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Template:Rewrite Template:Infobox Muslim scholar Khondakar A. N. M. Abdullah Jahangir (Template:Lang-bn; 1961–2016) was a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, researcher, writer, preacher and TV speaker. He was a professor of Islamic University, Bangladesh in Kushtia. He was a renowned Islamic scholar among the modern Bangladeshi Islamic cleric community. He grabbed huge attention among the mass people of Bangladesh by appearing in TV programms including Peace TV Bangla, Islamic TV and other Bengali language-based national TV channels. He died in a road accident on May 11, 2016. [1][2][3]

Early years Education

He was born on February 1st, 1961, in the village of Govindpur in Jhenaidah District. His father’s name is Khandaker Anwaruzzaman and his mother is Begum Lutfun Nahar. He married to Fatima, daughter of Furfura pir Abdul Kahhar Siddique. He had three daughter and one son. [4] He passed his Primary education from Alia Madrasah. He passed his Dakhil from Government Madrasah-e-Alia, Dhaka in 1973 and Alim in 1975 [5]


From Government Madrasah-e-Alia he passed his Fazil in 1977 and Kamil in 1979 from Hadith section. He moved to Saudi Arabia for higher education and passed his Honors in 1986 and Masters in 1992 from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. He received his Ph.D. degree from the same university in 1998. He went to Indonesia to get higher training for Islami devolopment and Arabic in 1999.[6]

Professional career

He joined in Islamic University, Bangladesh as a professor of Al Hadith and Islamic Studies department in 1998. In 2009, he become professor in his department. He also used to teach Bukhari Sharif in Darus Salam Madrasha, Dhaka as a part time Shaikhul Hadith. He wrote more than 50 books in his whole life. He was also a TV personnal where he discussed about contemporary issues of Islam. Every year he attended Waz mahfil all around the country. [7]


He compiled more 30 thirty translations, explanations, and research fundamental texts. Among his basic books includes 'Ahyaus Sunan', 'Rahe Bilayat', 'Khutbatul Islam' and the latest book 'Holy Bible: Introduction and Review'. In relation to analytical discussion on any topic in his writings, he relied on the fundamental and ancient books. Among many young people influenced by Salafi Dawaah, his books are well-received. He has composed almost half of the books in Bengali, English and Arabic, on social reform, research and education. [8]


  • بحوث في علوم الحديث, (Research in Hadith studiies)[9]


  • Hadiser Namey Jaliyati (Fabrications in the name of Hadith) (ISBN 978-984-90053-3-9)[10]
  • Rahe Belayat (The way to Friendship of Allah) (ISBN 978-984-90053-1-5) [11]
  • Al-Fiqul Akbar of Abu Hanifa (ISBN 978-9849005353) [12]
  • Pobitro Bible: porichiti o porjalochona (Holy Bible: Introduction and Analysis) (ISBN 978-9849005377)[13]
  • Ahyeyaus Sunnah [14]
  • Bangladeshe Ushar Ba Fosoler Zakat (Ushar or Zakat of Fruits and Agri-Products In Bangladesh) [15]
  • Khutbatul Islam (Sermons of Islam: A Collection of contemporary Kutba for Juma and Eid Prayer)[16]
  • Quran Sunnaher Aloke Islami Aqida (Islamic belief in the light of the Qur'an and Sunnah) (ISBN 978-9849328100)[17]
  • Islamer Name Jongibad (Militancy in the name of Islam) [18]
  • Jiggasa O Jobab (Questions and Answers) - Volume 1-3 [19][20][21]
  • Hijab in the eyes of a Japanese woman
  • Salater Moddhe Hat Badhar Bidhan [22]
  • Furfurar Pir Allama Abu Jafor Siddiqi Rochito al Mauzuat [23]
  • Quran Sunnar Aloke Poshak, Porda O Deho Sojja (Clothing and Style in Light of Islam) [25]
  • Quran-Sunnaher Aloke Shabe-Barat: Fazilat O Amal[26]
  • Fikhus Sunani Oyal Asar (hadisvittik fikho), Vol.1-3 [27][28][29]
  • Sohiho Masnun Ojifa [30]
  • Salat Duya O Zikor [31]
  • Musnad Ahmad
  • Izharul Haq by Rahmatullah Kiranabi [32]
  • Qurbani and Jabihullah [33]
  • Eid-e-Miladunnabi [34]
  • Ushar or Zakat of Crops in Bangladesh: Importance and Apply [35]
  • Jamaat and Unity according to Quran Sunnah [36]
  • Preaching for Allah [37]
  • Spiritual listen of Hajj [38]


  • A Woman From Desert (1995)
  • Guidance For Fasting Muslims (1997)
  • A Summary of Three Fundamentals of Islam (1997)


Abdullah Jahangir died in a road accident on the spot on May 11, 2016 on the Dhaka-Khulna highway in Magura in the collision of his microbus and covered-van.[39][40] [41] Some local Islamic scholars claimed that it was a planned murder because he raised his voice against the christian missionaries.[42] At his death, many persons and bodies including Jamaat-e-Islam's contemporary Ameer Maqbool Ahmad expressed their condolences[43] .[44] On 18 May 2016, a special discussion meeting was held in his memorial at his own workplace, Islamic University.[45] On 4 June 2016, in a discussion arranged in the memory of Abdullah Jahangir, the speakers of the Bangladesh National Press Council, speakers called him a "devout scholar" and said, "Though he is a wise man of great height, we have never seen him telling any word or doing any work that can come to be arrogant and difficult. He could present religious rulings simply, and he was a man of pure heart".[46]


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