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Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (Urdu: خواجہ شمس الدین عظیمی) is a Pakistani Sufi Sheikh, the patriarch of the Azeemia, Editor-in-Chief of the 'Roohani Digest' (an Urdu magazine) & another monthly Urdu magazine 'Qalander Shaoor' (A guidance for spiritualism) published monthly in Pakistan and a scholar in the field of spiritualism.

Books, Articles & Soul Awaken Milestones

In 1962, Sheikh Azeemi started writing articles on telepathy, parapsychology, color meditation and healing in various Pakistani newspapers and magazines. The most famous was his advice column, "Roohani Daak", in the Urdu Daily Jang. As a result of its success the Ruhani Digest was launched in 1978. He has written over 62 books and 84 booklets, many of them having been translated into Arabic, Urdu, English, Russian and other languages.

He has authored 70 books and articles covering almost every aspect of metaphysical sciences. Most of his books have been translated into English, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, and Sindhi. Govt. of United Arab Emirates has been translated in Arabic & published the book “Spiritual Prayer” written by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

He has also authored a book on the life history of Muhammed titled “Muhammad RasoolaAllah (PBUH)”. In the first volume of this work he has given a detailed account of the struggles and strivings of Muhammed for spreading the Islamic Teachings. In the second volume of this work he has explained the Miracles of Muhammed in the light of Spiritual & Physical Science. In the third volume he has explained the underlying meanings of the events of the lives of the Prophets of God. He has also explained the contents of his mentor’s Book Loh-o-Qalum. These 4 books have also been translated into English.

Light and Colour Therapy is another field which he has introduced in Pakistan and abroad. The book “Color Therapy” presents, from theory to practice, a healing method using Light and Color based on his decades of experience in this field. Introduction of Color Therapy, a therapeutic system based upon the treatment of diseases by using colors and colorful lights, nationally and internationally, is another book. He also guided and supervised a PhD thesis on the subject of “Chromopathy” (color Therapy). The International University of Colombo, Sri Lanka has conferred a PhD degree on that work. One of MPhil research has been approved & recognized by Karachi University, Karachi-Pakistan on the topic of “Urdu Literature in Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi’s Scripts”. Moreover Karachi University has been granted Doctorate degree on the topic of “Sufi Order Azeemia’s Academic, Social & Spiritual Services – An Overview”. In the same university Research Chair has been established by the name of His Divine “Hazoor Qalander Baba Auliya”.

His columns “ROOHANI DAAK” (Spiritual Letters) through which millions[no citations needed here] of people have been advised for their socio-economic, psychological and spiritual problems over the past thirty years. Besides suggesting solutions for the problems of the people, questions and queries about phenomena of nature are also replied in the light of the spiritual sciences. Every month more than eleven thousand letters seeking his guidance are received and replied as a free service.

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi is also the Chief Editor of Monthly “Roohani Digest” & “Qalandr-e-Shaoor Digest”. He has been writing columns for various newspapers and magazines for the past forty-eight years, which cover a variety of spiritual subjects. He has answered numerous questions on paranormal manifestations and spiritual phenomena.

He has established a chain of fifty-three Meditation Centers (known as Muraqba Hall) across Pakistan and 26 in major cities of other countries i.e., 13 in Europe, 4 in America, 1 in Canada, 2 in U.A.E, 1 in Bahrain, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Russia, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Holland, 1 in Norway. These Muraqba Halls have been established to teach spiritual sciences and to train and prepare that lot of people who could carry the torch of the Divine mission of spreading peace and harmony. Muraqba Hall is a center operating under his direct supervision and guidance where the students of spiritual sciences are taught the art of meditation, spiritual healing, color therapy and learn to serve others without any distinction of caste, color or creed, as a free service to the humanity.

Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, a mission oriented person, trained by his teacher His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, is striving to spread this message that cognition of the soul is the only way to cognize our Lord God and the cognition of the hidden potentialities of the soul are essential for a peaceful living. For this purpose he has evolved that branch of knowledge, which has been termed as Parapsychology and deals with the laws of nature operative at the preternatural level. In order to encourage reading and to promote the learning of inner knowledge he has established more than ninety spiritual libraries throughout the world. His books are taught not only in the “Qalandar Conscious Academy” but also in colleges and universities in Pakistan and abroad. He has been invited to give lectures at several universities and other educational establishments in Pakistan and abroad, which include Glasgow University, Arthur Findley College in London, Karachi University, Faisalabad Agricultural University, Lahore Bar Council, and King Edward Medical College. He was also presented with the shield of Walthamstow Town, London by the Lord Mayor of Walthamstow. He has appeared in several talk shows, live programmes on various radio and television stations in Pakistan, UAE, UK , Europe, Canada and USA. He was invited to enlighten viewers or the audience on Inner Knowledge and to answer any questions or queries they might have on the subject.

He is invited to the Universities and Educational Institutes of Pakistan and abroad for Lectures. He has addressed and lectured the audience in Glasgow University Uk, Salford University UK, Arthur Finley College UK, Karachi University Pakistan, Agriculture University Faisalabad-Pakistan, The Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan, Lahore Bar Council, Lahore-Pakistan, King Edward Medical College, Lahore-Pakistan, Nishtar Medical College, Multan-Pakistan, Islamic Centre Peshawar University, Peshawar-Pakistan, Town Hall Waltham Stow, UK and students and teachers of many other institutes.

Three of his books have been included in the syllabus of the Salford University, Manchester UK. His book “Ehsan-o-Tasawaf” has been included in the syllabus of M.A. Islamic Studies at the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan-Pakistan. He has been appointed the Faculty Member and an Associate Professor of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, as a token of acknowledgement of his achievements and contributions.

Spiritual Training Workshops are arranged in Markazi Muraqba Hall, Karachi-Pakistan every year. Distinguished delegates also participate and patronize these workshops. Zil-e-Ahmad (Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Karachi-Pak), Dr. Zafar Saeed Saifi (Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, Karachi-Pakistan), Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhri (Vice Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan-Pakistan) and many other distinguished delegates have participated in these workshops. These workshops are attended by a large number of people from the country and abroad.

Azeemi Public Higher Secondary School has been established to impart quality education to the children of low-income group, in Surjani Town, Karachi-Pakistan by Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Educational Society. Objective of this society is to strive for teaching Spiritual and Modern Sciences. Libraries, Research Centers and Educational Institutes for quality Education will also be established by this Society.

He advocates the removal of gender discrimination and suggests that women should strive to equip themselves with insight and vision by learning the material and spiritual sciences. He has elaborated that the spiritual potentials of man and woman are equal. He has authored a book “101 Auliya Allah Khawateen” (101 Lady Saints), in which he has described and dealt with the teachings and the wonder-workings of the Lady Saints.


Personal life & Services

He was born on 17th October 1927 in Qasba-e-Pirzaadgan in the District of Saharunpur,(UP)India. His lineage goes back to Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari, the host of Muhammad. He lived with and served his spiritual master Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya for sixteen years until Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya died.

When a student of the founder (Imam) of a Sufi Order is transferred to that complete mental framework (pattern of thinking) which the founder spiritually inherited from the Holy Prophet Muhammad he is called the Khanwada of that Sufi Order.

When Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya was about to die he blew three times at Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi's head and uttered… "You are to take my place and run my Silsila (Sufi Order) after me…the people who run a mission work obsessively".[no citations needed here]

"Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Society", an organization named after him has established a public school in the remote area of Surjani Town in Pakistan especially for the benefit of children from low earning families. This Society aims to promote the education of modern science aw well as the Qur'an and Islam in general, and is planning is planning to establish high standard educational institutes, libraries and research bodies. It also has a separate Islamic School (Madrasa), Behr-ul-Noor (The Sea of Light), wholly devoted to Qur'anic education e.g Memorisation of the Qur'an (Hifz) and Arabic text reading (Nazrah). Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi is also patron Inchief of "Azeemia Foundation" Pakistan, UK, South Australia, USA & Canada.

A phone service is also in operation, both within Pakistan and at some Azeemia centres outside Pakistan, to present solutions to people's social, marital, family and spiritual problems, free of charge. Up to eleven thousand letters addressed to Hazrat Azeemi are replied to every month by the Azeemia World Centre (Markazi Muraqaba Hall), Karachi. Nearly two million people have used this service up to now, which is free of charge.

In addition to the above, Surjani Welfare Clinic, blood transfusion service, and a free medical complex are also providing free health services to the people of Surjani Town i.e. those living within the vicinity of the "Markazi Muraqba Hall", Karachi. Al-Shaikh Azeemi is personally supervising all this. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi is a supporter of women's rights and sex-equality. In his words, "the same soul (Ruh) is operating in both men and women, and they are therefore both equally capable of progressing in the field of spiritualism". In his view it is mere male bigotry to consider women as inferior or less intelligent. Azeemi's mission and his invitation to the whole of mankind is that they should learn the Inner Knowledge and realise their latent potential so that they may get to know the Lord Creator of the universe, and hence enjoy a blissful life both here and in the hereafter. [1] [2]

Recent Activities

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, nowadays sending delegations to different shrines of Sufi saints located in and outside Pakistan in order to hold spiritual programs under the name of his spiritual order Silsila-e-Azeemia.


Books English Translated[2]
Muhammad Rasool Allah (Part 1, 2 & 3) Muhammad Rasool Allah (Part 1, 2)
Baran e Rehmat S.A.W
Muraqaba Meditation
Nazria Rang-o-Noor
Qaida(Bacho ka Qaida)
Qalandar Shaoor Qalandar Conscious
Roohani Ilaj Spiritual Healing
Roohani Namaz Spiritual Prayer
Sharah Loh-o-Qalam Lectures on Loh-o-Qalam
Aik-Sau-Aik Auliya Allah Khawateen
Tazkira Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi
Mehboob Baghal Mein
Colour Therapy
Allah k Mehboob S.A.W
Tazkara Qalandar Baba Auliya
Telepathy Seekhiye Learn Telepathy
Rang Aur Roshni Se Ilaj
Rang Aur Roshni Se Ilaj
Janat Ki Ser
Khwab Aur Tabeer
Rooh ki Pukar
Zaat ka Irfan

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