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Killagators is a 2016 slasher/natural horror film. It is directed by Jacob Fletcher and is about a group of students who are attacked by alligators and a masked man when they travel to a lake to do experiments.[1]


The film opens by showing Tyra (Jane Dune) and Trevor (Lucas Deer) in the woods. They make out and end up skinny dipping and having sex in a lake, but Trevor is dragged underwater by alligators. Tyra tries to flee the lake, but a masked man forces her back into the lake by shooting her and masturbates as the alligators tear her apart. One week later, a group of students arrive at the lake to perform experiments. On the first night, Rob (Simon Glass) goes out diving with Mika (Kellie Zenner) and Jamie (Tila Johnson), who both dive topless in an attempt to have sex with Rob. However, all three are killed. Next, Hank (Tim Lee) and Jake (Eric Phelps) drunkenly stumble down to the lake. After Hank is devoured, Jake tries to run, but the masked man stabs him in the neck with a broken beer bottle and throws his body to the alligators.

The next day, Fiona (Tina Woods), Louisa (Rihanna Woods) and Andrea (Cindy Carmen) meet a man named Joseph (Adam Mada) in the woods, who creeps them out. Bill (Phil Torrance), Ramon (Leo Martin) and Gregg (Jason Wish) also go sunbathing, and Ramon and Gregg head back to camp while Bill stays. They meet Deputy Tom (Daniel Mover), who warns them about alligators in the area, and an alligator bites off Bill's head. Later, Fiona, Louisa and Andrea go diving while Brad (Dan Formen) and Terry (Kenny Meyer) wait on shore for them. Sam (Vince Gerry) and Judy (Chelsea Vane) sneak off and have sex in the woods, but the masked man kills Sam with a machete. Judy flees to the lakefront, where the others witness the killer repeatedly hacking at Judy with his machete before throwing her to an alligator. The girls escape the water and flee into the woods with Brad and Terry. Fiona and Louisa become convinced that Joseph is the masked man and tell Brad and Terry to go to his house while they return to camp, despite Andrea's complaints that they have no evidence. Brad and Terry promise that they will just interrogate Joseph, but after they part ways with the girls they reveal their plan to kill him.

Along the way, Fiona, Louisa and Andrea find Deputy Tom's abandoned car. Fiona and Louisa want to use it to escape the woods, but Andrea insists that they save the others, so they drive off without her. Meanwhile, Brad and Terry shoot and kill Joseph, but after they find a pit in the forest full of baby alligators, the real masked man appears and shoots Brad in the head, knocking him into the pit, before doing the same to Terry. The masked man is then revealed as Deputy Tom. Fiona and Louisa, meanwhile, are forced to stop when they come across a massive puddle blocking the road. Louisa gets out of the car and is dragged into the puddle by an alligator, before several more alligators surround the car and push it into the puddle with Fiona still in it, killing her. Andrea gets back to camp and witnesses alligators killing Kristen (Veronica Toole) and Dana (Lyndsey Collins). The group then start packing up their stuff to leave, but Deputy Tom opens a dam, which floods the forest. This results in Jack (Don Gray), Amy (Dina Lovett), Jade (Cydney Willow), Roger (Dean Louis), Marcus (Colin June), and Kirsten (Vicky Lawson) being killed by alligators.

Andrea, Gregg and Ramon are able to begin driving out of the woods in their ATV, but an alligator flips the vehicle over, causing it to fall down a slope and eventually land on the lakebed. Tom shoots Ramon with an arrow, knocking him into the lake, where an alligator bites off his entire torso. Tom forces Andrea and Gregg to get on another boat and drive it into the middle of the lake before he shoots out the engine, stranding them. Dana's body then washes up on shore and a baby alligator leaps out of the corpse, attaching itself to Tom's face. Tom falls into the lake, where he is devoured. Andrea and Gregg find a flare gun in the boat and are able to use it to attract a passing helicopter. An alligator attacks the boat, but Andrea is able to kill it with an oar. The helicopter drops a ladder and she and Gregg climb up it to safety, the only survivors out of the group of 23.


  • Cindy Carmen as Andrea Wilson
  • Jason Wish as Gregg Check
  • Daniel Mover as Deputy Tom/Masked Man
  • Leo Martin as Ramon
  • Tina Lester as Fiona
  • Rihanna Woods as Louisa
  • Kenny Meyer as Terry
  • Dan Formen as Brad
  • Adam Mada as Joseph
  • Lyndsey Collins as Dana
  • Veronica Toole as Kristen
  • Dina Lovett as Amy
  • Don Gray as Jack
  • Vicky Lawson as Kirsten
  • Colin June as Marcus
  • Dean Louis as Roger
  • Cydney Willow as Jade
  • Chelsea Vane as Judy
  • Vince Gerry as Sam
  • Phil Torrance as Bill
  • Eric Phelps as Jake
  • Tim Lee as Hank
  • Tila Johnson as Jamie
  • Kellie Zenner as Mika
  • Simon Glass as Rob
  • Jane Dune as Tyra
  • Lucas Deer as Trevor


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