple-based lifestyle".[4] It is planned to have its own cabinet, government departments, flag, passport and 'Dharmic Economy', and a reserve bank, where cryptocurrency will be accepted.[5]


According to unconfirmed reports, a South Indian actress, known only as 'Maa', has been named Prime Minister. Nithyananda is in the process of forming the cabinet. Kailaasa will have several government departments, including education, treasury and commerce. There will be a 'Department of Enlightened Civilisation' which will work on revival.[1]


Reports claim the website doesn't list the location[5] and only mentions that it is an island near Ecuador.[6]

In December 2019, the Ecuadorian embassy in New Delhi said that it "categorically denies the statement wherever published that Nithyananda was given asylum by Ecuador or has been helped by the Government of Ecuador in purchasing any land or island in South America."[6]