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Robert Keith Johnson (14 October 1938, Darlington), known as Keith Johnson, is a writer and software developer. While working as a science teacher he published his first work, starting his career as an author. Leaving classroom education in 1990 he concentrated on the development of software to support teaching and the writing of physics textbooks and associated materials.


Johnson attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Darlington (later Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College) from 1950–57,[1][2] before going on to study Physics at the University of Manchester.[3] From there, he taught at Urmston Grammar School and Wilbraham High School, where he was Physics teacher,[4] Head of Physics, Deputy Head,[5] Timetabler,[6] and Acting Headteacher. In 1980 Johnson was appointed District Inspector for Science for Manchester City Council Education Committee, with special responsibility for promoting science in Primary Schools. In 1990 he left this post to pursue his career as a full-time author of physics textbooks.


Johnson has written or co-written over 100 books[7][8][9] that have attracted many reviews in independent journals.[10][11][12]

His work 'Physics for You' was first published in 1978 and has been in print ever since.[12][13][14] He sold his millionth book in 1996 and his two-millionth in 2005.[15] He is also well known for the 'Spotlight Science' series.[7][16]

His books have been read and translated around the world including official translations into Chinese,[17] Thai,[18] Dutch,[19][20][21] Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Welsh and Norwegian.[22][23] It's probable that in total, between 15 and 20 million people have read his books.

Writing style

‘Physics for You’ included features which had not been seen before in UK Science textbooks for public examinations (such as GCE, GCSE).[11][16][24] It was the first to cover complete concepts in single- or double-page spreads[25][26] (previously textbooks had been written like novels with no attention to page-breaks); it was the first to have a controlled reading age (two years lower than the students' chronological age, as required by research on readability);[27] it was the first to aim for sculpted line-breaks at a natural pause (like a kind of invisible comma) rather than type-set right-justified text; it was the first to have designed variable white-space between paragraphs;[28] it was the first to include cartoons;[29][30][31] it was the first to include limericks and jokes;[32][33] it was the first to include sections on revision technique[25][34] and examination technique.[11][35]

His books on Physics have benefited students at all levels in secondary education.[11][36]


Johnson has developed software to support teachers in Secondary Schools in the UK and across the world,[37] including TimeTabler [38] which is a program to help timetablers to schedule their school timetables, Options,[39][40] StaffCover [41] and Lesson Loader.[42][43][44]

Other achievements

Johnson is an award-winning film director[45] recognised by the British Film Institute.[46][47]

He is an expert on Readability,[48] especially of school text books,[49][50] and has written articles on this subject for the School Science Review,[51][27][52] a journal of The Association for Science Education, and other publications.[53][54]

Personal life

Keith Johnson married his wife Ann, an artist, in 1962. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.[55]

He is a committed Francophile who divides his time between his homes in France and England.[56] He has written about the French Pyrenees[57] and contributed to the book 'Corsavy – Paysages & Visages'.[58]

In his spare time, he enjoys playing his guitars, filming, swimming, reading and speaking French, and riding off-road on his motorbike.


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