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Kevin Davison McClintock Batista is an American student activist and political commentator.[1] He is the College Democrats Liaison for the Young Democrats of America Hispanic Caucus and the National President of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association, the largest and oldest American non-profit student organization that advocates statehood for Puerto Rico.

Early life

McClintock is the son of Kenneth McClintock,[2] former Secretary of State of Puerto Rico and former President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, and María Elena Batista, former Sports and Recreation Director for the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Currently, McClintock is a senior majoring in Political Science and Government at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.[3]

Political activism

McClintock began his involvement in politics as a teenager. After attending his first Democratic convention in 2008, he was first a delegate of Puerto Rico to the 2012 Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Hispanic Caucus of the Young Democrats of America then named McClintock their College Democrats Liaison in 2014.[4]

During the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, McClintock campaigned for Hillary Clinton and led the group "Puerto Ricans for Hillary"[5] during the 2016 Puerto Rico Democratic caucus, which Clinton won with over 61% of primary voters. McClintock was a delegate of Puerto Rico to the 2016 Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[6]

In 2015, McClintock was elected Associate Vice President of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association.[7] In 2016, McClintock became the 10th National President of the PRSSA. McClintock's father Kenneth McClintock, the first national president, and former Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuno, the second national president, founded the PRSSA in 1979. The organization's efforts were critical in securing absentee votes for then-Puerto Rico Governor Carlos Romero Barcelo during his razor-thin victory in the 1980 Puerto Rico general elections. 36 years later, McClintock and the members of the PRSSA campaigned for statehood during the 2016 Puerto Rican general elections, which the pro-statehood New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico won.


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