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Template:Self-published Template:Third-party Template:Unreliable sources oooh, orphan Template:Infobox dot-com company Kiductions[1] is a website where kids can upload their films, they have monthly competitions and prizes. Owned by Phoebe Daltrey[2] and Joe Bloodworth[3] kiductions[4] has become very successful. On the Kiductions website we heard they ran in to some problems with their website creators[5] and are planning to crowd fund on indie gogo or kickstarter to remake kiductions.

Pocket Money Pitch

Pocket Money Pitch is a British CBBC children's reality television series, which premiered on 8 February 2016 on a weekly basis. Pocket Money Pitch focuses on various celebrity entrepreneurs viewing children's business ideas, in which the winner will receive a year's worth of pocket money (£322.40). The show's television format is loosely based upon Dragon's Den.The show is presented by BBC Breakfast Business presenter Steph McGovern.[6] Levi Roots, Myleene Klass, Jamal Edwards and Ben Towers are included as three of the other various entrepreneurs.[6]

The history and more...

Kiductions is a website where kids can create films,[7] with over 500 users in the first couple of days being active, due to success on the CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch, working with Ben Towers and Jamal Edwards MBE.The young entrepreneurs had had a lot of experience in the media world.

[8] The website is called “” - this is a website which is specifically for kids, this website reaches out to kids between 8-16 to “Create, Share and Enjoy” (this is their motto) On this website kids can publish their own short movies in which other users can view and leave a like and comment.The kids (with the right membership) can enter competitions based on different genres e.g. a horror competition. If they win they receive a free membership and a prize to help with their movie making.

[9][10] They were recently seen at BigPureTalents Birthday Bash alongside YouTubers like TheSimplyLuke and Musicians like Mackenzie Sol

The Pitch

Here is the pitch that was put onto a french media blog, last month[11]

On-Set and Behind the Scenes Reports

Bulletin Report

"Two students have enjoyed success in a television programme for CBBC to be aired in February. ‘Pocket Money Pitch’ is a brand new 10-part series presented by Steph McGovern, Business presenter of BBC Breakfast. Its aim is to empower young enthusiastic entrepreneurs, teaching them about business, and giving them the skills to get their own businesses off the ground. Joseph Bloodworth and Phoebe Daltrey responded to CBBC’s nationwide search to find the creative business brains of the future. The two friends already had an exciting business idea which they want to see become a reality and they were thrilled when their pitch was chosen for the show. From retail, to technology and food, each episode will feature six young entrepreneurs from across the UK, who will undertake three nail-biting stages, including a head-to-head pitch battle. Vying for a year's worth of pocket money to invest in their idea, they will meet and work with their industry’s most famous and finest entrepreneurs – and be allocated a ‘Guru’ - to form their Pocket Money Plans. Pocket Money Pitch gave Joe and Phoebe the chance to meet some very brilliant entrepreneurs and pick up skills that will help them develop their exciting business idea. One of them was Ben Towers, who founded a digital media agency when he was 11, and now, aged 17, employed himself as an apprentice to be able to work on the venture full time. Without giving too much away about the pair’s success in the programme, they also got to work with one of Britain's most successful young entrepreneurs, Jamal Edwards, who was awarded an MBE for revolutionising the music industry with his YouTube channel SBTV. Joe and Phoebe have thoroughly enjoyed the filming for the series which has taken them to Manchester and London studios as well as on location."-Lea Gilbert[12]


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